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vsetter - January 30

Hi everyone! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! I'm 30 weeks today! I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks (Feb 15) to double check the size of my little girl. My latest news -- I have hives. They started on my chest and there are now a few on my back. They are pretty itchy, but I don't know what I can use? Does anyone know? I have an OB appt on Mondy, so I can check with her too.


Krissy25 - January 31

Hello everyone, VSetter, how are your hives today? That sounds pretty miserable, not sure what's safe for pregnant women to take for them. Well it was a lot of fun helping my friend register, I wish i had someone with me who had had a baby in the last few years when i was doing it. I had my MIL with me and her youngest is my age so she really wasn't much help since so much had changed. Actually some things have changed just in the past 2 years. For one thing almost every baby swing we looked at had a plug in option. Mine didn't have that and i don't remember seeing any that did, so now i'm jealous b/c she'll be able to plug hers in and i'm still going to be changing out batteries every other day. I just can't justify buying a new one when ours is still in such good shape.


runnershirl - February 2

Hey gals! I finally made it over to the 3rd tri board. I'm 29w2d today... Glad to hear everyone's doing well, and chatty too. :-) We're naming our DD, Grace Elizabeth. I like the other names you all have mentioned too. :) Well, about registering, I have no family in town and this is my first baby, so I had to do most of this alone, which I can tell you caused me great anxiety. I left Babies RUs in tears the other day after feeling overwhelmed by all the gadgets, and not knowing what's important and what BRU is just trying to rip people off with. Finally, a nice rep helped me out with the necessities. My mommy friends were unfortunately unable to go with me. :( My shower is 2/20 because we've thought fro some time that I may be earlier than the dr's realize since we did 3 mos of insemminations adn I've been showing large and "ahead of schedule" from the beginning. Yes, lots of movement, lots of pressure sporadically, especially the more I stand, and I'm noticing this week that I'm not really hungry--are you gals feeling a loss of appet_te? nothing sounds appetizing. But, I insist to feed the little one. Feet hurt, still have nosebleeds, headaches, some cramping (from not drinking enough) and waking up tons to pee now. Nothing much has changed. What other symptoms do you gals have at this point? Oh, and I've been crying alot lately. Poor DH! I'm so sensitive this week! I hope this doesn't last hte whole 3 mos! Eek. Have a great week and glad to see your posts.


Krissy25 - February 2

Hello ladies, Runnershirl, you poor thing. Registering can be very overwheliming and BRU has so much stuff and such a big store that it's hard to know where to begin. I was helping my friend register for her first for over 2 hrs there the other day and we were going off a list too! The good thing is that it is easy to manage from the internet and you can add and delete things as you need to. I totally understand how you feel about the crying thing too. I haven't yet but sometimes i really feel like i could. For me it's hard b/c of my 2 y/o, she is so needy and just doing things like putting her in and out of the car is exausting. On top of that she only wants me all the time so i never get a chance to relax b/c even when my dh is home she wants me to play with her, not him. As much as i am looking forward to the birth of our son i'm scared too about just how much work it's going to be to have 2. I can't believe i have another doctors appt comming up again so soon. Every 2 weeks is hard, and pretty soon it will be evey week, not to mention that i also have another u/s scheduled again b/c they are keeping an eye on his kidneys and i'll probably have at least one more after that. I love seeing my son but yeash! it's too much. Talk to you all later.


runnershirl - February 7

Thanks for teh feedback...I think I missed this earlier in the week, or didn't get notified...Hmm. Yes, BRU was a little much for me. I think the whole experience made me bitter at my sister for not being supportive and an active part of my life...I've only spoken to her once the whole pregnancy. Crying seems to be my new pastime. I thikn all my fears, anxieties, etc are getting the best of me. Le tme say that DH loves kids and is the most wonderful man I've ever met, but he's been struggling with some medical issues of his own the last year, which causes him to be less supportive than i know he wants to be. And, in fact, I'm getting nervous that he will be down with a migraine with the water breaks or something...then what? He missed lamaze last week, and now I'm getting nervous. I know he WANTS to be there, but gheesh. Which also menas that he's not helping ME or the house out as much as I wish he would. He's suffering from some serious depression too, which makes my complaints only compile his feelings of inadequacies...This is not who he normally is, but what he's going thru right now and I love him so much that I know he'll get thru this. I'm just sad for me right now that he's not being supportive enough. So, as for friends, if I ask them for help, that opens the can of worms for ppl to ask why he isn't doing this or that, and forgive my need to protect my DH, but if ppl want to bash him, than i'll just have to do everything alone...But, working 60 hours a week, 30 wks prego, emotional, tired and overwhelmed, makes this a tough challenge. Anyone else going thru this? i know we each have our own challenges (like I couldn't imagine having a child to balance between pregnancy and all this right now too) and am curious if anyone has any advice/experiences to share, etc. Last, have any of your appet_tes dropped? I'm less hungry and, in fact, have made a conscious effort to eat because nothing sounds appetizing to me. I'm hungry but nothing sounds good. Krissy, let me know how the kidney scan goes. My 2week appts are on Tues now, starting this Tues. I wonder what I would have to do to get another u/s as it gets closer...sounds sneaky, I'd like to peek in and see how she's doing. She sure is moving a bunch. Have a blessed day ladies!


