April 9th

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Brittany - March 18

Hi, Just wondering if there's anyone out there due that day? How are you feeling? Are you anxious? I can't sleep, always pee, and now I think reality is kicking in that he's almost here. I'm so excited and worried at the same time.


Michelle - March 18

Hi Brittany! Im not due on the 9th but the 12th. I have to pee constantly! I wake up like 3 times a night sometimes more to go to the bathroom. Im having a boy too!


Ash - March 18

Hi guys, I'm due on April 7 or 10 (dr. gave me two due dates). Anyways, I'm feeling like c___p and don't know what to do with myself anymore!!! I haven't slept in weeks and feel as if the baby is gonna fall out of me when I walk.


Naomi - March 19

I am due April 20th but they know i am not going to make it that far! I am 2 cm and 70% effaced so basically any day now is what they keep telling me. I am up almost every hour on the hour durring the night and have had back and hip pain soo bad I can hardly move! I am so excited, anxious, and just wish he would come already so i can get some some what decent sleep again! I am peeing so much i am using a roll of t.p. a day and it is seriously about every 5 min i have to go plus he gets the hiccups about 5-6 times a day which doesn't help cause then i pretty much just sit on the toilet until he is done! other wise i would be running in every time he hiccuped!


Ash - March 19

Hey Naomi, my baby gets hiccups also like crazy and it lasts for a while. Its really cute though, except at 4:00am when i'm trying to sleep - lol!


v - March 19

I am due april 10th all though im hoping any day now. This pregnancy has been awful and i cant wait till the babys here.


Michelle - March 20

I know V, I hope I have this baby soon too I hate being pregnant. I wonder about those women that say how much they enjoyed being pregnant and why couldn't i be one of them.


brittany - March 21

Does anyone have any pain in the b___t area?


Michelle - March 21

I have alot of pessure on my upper thighs and a little in the b___t area when I stand up. I feel like the baby is going to fall out of me if it were only that easy!!


s - March 28

Hi! I am due on the 12th and I cannot wait. I am tired of being pregnant and I feel like he is going to fall out of me too. I am always having to pee and I get sharp pains constantly through out the day. Unforunatly my cervix has not softened and my Dr says the baby is still in North Carolina. I


Naomi - March 30

I think he has bruised my pelvic bone. I know he is about 8 pounds according to my last u/s. I am only 5'3" and pet_te so they will strip my membranes on friday to try to help move things along so they don't have to do a c-section. YEAH!!!! I am so looking forwad to getting this little chunk-a-B___t out!!!


Michelle - March 30

I go back to the doctor on friday .I sure hope he has good news. Ive had pains in my belly and back for over a week, somethings got to be going on.


Michelle - March 31

I'm also due April 9th. I just saw the doc yesterday, he said I'm 40% effaced ans 0 station. Please remind me whet this means? I don't think my son will be coming any time soon.please help me understand what these #'s mean. My head is so cluttered w/ baby info


Naomi - March 31

effacement is how thin your cervix is dialation is how open your cevix is station is where your baby' s head is positioned..Stations of descent A measure of how far down the baby is in the pelvis. Measured in negative and positive numbers: "-3" indicates a baby who is not engaged in the pelvis; "0" means the fetal head is engaged in the pelvis; and a score of "+3" indicates the baby is crowning. unfortunately I have been 2 1/2 cm dialated, 100% effaced, and baby has been at 0 station for about a week and ahalf now..not a sign neccesarily that you will be in labor in the near future.



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