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Krissy25 - January 18

OK ladies, I think we're pretty much all in the 3rd tri now, so i'm moving us over. It's hard to believe we're here already. Pretty soon we'll be posting our birth stories.


Tara B - January 18

Hey ladies! FYI-I just bought a 13pc crib bedding set off ebay for $52.99 +shipping brand new. Normally retails for $350.00. I thought I share this with you ladies b/c we all know how expensive crib bedding sets are in babies r us and other baby stores (3-4pc sets $179). There are two different stores on ebay Beyond Bedding and Children's Mart that are definitley worth checking out.


sarahsteele - January 19

yay 3rd tri!!! so exciting! So if you dont mine sharing what are the names everyones picked out so far?. I havent found out the s_x so im either going with Skyla-Grace or Zackary peter. Hope you all are doing well!!


Krissy25 - January 19

TaraB good to hear from you, that sounds like a really good deal. I agree Babies r us is outragious on some things, but so fun to walk a around in. I picked out nuetral stuff for my dd's nursary in case i ever had a boy, glad i did b/c now i don't have to buy anything new. How is everything else going with your pregnancy? Sarahsteele, good to hear from you too. Sorry i'm just now getting around to responding, I've been busy the past several days. Did you get the results of your GD test yet. I'm still waiting on mine, last time my doctor called me personally to tell me i didn't pa__s so i'm thinking if i don't get a call in the next day or 2 i'm probably good, and she'll just confirm it was fine at my next visit. I like the names you picked out for your baby. I'm too nosey to wait until the end, i had to know what i'm having. We're going with Andrew Stephen for a name. As far as my u/s on Friday we found out that nothing has changed with the kidneys. The tubes are still dialated, but it hasn't gotten any worse either so i guess that is good. So we'll probably have another u/s again to keep an eye on the problem.


sarahsteele - January 21

yes got my results back it was all normal. Had a scan today, im 29 weeks and baby is measuring at 3 pound 6 ounces!!!!!!!!! oh my!! haha a pound bigger than average! and got my c-section booked for 31st March. Most likely have a stupid bladder infection though. Are everyones babies' moving like crazy now? mine certainly is, it doesnt seem to take a break haha hopefully that isnt a sign for whats to come after the birth!


lyleesmama - January 21

hi ladies! im sooo glad we r here! its been a long road in the blink of an eye! i cut my hair the other day..over 12 inches! i love it! we r naming our son noah james after my husbands brother. im actually having noah 2 days before his bday so its kinda cool. what im wondering is what is everyone packing in their hospital bag? im staying longer this time then i did last time cuz im having a csect. i know im taking my laptop cuz im gonna need to communicate with the outside world. my dh is gonna have to work and my dd wont be able to come to the hospital cuz up here they r not letting anyone under the age of 18 in the waiting room or anything due to the swine flu. so i wont be seeing her for 4 days and it makes me sooo sad!!


Krissy25 - January 21

I must say, 2 year olds and being in your 3 trimester don't mix well. At least i can nap when she does, once the baby comes i doubt eveyone will be on the same schedule. Sarahsteel, glad your results were normal. I haven't heard anything from my doctors office, i a__sume no news is good news. I'll know for sure next week at my doctor's visit. I had a scan at 27 weeks and my ds was 2.5 lbs so he'll probably be over 3 by the time i get to 29 weeks. The way i see it, if something were to happen and you had to deliver now you would rather have a bigger baby than a smaller one. My son is moving all the time too, he's a busy man, the good news is he seems the least active in the morning so maybe he'll sleep in once he is born. Lyleesmama, wow 12 in, that's a lot, were you able to donate it to locks of love? As far as packing the biggest thing to remember is the camera, and make sure the batteries are charged and the memory card is empty. Also you may want to pack some snacks for your dh. When my dd came it was a bit of a surprise as it was 3 weeks early, we were just getting ready to make dinner when my water broke. B/c i had to have a c-sect (breech baby) it all went very fast but it was almost midnight by the time we got to a room, I'm sure my dh was starving and by then his only options were the vending machines. So i'm packing stuff for him this time, just in case.


lyleesmama - January 22

well its friday and my dd has two ear infections. she was running 104.5 last night. very scary!!! but she always runs high fevers when she gets sick. so now i have to remember to give her her med...im bad at that man i dont like waiting on ppl!!! i was suppose to help my new roommate move in and she was suppose to be here 2.5 hrs ago!! GRRRRR!!! i dont make ppl wait on me cuz its one of my biggestg pet peeves!!!! i hope everyone is having a goos and healthy day!!


sarahsteele - January 22

Krissy- yeah no news is good news, thats always the way i see it, and yes that is a very good point about if we were to deliver early! hadnt looked at it from that perspective so thanks haha Lyleesmama- i love the name noah- its what i called my late son. And i too am wondering about what to pack in my bag as im having a c-section too.. what date are u having yours?? mines 31st march. Thats so sad that you wont be able to see your dd for a few days, but think how excited you both will be to see each other again! Have a lovely day!!!