Krissy25 - February 7

Hello ladies, well our dd is being watched overnight by my in-laws so we (I) can enjoy the superbowl and get a little extra sleep in the morning too. Yea! And also my cousin's wife gave birth to their first child last night. There were a few difficulties but overall everyone is doing well and i'm so happy for them. I only wish they lived in the same city as us so our boys could grow up together, but alas they are halfway across the country so they probably won't see eachother much. Runner, I'm sorry to hear about your dh's depression, I know you have talked about it before but i don't think i realized how bad it had gotten. I know you work a lot but have you thought about possibly going to a therapist for yourself? It might help if you have someone to talk to about how all of this is making you feel. I know it's not easy to be around someone who is depressed, when i was younger and still living at home my mom suffered from it for a while. What i remember most if feeling so helpless, nothing could cheer her up. It took time but she did get better, I hope the same happens for you dh soon. As for the loss of appet_te keep in mind as the baby grows your stomach has less and less space and it takes less and less food to fill it up. Basically i snack a lot throughout the day and avoid big meals. This seems to work for me. So i see the doctor again on Tuesday for a regular check up and i have my scan on Friday for the kidneys. It really sucks b/c my doctor is only in on certain days and the u/s tech is part-time, plus there are 2 days out of the week i just can't take off work, it's almost impossible to schedule an u/s an appt for the same day. I feel like everytime i turn around i'm going to the doctors office. Oh well, not too much longer and our babies will be here and it will all be worth it.


sarahsteele - February 9

Hi everyone Runner- im sorry that sounds like a lot to be going through! i have no advice for you as ive never been in the same situation but hang in there and soon enough your little one will be here to brighten your day. krissy-good luck with your scan and check up, and i know what you mean with the appointments and scans i seem to have one or another every week.. and its making the weeks come around veeeery quickly!! Apparantly my little one is lying transverse.. which is why ive been so uncomfortable! anyone elses still transverse? And is anyone else getting heartburn BAD? haha i am and boy is it getting to me, ive tried almost everything and it wont budge!! Anyways. have a nice day!!


Tara B - February 12

Hello Everyone! I can't believe how close it's getting. Future anxieties seem to be diminshing these days (I hope), they were mostly about financial concerns. I'm sure everyone has concerns with this, and its not like we're doing bad. Just daycare is going to be a struggle with two babies, oh well. Runners-Im sorry about your dh's depression, I know that must be really tough on you especially not being able to talk to your friends about it. Completely understand not wanting to open a can of worms. We all get frusturated like you said with them and some of us have different challanges then others. I just try to keep in mind when I come home and find the house or game room mainly (my boyfriend is addicted to call of duty modern warfares on xbox live. He plays in the spare/game room all night long leaves candy wrappers, dirty clothes and dishes everywhere)trashed it drives me crazy. I feel like I'm doing most of the house work and after b___hing and complaining it gets me no where except in a huge argument then we just end back up were we started from. So I'm trying to pick and choose my battles and keep in mind he does do a lot, just not with the daily chores. If I need him to take the trash out I have to just ask and not a__sume he knows what I'm p__sed off about. Did that make any sense? Also, registering was fun for me just overwhelming with everything. Ive gone online already and changed several things around and added more stuff. Im registered at Babies R us and Target. At first I was trying to put different things on each one, but then realized that most of the people may want to go target because there are several around town and there is only one BRU that I know of so IDK. My next Dr's appt is on the 18th. They are seeing me every 2 weeks now. All last week I felt the baby moving around crazy like having a party in there or something. I can still feel him but its not as regular. Sometimes I wonder if Im drinking to much coffee. I don't have any more then 12oz each time I get a starbucks (I know Im worried about finances when I go to starbucks 3 to 4 times a week). Does anyone else drink a lot of coffee or caffinated beverages?


