Anyone With Planned Csections For July

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gracie - May 1

Hi everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat as me. My due date is July 28th, but the doctor is planning to take the baby 2 weeks early on July 14th. This is my second csection, and I choose to do a csection because my first was born a year ago this week and the idea of uterine rupture was too much for me. Since this is my second and they will only be 14 months apart, I am huge already. 27 weeks and as big as I was at 8 months with my son. I am expecting a little girl and am very excited. Would love to chat with anyone about all this preggo and csection stuff.... :) gracie


mommietobe - May 1

Hi Gracie, I'm 29 wks and due July 18th , originally had a cs schedules for week of July 4th . Now Dr. wants to do it at 36 wks due to dislocated pelvis. This will be my second cs also. This time around I'm getting a spinal instead of an epidural and I'm a little nervous about it. I already have a son who is 20 mths and expecting another son, but I'm huge too. Even though us showed a boy I feel like it's a girl. How was your first cs and has anyone told you the second cs is supposed to be a little easier?


3babies - May 1

Hi girls. I am due Aug 2 but will have c/s @38 weeks, dont have the date yet. This is my third baby, Ihave two boys aged almost 6 and 3 1/2. We dont know what this baby is ... I have a feeling another boy, but my husband thinks girl. He has always been right before, so no doubt will gloat if he is right this time! It's a general opinion that your recovery from c/s gets better each time. My first one was for high bp and IUGR @ 35 weeks. I had a great recovery. My second one was at 38 weeks and again I had a good recovery. I did have more pain in the first couple of days, but I really begged them to take my epidural out early because the sensation was bothering me. I also had an allergic reaction to the tubing so I was glad to have it out. I needed a couple of pethidine shots that afternoon evening (thought I was okay until I couldnt stand up from the chair I was sitting in). Once I had those though, I was great. I always have a theory that you have one bad day with c/s ... generally about the third because you feel pretty good the day before and do way too much. Once you have the bad day and take it easy you are usually on the mend. In my experience, if you are getting worse pain something is usually not right, ie infection/overuse. ( I work in womens health). As for the size thing I am with you gracie, I am almost as big now as I was at 8 months. I havent gained a lot but I hope my tummy slows down. People are asking when I'm due!


gracie - May 2

Hi mommietobe and 3 babies. I heard they get easier each time also. I had an epidural my first time and will now have a spinal. The epidural didnt have time to take as it was an emergancy so I was put under. I hope I can stay awake for this one. 3 babies, have you had a spinal and if so how would you compare it to the epidural? It has been rough lately, tested positive for first Gestational diebetes but neg on the 3 hour, thank god, also my blood pressure is now elevated and under watch. But I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to meet my little girl. I have had 3 ultrasound confromations of it being a girl, however with my son on my 18 week they told me he was a girl, so they are not always correct.. My recover from first cs wasnt so bad. I never went into labor, so I probably had it easier, however I was put under and quite groggy for the next day. Had a hell of a time trying to nurse. Never was able to. I regret that more than the cs. I am quite scared for the next one, but as i get bigger and more uncomfertable there is a part of me that is just like, take the baby , however!!lol


LL - May 2

gracie I'm due on July 28th also. With my first child, 12 years ago, I had a C-section because the doctor said my bones were too small to deliver and I never went into labor and was 8 days past my due date so they just scheduled me in, cut me open and got her out. The recovery was hard for me. With this pregnancy they told me I would most likely need a repeat C-section but at my appt a week ago the doctor said I could try a v____al delivery if I go into labor which of course scared the c___p out of me because this whole time I've been thinking C-section and I know what to expect from that, but with labor I have no clue and have not prepared myself for that route at all. The doc said most likely he will schedule me for a C-section at 39 weeks, but if I go into labor before then I should try a v____al birth. I guess the recovery might be better with the v____al birth but I'm scared of tearing and of course the pain. I seriously need to start reading up on labor and delivery so I’m prepared. To make a long story short I don't know what will happen but if I do have the C-section I hope the recovery is much smoother than the first. Good luck gals!


Lashunda - May 2

Hi Gracie. My due date is July 16th and I'm having a scheduled c sect a week before. I can't wait though. I had a c/s with my daughter but that was almost 6 yrs ago. I decided to go with one anywayz.


3babies - May 2

Hi gracie, I have had epidurals for both so sorry, cant help there! My first one didnt take at first, but the doctor was rushing. The nurse ended up sending him off to get a coffee and it had time to work! I also have blood pressure issues. Have had them with each pregnancy. I have already started medication this time and monitoring it at home. I see my doctor every 2 -3 weeks to keep an eye on it. I think they will manage it like my last pregnancy where they just kept adjusting the medication, and the last month or so I had a couple of ultrasounds and then biweekly CTGs to check he wasnt stressed. My BP tends to go all over the place, and not particularly related to what I do ... I just want to get close enough to term to deliver at my local hospital and not be transferred. I was able to b___stfeed both times. With my first son being early they started me pumping 4 hourly right away so I had no trouble with supply (I had been leaking colostrum from about 23 weeks though!). It was a bit tricky getting him on because he was so small but we perservered (not easy), but then once we got going ... great. I do know other people who have trouble with their supply after c/s though. All I can suggest is keep the fluids up, and continue to stimulate with the pump and baby to get the milk going. I always end up looking like a jersey cow ... going home with bottles of expressed milk because my body seems to think I have to feed triplets!!! :-)



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