Krissy25 - January 23

Well it's been a long day and it didn't end so well for my poor dd. We were at someone's house and they have this little dog (not sure what kind but pretty small) My dd loves dogs but this one was not friendly and snapped at her. I don't think the dog hurt her but i think it really hurt her feelings, this is the first time she's met a dog that didn't like her. Lyleesmama, I hope your dd feels well soon, poor little thing i'm sure she feels just awful. Sarahsteele, I don't know how many days you get in the hospital but you might want to consider bringing a nightgown your comfortable in and can b___stfeed in (if you choose) the hospital gowns aren't so comfortable.


Tara B - January 23

Hey Ladies! How's it going? Seems like everyone is more talkative this trimester so far, i like it :). Krissy-Everything is going good. Still not sure on whether I should have a c or vbac. I think the main thing for me if I do have a c is to allow my son to pick his own birthday. I don't like how they schedule it and I would like to go into labor actually; I enjoyed it with my 1st. Also, I missed what was going on with the kidney problem. Is everything ok? Sarahsteel-I stayed in the hospital for 3 days when I had my c-section. It's good to bring the mommy nightgown (the hospital will have there gowns if you dont have any), slippers (they will make you get up and walk), things to take a shower with, hair and toothbrush, clothes to wear home, baby outfit, diaper duty supplies (some hospitals have this already for you), and a good book, laptop, game, cell phone. So when does everyone have their baby shower? I think mine iwll be in March maybe second weekend. I just registered at babies r us because we were bored and Krissy is right, it's fun to do (at least for mom). Had my Dr appt on the 20th everything is good. I'm measuring right on time. They're going to start seeing me every two weeks now. Hope everyone is doing good talk to you later.


sarahsteele - January 23

Tara- thanks for the help with that!! I dont think im going to have a baby shower, i have a hard time when things are all about me haha im quite a shy person so find it hard with heaps of people around just for me/baby but well see what happens. Krissy- that sucks about the dog thing, i hope it doesnt affect your dd too much. silly little dog haha.


Krissy25 - January 24

Hello ladies, My dd went potty on her potty this morning, yea! Hopefully the trend continues and she'll be potty trained by the time our ds comes, fingers crossed. Tara B, I know how you feel about the scheduling and all, with my dd my c-sect was scheduled buy my water ended up breaking early, makes for a much more interesting birth story. I would rather just see what happens. As far as my ds's kidneys, there really isn't much of a problem. Basically the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder are larger than they should be. In most cases the problem corrects itself in the 3rd tri. We had an u/s last week and they were still dialated the same as they were last time, but i've just started the first tri so it's not really a big deal. If it doesn't resolve by the time he is born most likely he'll just need monotoring after birth and in like 1% of cases the baby will need a surgical procedure to correct the problem. So really it's no big deal. Sarahsteele, yeah it does suck with the dog but i think she'll get over it. That dog grew up around a child with special needs and was often mistreated as a result she doen't trust kids too much, it's kind of sad but i think it's a good learning lesson too that not all dogs are friendly and we need to be careful.


Tara B - January 29

So I'm 29 weeks pregnant now (I think I keep loosing track)and I'm having so much pelvic pressure. It actually started about two weeks ago. Sometimes it hurts to walk and even turn to the other side in bed. Does anyone else get this type of pain?


Krissy25 - January 29

It's hard to type when you have a 2 y/o hanging on your back and playing with your ears. Well my dr appt went well. She confirmed i pa__sed my gd test which i figured since i hadn't heard anything, I'm so happy i don't have to do the 3hr one. She got on my a little though for gaining 7 lbs this month. But i've only gained 24 total so i'll probably gain a total of 35 lbs which is average. Tara i too get a lot of pressure down there sometimes. I wouldn't say it hurts but it can be uncomfortable and sometimes i feel like the baby is half way out. Ha ha. Well i'm taking my friend to Babies r us to register for her baby due in June. This should be fun. Have a good weekend.


lyleesmama - January 30

tara yes I get that pressure too! It feels like I've been hit with a sledge hammer sometimes. I notice it hurts more when I've been sittin too long in the same position. I wish there was something to do but we jusy gotta hang in a little longer. I'm 31 weeks today!! Yay! I start my 8th month next saturday!


vsetter - January 30

Hi everyone! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! I'm 30 weeks today! I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks (Feb 15) to double check the size of my little girl. My latest news -- I have hives. They started on my chest and there are now a few on my back. They are pretty itchy, but I don't know what I can use? Does anyone know? I have an OB appt on Mondy, so I can check with her too.



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