Anyone With Positive Strep B

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AR - March 30

Hi I got positive on the strep B test, I was told that I'm going to get antibiotics via an IV throught out labor, Does any one know if this is uncomfortable? They said I would be able to walk and get into the tub if I want to. Thanks!!


ARD - March 31

I am 24 weeks and haven't been tested as of yet, but my sister, when she was getting ready to deliver, tested positive for it, and so did my mother at delivery, and were given antibiotics for it. Everything was fine, no discomfort or don't worry! Its probably inevitable for me since both my sister and mom tested positive for it. Its very common so don't worry! :o)


janelle - March 31

I am positive with it as well you will just have to push around an IV pole but you will still be able to do everything.The antibiotic runs through you quickly it is actually for the baby I know they give you a whole bag every 2 hours it it goes directly to the placenta so the baby is safe during delivery.


sparkles - March 31

I've tested positive for strep b, also. No big deal. My ob says that it is very common. You shouldn't be uncomfortable getting it through iv. It's for the good of the baby, as your baby can have serious complications if infected with it. Don't stress over it.


Lisastar9 - April 1

I had gb strep with my first and was given antibiiotics with all three labours . I was given two doess with my last and had no problemwith it is to keep the baby safe from infection.


AmandaManns - April 1

I tested positive for GBS during my pregnancy. When I was in labor I got an IV of penicillion every 4 hours. I was in labor for 22 hours so I had quite a few doses. It did burn when the medication first went in..nothing intolerable or anything but it did burn for a few seconds then it was done. I was not allowed to get in the tub because of the GBS though. They said that the infection could travel through the water up into the birth ca___l. I didn't get into the tub becaues I did not want to risk anything. But little boy came out very healthy at 10 lbs even and 21 inches long.


marranie - April 2

i had pos strep b, got the antibiotics, they left the little needle shunt in my arm, so no iv pole, and just topped it up every few hours. Didn't hurt and was well worth not having to worry about the baby


Tess - April 2

I have a question....If you are tested positive for a strep B, what does that mean? Thanks! Also when do you get tested? how far along were you when youre Dr. did the test?


mama3 - April 2

The dr checks you at 36 weeks for gb. He told me that its just something every women has, but only in PG does it become active in some women. It is very dangerous for the baby. If the baby swollows any fluid during delivery it can cause the baby trouble like never being able to walk, going blind and even death. With the anitbiotica the baby is protected from this. I tested positive with my 2nd and had 4 bags during labor. She swollowed fluid and stayed in for 2 full days in the hospital and she went home fine. She was also born at 33wks 4 days.


Tess - April 3

Thanks mama3 for that info. I'll keep that in mind. :)


Kath - April 7

I was told on Wednesday that I am positive for GBS and that this means I will need antibiotics in labour. It is slightly more complicated for me as I am also allergic to penicillin, but I have done some research on the net and found the name of what I can have with this allergy. I am hoping everything goes well. But I couldn't help but get upset when my doctor told me, as I have had a number of worries during this pregnancy and this only adds to it. My research also revealed the possibility of a number of different infections seems to be greater in hospital than anywhere else, further adding to my worries. Anyone else reading this who is allergic to penicillin? I would love to hear "it is no big deal, everything went fine."


Trina_ - April 8

Kath I'm in the same boat as you. Right away when I found out I was pregnant they confirmed I was strep B positive. I just got tested again last week to confirm it again. I'm also allergic to pencillin but the doctor doesn't seemed concerned at all. No biggie I don't worry about it...we'll be fine. When are you due? I'm due May 17th....well they are telling me closer to May 10th now....according to the measurements on the ultrasound..


krista-lee - April 8

what is strep B?


mama3 - April 8

I was positive with my 2nd baby and I can't take penicillin. I didnt know what they usually use until I got to the hospital. They gave me something else. What ever it was it worked. They have more than one antibiotic for people like us who are allergic. GL to you ladys.


Kath - April 9

Thanks for that advice Mama3 it is is good to hear. Trina I'm so glad to read of someone else in my boat! All my life luckily I have been healthy so the penicillin thing hasn't been an issue, I guess I know intellectually there shoudn't be any huge deal about it, but deep down I feel like I just have one more worry, something else to make sure all the d__n midwives need to know and something else to add to my birth plan. I'm due Anzac Day (Australian holiday to remember war) April 25th. My doctor also doesn't seem concerned, he said "we'll just need to think about what antibiotics to give you" so I rang my normal GP who told me he had never prescribed antibiotics to me! I guess I am just aware of how many little things can become a problem. It is tiring to think about and I am trying to relax and just visualise myself with a healthy little bub in the next month sometime. Keep in touch X Kath


Kath - April 9

PS Trina by the way I am also measuring a week or so "large for dates".....let's see if that has any bearing on when Baby decides it is time to see the light! I guess I am also worried as my doctor said he will do an internal this week to check on how engaged the baby's head is, and I read that internals during labour can increase the possibility of pushing the infection closer to the baby. I know I won't be in labour during the internal (or will I? I guess I could go at anytime given that I am 38 weeks on Tues) but I need to discuss it with him.


mom2b2x - April 10

I have a question about this becasue i have not heard it mentioned in any other listing but i tested positive for group b at 35 weeks and well my doctor put me ona 7 day supply of pennicillin and i will get it through an iv at L&D but was anyone else given a 7 day supply when the test came back ? i am concerned i know the pennicillin will not hurt my baby but i have had several bacterial infections since i have been preganant this time and i am so sick of the antibiotics i have taken more medicine with this pregnancy than i have my entire life ...



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