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Krissy25 - March 13

Tara, I think it's perfectly normal for 2-3 year olds to have a mind of their own. My dd is 2.5 for the most part she is pretty good but there are some things i have trouble getting her to do. I try and focus on what she is good at and i try to carefully pick our battles. For example she is wonderful at taking naps and going to bed at night without any kind of fuss, but we are struggling with potty training. I sit her down in the morning and she usually goes but the rest of the day is a struggle, I'm trying not to push it too hard right now b/c she gets angry and i don't want her to not sit at all. The biggest thing is i try not to get frustrated with her, which can be hard, it only escalates the situation. I'm hoping once this baby comes i'm still able to keep my cool as much as i do now. Don't feel awful, kids are hard, it's their job and your not alone when it comes to toddlers not listening. Runner, sounds like she should be here soon. Did your doctor say anything about her dropping? Or is this a new development? If her head has dropped it should start softening your cervix and dialating it. Has your doctor checked you at all? I think (hope) this week will be better than last, it has to right? I'm going to work on Monday and i'm looking forward to getting back into a normal routine. I'm sure that means my water will break, ha ha. Oh, please no, i need at least 2 more weeks to get everything together.


Tara B - March 14

Krissy and Runners- thanks for the advice I appreciate. This morning was much better I just reminded her about yesterday, and told she has to get dressed before she can eat her breakfast and that seemed to work today. Krssy-my fiance says the same thing as far as concentrating on her things that she does well which is almost everything else. Overall shes awesome and wouldn't trade her for anything. It does escalate when I get frustrated with her. And that is one of my biggest fears when baby Michael comes is losing my cool. Runners-Yes, Ive been having the pelvic pressure since around 25-26 weeks already. Some days are worse then others and I can even feel it when I role from one side to the other while sleeping. I need atleast 2 more weeks as well. I have cleaning, organizing and more shopping to do ;). Not really shopping, but it sounds fun since I won't be shopping as much after he's born. I'm getting more and more anxious to meet him, I'm trying to take my leave no earlier than April 1, 2010, it'll work better as far as my EDD compensation goes also. I'm excited for my DR appointment on the 16th. Another US for us to measure and see how much he ways. ALso, later that night we have comedy club tickets to see Dave Attell. He had his own HBO show a few yers back and is a pretty funny guy. It will probably be one of the last outings before baby.


Krissy25 - March 14

Well I'm packing my bags, just in case. That was the big thing with my dd, my water broke and my bag was only half packed and my dh was yelling at me telling me how he told me to have them packed already, it was actually kind of humerus with me trying to pack up the rest of my stuff and my water just making a mess all over our floor. I think i'm going to keep an extra pair of pants with me at work and some thick pads just in case it happens again. Ok back to packing, cleaning and organizing the house, Hey is this nesting? Hmm... That could be a bad sign. Have a great week ladies.


runnershirl - March 15

Hey girls...Happy Monday. Forgive me for forgetting, but are your "due dates" (not that they matter exactly since baby arrives when he/she wants. Krissy--I did some nexting too...well, actually who am I kidding..."some" doesn't do it justice...I kicked *** all weekend and the house that reflected our recent illness (bronchitis) is now almost orderly. AND, I got my bag packed too, but I pushed myself so hard last night I kept getting stabbing pains, back pain, rib pain, pelvic pressure, abdominal discomfort, etc. I'm learning that these are mostly all braxton hicks..I'd stop, take a break, feel better and then keep going. Something within me wouldn't let me quit until it was all "okay" if she came this week. I wonder if that's the "nesting" they're referring to...and how long after do most babies arrive? Hmmm. Tara, I'm so glad your little one is better today. I think (and since I'm not a mommy yet, I don't know) but as with pets, friends or men, the more we concentrate on the bad, the bigger it seems, where if we keep our cool (the best that we can), we are better, which makes them better. I need to take my own advice sometimes. ha! I'm with you...I want 2 more weeks of cleaning and stuff (the other organizational stuff), but am taking off after this Thurs...in some ways, I hope she comes and in other ways, it would be awesome if I had a week or two at home without the sleepless nights yet. Did I mention I have an u/s tomorrow? Testing for large gestational age...they think she's large...they didn't mention her weight (or mine) ever being an issue, but now that we are supposed to have 4 more weeks, suddenly it's an issue...I don't care as long as she's healthy. I pray pray pray that she doesn't have downs, doesn't have any other health issue that could alter her quality of life...I think tomorrow's ultrasound may pick up a lot. *fingers crossed*. Well, have a good week girls...oh, and is there a forum/bulletin page where we go once we graduate from here?