Krissy25 - February 12

Hello ladies, well i had my scan today and it looks like the kidney issue is resolving itself which is good news. Baby is still breech which is what i suspected since i can feel a hard ball just below my ribs. I feel like my chances of having vbac are slowly slipping away, I'm still hopefull he'll turn though. He's only 3lbs 12 oz, so he might actually be a normaly sized baby as opposed to my dd who was kind of on the large size, so pushing him out may not be too bad, right? Hehe. Sarah, i'm getting heartburn pretty bad too, lately i've been waking up in the middle of the night with it. I keep the tums next to my bed, haha. Tara, I drink 2 sodas a day. I did the math and it's within an allowable amount, i don't think i could function without my morning pick me up.


runnershirl - February 15

Thanks for the support ladies. My hormones are a little better this week--perhaps because I'm seeing progress in nesting? Or, it's just the hormones. Plus, DH went to lamaze and anesthesia cla__s last week. That was relieving. I'm learning my back up person may not be that reliable either (she was a back up last week and called to cancel, which does feed my fear of delivering alone, but ya know what---many women have done it before! --but, hopefully it won't come to that!) Tara--are you drinking regular or decaf coffee? I don't really notice much of a difference in switching to decaf, but I was too afraid (after trying for 3 years to conceive) to take any chance at real coffee. Krissy~ Good to hear that the scan is looking promising. Wahoo. Did you get your baby's size by a recent u/s? No one has told me my baby's size exactly..other than that she looks like a big baby. What does that mean exactly? If it's big, I'd like to know ahead of time so we can plan if we need a c-section, or what? Anyway know how far out from the due date they will determine if we need c-section..dr (this dr. is always in a rush, so I'll hope to get my fav one next time)? Dr said baby is measuring 3 weeks larger. How is everyone else doing?


Krissy25 - February 15

Runner, glad to hear you had a better week, that's encouraging. I wish my nesting would kick in, my house is in need of major cleaning. With my first i didn't get it until the day i had her. It was like all the sudden i just needed to get a bunch of things done, like laundry and last min shopping for stuff for the hospital. I guess my body was telling me something. I guess if i go on a cleaning rampage i'll know to have my bags ready at the door, ha ha. As for my ds's size, i was told he was 3 lbs 12 oz last week. I did the math and if i make it to 40 weeks that will put him right at 8 lbs. I think as far as planning a c-sect. b/c of size is probably something your doctor will wait on, you could go early and it may not be a problem. Or they might see how you do and if it looks like there isn't enough space they'll do a c-sect. Try not to stress too much, these things tend to work themselves out. Today i saw a 6 week old baby boy. OMG he was so cute, now I can't wait. I know it will be here before i know it. Still it seems like forever away.


vsetter - February 15

Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop in with my latest. I had an ultrasound today. I'm 32 weeks. It turns out that this little girl is breech (b___t first) and weighs 5 pounds!!! I'm hoping that the ultrasound is off on the weight!


Krissy25 - February 17

Hello ladies, well it was a big day for us 2 days ago, my dd moved into her big girl bed, i was nervous about the transition but so far it has gone well and she is sleeping through the night. I'm glad we're doing this now and not right when the baby comes I think that would be overwhelming. Vsetter sounds like you have a healthy little girl there. I can't remember are you scheduled for a c-sect? If not i hope the baby turns for you, if you are it kind of doesn't matter what position they're in except they might have to do an u/s on her hips after birth to make sure there are no problem. My dd was breech and that's what they ended up doing, she was fine though. This one is breech too, i think my kids just like to be as close to me as possible :) I know my dd does, she's like a leech. I know i should enjoy it b/c i'm sure the day will come when they want to be as far away as possible. :) Have a nice day ladies.


Tara B - February 21

Hello Everyone! Just curious if anyone has ran into some issues when they go back to work? So, my regional manager comes down from Oregan to take care of a few things in town and Friday I get called into the back office. I'm thinking they're going to talk to me about my maternity leave. She starts going over her plans about splitting my 40hrs/week at 2 different sites (fine, whatever even though it sucks and I hate the mgr). If i don't want to do that I can only come to my site 20hrs/week which could have been something to think about except they need to keep everything real cheap these days with everything going on in the economy. So as far as I know I'm the only one who is 8 months pregnant and about ready to go on leave and they want to drop my pay $2.10/hr, WTF!!! I'm a very emotional person so I didn't say much when she pulled me aside because I knew I would say some things that I would regret. I told her it was a lot of information to sink in right away and I would call her soon with any questions or concerns. I know I need to find out what my rights are as far disrimination on pregnant women. Talk to my HR department, seek free consultation and maybe file a charge with the EEOC. But WTF!!! To make things even worse a girl at the different site called me and tried to give me a heads up after I had already found out about it. I asked her how she knew and the mgr at the other site openly talked to her about my situation. This is so unprofessional and maybe illegal??? They should have done me a favor and laid me off at least I can stay home with my babies and collect some money. Anyone have any advice??? Krissy25-We just put our daughter in her "big girl bed" and she loves it. I'm glad we already made the transition, it's just a little toddler bed with rails on each side. We converted her daybed/crib back to the crib and set it up for Michael. Everything seems to be coming along as far as that goes. The baby shower is March 7, so thats always fun. I still haven't decided about doing the c-sec yet. I feel bad because now I feel like that what I want to do because of whats going one with my job. Ill get the 2 extra weeks. Im wondering if I should just go on leave early then, but id like to make as much money as I can until I have to leave. We will see. Keep you posted.


