April 18th

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Mel - February 4

Hi, Is anyone out there due on that day? How are you feeling if so:)


Donna - February 4

hiya mel,im due April 22nd :)


Tasha - February 6

Hi I am due April 13th and I am feeling really large. I am cranky all the time, even at myself if that is possible.


mel - February 6

I am getting really tired of being pregnant. I never sleep through the night. I feel like this will never end! I know it's only 10 wks to go but it feels like forever. I am having a girl, how about you girls?


tasha - February 6

not sure what I am having, want it to be a surprise. yah and I am lucky if I can stay asleep for more than an hour at a time before waking up and having to take a drink because I am so thirsty. then about a half an hour later just when I fall asleep again I have to get up and go peeeeeeeeee


Donna - February 6

Im having a little girl also, naming her Caprice her middle name will be April :) im actually getting tired of being pregnant too everything aches, and because it hurts to walk it looks like i wobble hehe, sleeping is fine sometimes but sometimes i can wake up every hour for a pee :) xx


tasha - February 6

well sounds like everyone is having girls. Hmm I guess we will see. If I have a girl I am going to name her Blake.


Donna - February 6

well thats a new name ive never heard of, sounds good to me, what boy names do you like? and how old are where are u girls from?


Jenn - February 6

My boy's name is Blake. I have always loved this name.


tasha - February 6

i am from canada, I am 23 and we cannot think of any boys names.


Colleen - February 6

I am due April 16th, pretty close. I am feeling great so far in my pregnancy, just starting to get a little back pain lately, thats all. I am getting anxious to meet my little boy though!!! Good Luck!!!


Sherri - February 7

Hi, I'm due on the 18th too! We're having a girl and naming her Ashley Amanda. I can totally relate to all of you ladies. Mostly I feel great except at night time when I'm up every hour or so drinking water, eating a snack or surfing the web because I can quite sleep through the night...hey maybe this is to prepare us for when our little one arrives. 10 more weeks to go, can't wait to be able to sleep on my back and stomach again :)


Naomi - February 7

I am due the 20th of April and lately have been feeling ALOT of pressure, his movements have gotten so they feel more like little rumbles, and lower back pain as well as feeling like someone kicked me in the crotch! I go to the obgyn today so i plan to mention this to her, I just had an ultra sound on the 2nd cause she thought i was measuring small but he is head down just not engaged at the time of the ultra sound. he is not settled into the cervix. But i am starting to wonder now, I have been getting the urge to urinate like every 5 min and when i get the urge for a bowel movement it means bussiness. The other day all i did was cry over everything my husband had to say all day long, then i cried cause i yelled and was crying! I can't sleep at night only maybe a few hours here and there. Constantly thirsty, and there is NO way to get comfortable! I am having a little BOY his name will be Dylan Lee. I will be 26 february 12. From upstate NY.


mel - February 7

I am 32 and having my 4th child. Her name will be Madison Lila (after my gram). I hear you all about sleeping on your belly! My b___bs are so big, I am scared to see what they will look like when the milk comes in. My husband just looks and laughs. I try not to think about the time left but it seems to be all I can think about. Glad to hear everyone is healthy. I have a low placenta, I will have one more ultrasound to see if this moved. I am not sure if I can deliver with a low placenta. If you are still debating on pain relief go with the epidural, it makes for an enjoyable experience. Someone asked about a boy's name, I like the name Owen.


claire - February 7

hey, im due 25th april and am so fed up. i am so uncomfy all the time and dread going to my bed, not only cause i cant sleep but i have the weirdest dreams. im so ready to have this baby already. good luck every1.x


Mel - February 7

To Naomi, sounds like you were just having a bad day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I feel like that sometimes too:))


Donna - February 7

well im 18 and from the UK, i dont have anymore scans now unless they think something is wrong, shes very active in the mornings and night i cant really feel her in the day because im doing my own thing, my b___sts have got bigger which is a good thing i get to experience big b___bs for the first time haha, ive had bad pains in my groin lately and finding it so hard to walk and ive had the odd emotional day here and there but after ive had that little cry i feel a whole lot better :) x



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