Krissy25 - March 15

Hey Runner, my due date is actually 4/13, my c-sect date is 4/7, but my dh doesn't think i will make it to April 1st, so we'll see. What kind of things did you pack in your bag? I feel like the most important thing is the camera and everything else can be brought later if needed, but i'm still trying to make sure i have everything. Good luck on the u/s, I'm sure it will be fine. I have my last one on thursday, as much as i love them i have to admit i'm getting a little tired of going to the doctor's office all the time. Once we have our babies we can go to the infant care forum. Man i'm tired, my dd has too much energy. OK i'm going to try and put her to bed and then go to bed myself. Good night.


vsetter - March 16

Hi everyone! Sorry that I have been so quiet, but I have been following along. There has been a lot happening! Through all of the craziness, we will all have babies soon! WOW! My latest -- I had an ultrasound yesterday (at 36 weeks and 2 days). I am now officially scheduled for a c-section. She is frank breech with little chance of flipping. I agree that picking this little girl's birthday is un-natural, but I would rather not go into labor. My son was a fast delivery...going into labor with a breech baby makes me nervous. I would rather have a scheduled c-section that an emergency one. Anyway -- today, I found out that my c-section is scheduled for April 6. I will be 39.5 weeks (my due date is April 10). WTF??? Could we wait any later??? Plus, I had no say in the date at all. It was picked for me. So, for many reasons, I am p__sed (I'm sure that the pregnancy hormones are not helping). In addition to being breech, this baby is already over 7 pounds. she could come out today and be okay. Plus, my son was 11 days early. I don't think that this little girl will wait until April 6 (again, she is already over 7 pounds). AHHHHHH!!!! Krissy -- it sounds like you are in the same boat (with the c-section dates). And Runner -- your baby sounds big too (and did you say 44cm). I swear my OB said I was 34cm; this confuses me though. I guess my baby is all folded up with her legs near her ears (maybe that is why I can still measure small)??? They told me that it was hospital policy -- I have to be at least 39 weeks unless I have an amniocentesis that says she is developmentally ready. Wow...this makes me grumpy. Krissy -- did you have any say in your date??? (sorry, if you already said, and I forgot). I was already bummed about having a c-section. This just makes it worse. I am totally freaked out. I'm worried about the surgery, her hips, b___stfeeding (I'm told your milk doesn't come in as fast), not seeing the baby right away....on and on. Thanks for allowing me to vent! Sorry to vent!


runnershirl - March 17

Vsetter~I'm so glad you're venting...I'm in nearly the exact same position as you, but for different reasons, and I'd like to vent too (and share in some of your same concerns). Yes, last week we measured 44 cm, and you're right if you measured 34cm, because the fundal heighth should match the # of weeks you are in...I'm just LARGE. Yesterday we went for our u/s and are 35w3d and confirmed that the baby is estimated between 9-11 lbs already, AND we have 4 weeks to go. They recommended c-section so that she doesn't get stuck in birth ca___l OR suggested amnio to determine if her lungs were healthy (but mentioned that side effects exist with that too)...so, they won't schedule c-s until after 39 weeks if she doesn't come sooner. That would be sometime the week of yours, or the week after. If she's already 10 lbs, and we wait 4 more weeks... !!! I'm a little frustrated by it, but also doing the hormonal thing.."did I eat wrong", "was there something I did?" "Should I have worked out more?" I can't help but to worry about her health as being born a big baby...The dr did tell me that it wasn't what I ate, but that I had a healthy placenta that fed her well, but of course, I'm not sure I'm convinced of that exactly because due to my work scheudle, I did eat out alot, and alot of sweets the last 2 mos. I don't have any advice and I'm sorry, but I thought it would help to know I'm in exactly the same spot. Trying to stay positive, but I feel somehow responsible for the fact that we have to have cs and also for her being such a large baby...and I don't know why--but hearing "she's BIG" is somehow making me a little weepy today. Must be hormones, because she is BIG. Now, I'm wondering if I should do amnio and induce, or walk more, or other thigns that mgiht help her come early (that sounds so selfish and unhealthy though, if her body isn't ready). I'd love to hear what others think.


