Anyones Husbands Planning Another Baby Already

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Revel - June 24

my husband is crazy lol he said when our little boy who is due july 26th is born that he wants to start trying for another in about 5-6 months!!! i tried to tell him that it isnt enough time but he wont listen anyone else have a crazy husband lol (this is obviously our first since he wants another already before this ones even born X.X )


Ca__sie06 - June 24

hah. We were at a wedding a few weeks ago and there were a few little girls playing in the floor together and he said "After we have this baby (its a boy) we should start trying for a girl" I asked and he said yes, he meant immediately! I told him only if he planned on carrying it!! lol. No way are we trying for #2 for at least 3 years!!


Revel - June 25

LOL tahst pretty much what i told my husband but i said 5 years lol this pregnancy was so bad id be scared to do it again lol adn plus i seen my ssiter go through 2 kids right after each other and its hard lol guys are crazy lol i think its cuz they arent experiencing pregnancy first hand lol XD


piratesmermaid - June 25

Yes! Halfway through this pregnancy my husband started saying he wanted four kids, not more than two years apart each (not four kids in two years). I just sigh and pat him on the shoulder and say "Let's just see how this one goes first, shall we?" Of course after the childbirth cla__s, I asked him again if he still wanted four kids and he said "Let's see how I handle this one first." How HE handles it! Like mine job's a piece of cake. ;)


falafal0 - June 25

Yep, when we were engaged, my husbad said he wanted a huge family, like a football team. I sid yeah, we'll see. We had our first baby, actually experienced the changes he bought with him, then he settled down somewhat. We now have three children, pg with fourth which he really nagged me about for two years first so he is so excited and eager. He would like more straight away because our youngest is just four and he says the age gap is too big (I'm 32 weeks). Our oldest turns ten this week, and we also have a seven year old, two boys, with this one a boy too. He's a family man, so he eems to take the responsiility on board easily enough, but I think I'm at the end of my child bearing years! Afteral, no matter how much the dad is involved when heis home, thre are those LONG hours inbetween when he isn't! He's a high shool teacher, so he brings ALOT of work home with him too...pressure from all sides! I agree with revel, guys are crazy though...


dee23 - June 25

well im 36 almost 37 weeks at the moment, and dh has been saying all along that he wants 2 kids, but if the second is of the same s_x then well try for a number three then stop. i dont mind either way i love em and want more. i come from a huge family and know what the benifits can be like. though last night he told me that no matter what the second one is he doesnt want to try for number three anymore, and just stop at 2. i completely see where he is coming from as once u go to three, alot of things change, like most houses are only 3 bedroom, alot of holiday deals are for 2 adults and 2 children, car capasity ect...for me thoguh, children r our future, and personally our company when were old foogies. my grandma had 9 kids and wow does she benifit from that now! anywho, with that said theres no way i would bicker with him at all over it. as he will be the only one providing for a little while, and i dont want him to resent me for any reason. i would have loved to have 4 boys! well accidents can happen, meaning that my dad is a twin :)


JESS1980 - June 26

HAHA! Yes, my husband is doing this as well. This is our first baby, and he's already talking about a second one. Yesterday, we were in the car and I was complaining about feeling big (I'm 8 months), being stressed out, being hot (it's 97 degrees here)....and while I'm sitting there complaining, he's sitting there talking about having more children. I just rolled my eyes. :-)


Tanna - June 27

I would beat my husband with a stick if he started saying let's have another! Granted, this is our third, but we were supposed to be done at two. Actually, we discuss just the opposite...vasectomy. I figure it's the least he can do since I had to do all of the work carrying and delivering our three.


ren05 - July 3

hi, as soon as i gave birth my husband said he wanted another right away.ds id 5 months old & we r thinking of trying at the end of the year.


mary70131 - July 4

Hi,My name is mary.I have 8 weeks left to go.I am due August 29th.My husband and i have four girls between us from previous marriages.This is our firts together(another girl!!).My HUSBAND KEEPS TELLING ME THE SAME THING...HE WANTS TO TRY FOR ANOTHER ONE RIGHT AWAY AFTER THIS BABY IS BORN.i TOLD HIM HE IS NUTS.LOL...mAYBE IN ABOUT 2-3 YEARS I WILL GIVE HIM HIS WAY...



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