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runnershirl - April 2

Krissy, thanks for the support and feedback. Only one more day of work...wahoo! I'm just wondering if any of you girls are going thru this completely confused state of emotions that I'm going thru? For one, keep in mind, I'm generally a workaholic...with dh out of work for disability issues and depression which we've previously discussed, alot has always fallen on my shoulders. Now that I'm out of work, I'm struggling with a confused state of self and emotions. First, DH has bene fighting migraines this week so most of the days for me have been spent alone. Then, I think of all these things I can do before baby comes but nearly every thing I attempt, I cannot do alone (my belly is super huge--10-12 baby in there, per drs), so I am encountering frustration that I can't do anything, or, I'm super tired. So, when i do feel ambitious I want to do things that I cannot do. And worse yet, I feel frustrated that the best conversation I had all day was with my estranged sister. I need my dh to be around and involved and i understand what he's going thru, but when he's not there for me, I'm even more frustrated. Then there are days he is there, which renew my love and faith, but my emotions are up and down now. I spent half the afternoon crying and I an't even tell you why other than, I couldn't find any summer clothes to wear and refuse to buy any, didn't know what to do with myself, felt completely alone from friends, and too far from family... Ugh. oh, and let's not forget the peeing almost literally every 5 min because i think she found the who-ha muscles in my pelvic area. Do you think this is a sign it's getting closer? I'm kinda hoping for an easter baby...anyway, I can't tell anyone else what a nut job I sound like right now, but talkign to no one all day long is just about to kill me...maybe I should have stayed at work til the end? (but there was no way I could stay upright all day long). anyway, I guess I could use some prayers from my religious sisters here to not let these emotions get me down. On the good side...we're getting closer...


Krissy25 - April 4

Happy Easter everyone! Still no baby here, thought maybe last night would be the night as i was having lots of contractions and they were becoming uncomfortable, but no, they went away as usual. Runner, I'm sure hormones don't help the sitation but i think anyone facing the challenges you are facing would find themselves crying a lot. It sounds like for the most part you are having to do a lot by yourself b/c of your dh's medical problems and that is not easy this late in the game. It's hard to move and your always uncomfortable. Hang in there, just a little longer and you will have your baby. Well it's off to my in-laws for easter, usually we have it but there was no way i was hosting this year. Anyone know if lots of chocolate can put you into labor? I've had quite a bit today so we'll see.


Tara B - April 6

Hey ladies! Any babies yet? None here :( thought maybe I was going to on Sat bc I started having contractions round 1130am and were pretty intense, so I finally went into the hospital at 230 and was sent hm. I was told although my contractions were impressive I'm dialated 1cm and dehydrated. Runners-I def been real emotional also and have probably over reacted to things that I normally wouldn't have. I try and check myself and see if I can go to a diff place, but its very difficult. My daughter has been a handful lately and I'm not sure what I'm doing at times and have lost control a couple of times to where I'm arguing with a 3 yr old. I know we all have our own problems, but u do have a lot on your plate now and it is completely normal to get emotional especially during pregnancy. My boyrfriend just checked me about the way I handled a situation w/ my daughter. She somehow managed to get lemonade into her rm and spilled on a few diff toys and I kind of flipped out and stayed mad for a bit. She probably reacted off my reaction and started talking back to me. I got her dad and he didn't handle it the way I wanted him to, but did get her to calm down and explained to her what she did was ok. I was just p__sed idk. Krissy-aren't u excited? Tomorrow is the big day!!! What time do u go in? Mines Friday at 730am. I don't get out of the hospital till the 12th. How long do u stay in for? Are u nervous to have another C? I am. Well good luck to u and enjoy ur new bundle of joy! Its a boy right?


Krissy25 - April 6

Hello ladies, yep tomorrow is the big day. I did my pre-testing and met with the anasteaoligist today so i'm pretty much ready. Wasn't someone having their baby today? Maybe Vsetter? It's hard to keep track. I'm not sure what day i'll get out, saturday or sunday, I forgot to ask during my pre-testing, i'll find out tomorrow. I'm trying to clean up the house and get laundry done so it's not all waiting for me when i get back. I know how you feel about your dd being a handful. I kind of feel guilty b/c there are times i've just about had it with her. She wants me to hold her all the time and it's just so hard with this belly plus i'm just exausted from carrying all this extra weight around. I hope i gain some of my patience back after the baby comes, I know it's going to be extra work with 2 but once i feel like myself again i think i'll have the energy to keep up, at least i hope so. Well good luck to everyone, I'm sure by the time i get back on they rest of you will have had your babies. Wow 9 months pa__sed quickly and we are finally here.


Krissy25 - April 11

Hello ladies, well Baby Andrew made his entrance into the world on 4/7 at 7:59 AM weighing in at 7lbs 15 oz. and measuring 19 3/4 in. He is doing very well and had taken to b___stfeeding quite nicely. We just got back from the hospital today. My recovery from the c-section has been going ok, no complications but i am finging it difficult to walk and the pain meds are putting me in kind of a fog and making me dizzy. My dd is finally warming up to her little brother. Well i got to go it sounds like someone needs me. Talk to you later ladies, Good luck to those who still are going to have their babies this week.


Krissy25 - April 27

Hey ladies, let's here some birth stories! How are your little ones doing?


vsetter - April 28

Hi there! I agree -- we haven't heard many birth and baby stories -- including my own. Let's see -- Cordelia Morgan was born on 4/6 at 9:35am via c-section. She is healthy baby! And -- she did turn out to be a large baby, as the u/s estimated. She was born 9 pounds even, 20 inches. I have been doing well. Three weeks post c-section, I am feeling much better (although it still hurts to sneeze). Overall, I will say that I think I preferred the v____al delivery that I had with my son. No complications with surgery or recovery, although my hormones did decide to act up. When my milk came in my hormones gave me a fever of close to 102 with extreme chills. Cordelia is great,except the poor thing has pimples all over her face. She is sleeping decent. For the most part, she is sleeping at night -- meaning that she wakes up every few hours to eat, but she goes back to sleep afterwards. She HATES sleeping on her back though! Her hips look good (from being frank breech), but her doc is going to do an u/s on them when she is 6 wks old. Now I just to see if she has any food allergies (her brother was allergic to milk and soy through my b___stmilk for the first year of his life). I know that I should enjoy these times, but I must admit that I am looking forward to the future. You know -- when they eat a little less often and sleep a little longer through the night :). Sorry -- that is the selfish and sleep deprived part of me coming out! Hope you (and your babies) are all well :)


Krissy25 - April 28

Hey vestter, congrats on your dd. I can't wait to hear some more birth stories. My ds is doing well, we too have an u/s scheduled in a few weeks to check his hips, and about a week after he was born he had a kidney u/s and a test to check for backflow from his bladder into his kidneys, the u/s went well but this other test they had to use a dye and that meant they had to put a catheder in him, but the messed it up twice so the had to to the test 3 times, i was so angry and i had to leave the room b/c i couldn't listen to him screaming anymore. the good news is there is no back flow but he does have excess fluid around his kidneys so we have to see a uroligist and get another u/s in about 6 weeks. Ugh! Anyway, vsetter, sorry to hear about your fever, i'm sure that sucked. my son has those pimples too, poor little guy. they should go away soon. talk to everyone later.



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