runnershirl - February 21

Hey girls...hope you are all doing well. I'm feeling revamped...had baby shower yesterday which makes me feel like I can move forward with some stuff. Lots of love for our little princess. If I'm not mistaken, there's still time for the baby to turn. i wish the dr would do an updated ultrasound so we could see her weight too. My updated appt is thurs with my real dr. so hoepfully i'll get all my questions answerd this time. Tara~I'm a paralegal and can tell you that you need to start taking notes of the rumors you are hearing about your situaton and by whom, and it may be worth your while meeting with an EEOC/labor law attorney to see if you have any rights. I don't specialize in that area of law, but do know that you're supposed to be "safe" at work once you've announced your prego (barring any illegal or bad conducgt on yoru own behalf)...Each state's laws are different, so you can call the county bar a__sociation to see if they can recommend a pro bono atty (one who does labor law work for free -for credits with teh bar a__sn), or ask around. i don't know the law, and like I said, not an atty, but understand that the laws are supposed to protect us. Having said that, I'm in a situation of my own too...FMLA is supposed to protect yoru job up to 12 weeks while you're on maternity leave--however, if you weren't employed for 12 months it won't protect you...baby is due 2 weeks before my 12 mo anniv...so, while they've a__sured me that i'll have a job, with the market as it is, one never knows..and then there's the thought of bed rest. I'm having a lot of lower abdomen pressure--almost daily and the doc has told me to take it easy when that happens, but my job demands don't let up...(anyone else having this problem with the pressure..and it's not as intense as braxton hicks, but very very tight). I'm 32 weeks --actually 33 today. I'm debating on talking to the dr about bed rest (so that she doesn't come early and can be healthy), but if I do so, I still need to fidn out what the disab insurnace will cover since DH is out of work. Enuf of my rambling...haha..have a good week girls.


Krissy25 - February 21

Hello ladies, I'm getting a short break while my dh runs and errand, he took our dd with him, so what do i do? Laundry of course. I feel like i always am taking my dd with me to do things so my dh can have time to myself but i don't get the favor returned a whole lot. Well i guess it's not as bad as my boss who's dh decided he's done being a dad and husband and just left them. So it's been a little dramatic in my dh's family, his grandma, who's 98, is dying of cancer. She's going downhill fast, the big problem is that her 6 adult children can't agree on what to do with her or what kind of care she needs, she was supposed to be put on a waiting list for a nursing home when they discovered the cancer 6 months ago but some of the children didn't want that so her she is now losing the ability to even go to the bathroom by herself and there is like no chance of getting her into a nursing home now. So last night my dh got a call from one of his cousins asking him if he could come and help out b/c they are trying to work out a schedule so there is always someone there, well his grandma lives an hour and a half away and he's saving all his vacation for the baby so he really can't take any days and the whole thing is making me mad b/c this should be his mom's and aunts and uncle's problem not the grandchildren. On top of that it's my MIL who watches our dd 3 days a week while i work so i'm worried about how this is all going to work out and who will take care of our dd if she needs to be down there. UGh, sorry for the vent, it's just frusterating. TaraB, I'm sorry to hear about your situation with works, needless to say that really sucks. I think Runner's advice is pretty good, i know i don't have any better advice to offer. I hope it all works out for you. I'm glad to hear the transition for your dd went well too. I was really worried we wouldn't be able to get her to actually stay in her bed but she seems to really like it, I think she was ready for it. Runner, how fun that you had your shower, opening little baby stuff is so much fun, what kind of stuff did you get? I splurged a little yesterday and bought some outfits for the baby, i must say after all the pinks and purples with my dd it's refreshing to have some browns and blues. As for the baby turning, yes there is still time it just becomes less likely as each week pa__ses. It's not the end of the world if i have to have another c-sect, i am hopefull though that i'll still be able to experience a v____al birth. Ok, i started this post around 5:30 pm and it's now 10:44 PM, I got a little side tracked :)



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