Krissy25 - March 17

Ok, I'm so p__sed i wrote this long post and when i submitted it it told me urls or email addresses are not allowed, but i didn't have one in there but i did have an (at) sign, so i think that's what did it. UGH! Why don't they just let you fix it instead of having to rewrite your entire post?!?! Anyway, Vsetter, sorry to hear your little girl is still breech, yep, i'm in the same boat as you there. Don't stress too much it will be ok. As far as picking the date, i know that with my OB she only has like 2 days a week that she does surgery so i kind of figured it would be the 7th, b/c wednesday is a sx day for her. Plus there also has to be OR time available. And as far as the b___st feeding goes i didn't have a problem with my milk coming in after my first c-section and my dd did great, i fed her for almost a year, so don't worry about that too much. Runner, don't be so hard on yourself, i doubt you did anything that contributed to her larger size, some babies just come big. Have you talked to your doctor about doing an amino? I honestly don't think it's a bad idea, if her lungs are mature and they are going to do a c-section anyway then there shouldn't be a problem with her coming sooner rather than later.


runnershirl - March 17

Again, sorry ladies that I didn't have much to "ADD" to the topic or to rea__sure anyone else...I do want to say it's comforting to have you girls going thru this with me though. Thx. Krissy, Vsetter-Did your ob's discuss the down side of doing an amnio this late? They said their were potential problems, but they didn't say what they were...anything else I shoudlknow about cs? Can we be awake? Any difference about DH cutting the cord? Anything else?


vsetter - March 18

I think that extra information would help me out too. I've started to 'google', but sometimes that only makes things worse (you read a lot about bad experiences). Does it make any difference (surgery-wise) if you are a scheduled c-section or an emergency one? I don't expect this little girl is going to hold out until the end. I've read that you can be awake with an epidural as your drug source. What other drugs do they pump in you? I've been told that you should take the pain drugs (and there is little affect to the baby), but I have also heard about some negative side effects. Do you get to see the baby or hold the baby? Can you feed the baby immediately? What about recovery? I will have a 5 year old at home with me. What kind of limitations will I have and for how long? What about the incision? AHHH....any experience that you can pa__s along would be so helpful. Thanks!


Krissy25 - March 18

Do any of you ladies ever feel like your kid is just going to kick his or her way out. I swear this kid is so active, it's like he is doing cardio kick boxing. Runner, you should talk to your doc about the risks of an amnio, but i think they are relativly small and you're so far along anyway if something were to happen they could take tbe baby with probably almost no issues. I['m just thinking that if she is this big now and still has 4 weeks to go that could be another 2 lbs, even with a c-section they still have to make an opening wide enough to pull her out, really though this is something you should discuss with your doctor and whatever decision you make you should both feel comfortable with it. As far as what happens during and after a c-section, well no two are alike i'm sure but i'll tell you how mine went. It was suppposed to be scheduled but my water broke 3 weeks early, i don't think that really affected the process though. When i got there i changed into a gown, they started an iv and i got the epiduaral. The epidual was not bad at all, they numb the area first and it sort of feels weird going in but not painful. Once i was in the or things went quickly, they put a sheet in front of me and i coudn't see anything, I don't think it took longer than 20 min from the time i got to the OR until the time she came out. They showed her to me quickly and then took her to a warmer to clean her off and do all those things they do. Then they let my dh hold her and he brought her over to me. I got to spend some time with her in the recovery room, i can't remember if i tried to feed her or not. They then took her upstairs to clean her up really good and I'm not sure what else they did to her up there. I had to spend 2 hours in recovery, I think that is probably the norm. Once i got up to my room they brought her in and she pretty much stayed with me the rest of the time i was there. My dh did get to cut the cord, he wasn't expecting to but they asked if he wanted to. I recomend taking the pain meds and not trying to be a hero of any kind. I don't know if there was much affect thru the b___stmilk or not. My dd slept a lot that first week but newborns sleep a lot anyway so it's hard to say. As far as recovery, I was walking around 2 days after the sx. The hardest part was bending over and trying to pick her up. I know with my 2 year old being around it will be harder b/c she always wants me to carry her. I think about 2 weeks post op i was doing pretty good and somewhere between 4-6 weeks post op i was back to pretty much normal. I think the only difference for an emergency c-sect and a scheduled one is if it is truely an emergency, like baby needs to come out right this instant or you could lose him or her. Otherwise even if you are in labor they will still be able to take their time and make good cuts so recovery will be as smooth as possible. I'll be happy to answer any other question you ladies have. Try not to worry too much, it's really not that bad and everyone i know that has been through one has done just fine. Have a great day.


Tara B - March 18

Hey Girls! How's it going? I had my appointment the other day and baby weighs 6 1/2 lbs, but his head is huge measuring 38wks when Im 36w4d. I decided to opt for a c section. Not just because the size of the head Im scared of the risks involved w/ a vbac (I know it's weird and risks are low). We finally got the 3rd date we asked for. Originally we wanted the 12th because it was his due date hoping he'd come sooner. They said that day is totally booked, so we asked for the 10th and they don't do c's on Saturdays. April 9, 2010 it is at 7:30am. The due date is 4/12/2010. They won't let me go past my due date either, so Im still hoping he comes like April 6 or 8(even better). The 7th is no good because thats Julias birthday. Everyone seems to think he will make his way before then but we will see. I'm just hoping no sooner then April 6th. I need more time still. Runner-With my 1st pregnancy. I had the burst of energy or the nesting instinct on a Thursday went into labor friday evening and had her by emergency c section 1:37am Saturday morning. Krissy's right dont be so hard on yourself about the baby being so big as long as she's healthy. I still agree with what you said earlier that they were off with the edd. vsetter-my DR told me it's harder on your body if you go into spontaneous labor, but then end up having an emergency c like I did. I didn't know I was going to have one untill like 8cm and 8hrs after being at the hospital. I didn't get to see anything they put a blue tarp from my neck down. I just felt tugging and pulling while they were getting her out, but didn't feel any incisions they completely numb you. It seemed like it took 30-40 mins not sure. I didn't get to see her right away at all. I had to wait nearly 40 mins after she was born to see her. Dad got to see and hold her right away. I think they made me get out of bed after a day and a half. It hurt like hell, but that was the hardest part. After I got up and walked around the 1st time it was easier after that. After 2 days I was walking around and even went shopping with my parents when she was 5 days old. Nursing was fine for me. I could definitely feel it in my incision when she nursed, but the uterus is shrinking at the same time. After the surgery they just gave me 800 ibprofin and vicodin and that seems to work fine. Right after I had the baby the stuff they gave me was stronger, and made me shake really bad after coming off of it, but it was only like an hr. Sorry if this seems all over the place because it is. I'm doing this at work inbetween people.


vsetter - March 19

So I don't know if it will mean anything to anyone else involved in my labor, but I decided to type a birth plan. I did not do this with my son, and I wasn't planning to do this with this baby either. But, with my upcoming c-section (and being upset about it), I figured I would. If nothing else, it has made me feel better. I covered every issue that was of concern for me. For example, some people have told me that their hands were tied down. Nope -- don't like that idea -- I think that would make me crazy! So -- that is in my birth plan.


Tara B - March 20

Whats you birthplan vsetter?


Krissy25 - March 20

Hey Vsetter, i think the birth plan is a good idea, but honestly i think you should call the L&D dept. before hand and see if there is either someone you can talk to over the phone or maybe you could even come in and they can address each of your concerns, that way you are not so nervous. I guess with having gone through it before and everything i've been though with the fall and being in the hospital and then all these awful dental procedures i'm just kind of like "whatever" I feel like the c-sect will be a snap compared to having 3 teeth pulled. It's the recovery part that is hard but i guess it can be hard with a v____al delivery too. Well I doubt this is going anywhere but i have been contracting regularly since about 5 pm. They are fairly close together but not getting any stronger. My guess is that they will eventually go away but i remain optimistic that this might actually lead to labor. I feel selfish for being so hopeful though, because my dh's grandma died yesterday and the wake it tomrrow and the funeral is Monday so i know he won't want to miss any of that. I hope it does happen soon though, I'm just beat everyday and i can't bend over anymore to pick anything up off the floor, my house is a mess. I had an appt a few days ago and they checked my cervix, not dialated or anything but with my dd when they had checked it at my 36 week appt i wasn't dialated or anything either and she came 4 days later, so i know it could really happen anytime. Isn't it weird that we are all having c-sections? And that they are pretty much all scheduled within a few days of eachother? At least we all know what eachother is going through. Good luck if it happens earlier for anyone, maybe me, I'm having another one right now. I still doubt anything will happen tonight or tomorrow.


runnershirl - March 21

hey girls...well, first let me say thanks to each of you...for taking the time to answer my questions and to explain a csection. You know, we are encouraged to go to lamaze and do all these things to mentally and physically prep for the "big day" but with the c-section, all I received was a letter in the mail scheduling my cx date, which is by the way, 4/12, unless labor starts sooner. Like you all, I'm having contractions too daily. Today they are lower,in my pelvic region but sharp and only 2-seconds in duration. Nothing regular though. I don't think it's "it" yet though either, but what do i know. I'm a newbie to delivery. Just wanted to tell you how thankful i am to have you girls here to guide, support and share stories with. And although it all stinks that we're c's, it's good to have others to go thru it with. Have a fabulous Sunday girls!



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