April Babies End Of February Getting Closer

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danimarie - February 21

Hey girls....here's the new post...The most anyone can have left for an April baby is 68 days....if you go longer than that you'll have a May baby! Let the countdown begin....or continue...yeah...whatever.....


danimarie - February 21

Ok, so I had a dr's appt today and I had lost 2lbs since my last visit...I was at 159. Right about 25lbs...not bad. I am 31 weeks tomorrow. My fundal measurement was 34cm!! And because she was big at the 28 week u/s my doctor wants ANOTHER u/s at my next appt in 2 weeks (I'll be 33 weeks). But I asked if she would consider inducing because of size and she said that her general rule of thumb is NO. She said that IF my cervix was already thinning out and dilating then MAYBE at 39 weeks. But that if it was still thick and hadn't changed at all then she won't induce early. I am hoping that maybe....JUST maybe....my little girl will come out sooner than that! I'm just gonna keep going on my walks, and try to keep on having s_x 3-4 times a week, and hopefully that will help as I get closer.....obviously it wouldn't do anything now- I wouldn't want it too! But maybe since I have been/will keep doing those things it will somehow help. Hmm...oh yeah...my car FINALLY got fixed today! YAY!!!! I am sooo happy. It hasn't worked since February 3rd! So that's good news. Hmm..I'll write more later. Should do more work!


xoxticiaxox - February 21

dani-I think it was you that posted in the dandruff thread I made...sis you try the olive oil thing? I am not that keen on trying it unless it acctually works?


danimarie - February 21

haha..I was thinking of asking you if you had tried any of them...lol! I was thinking the same thing. I mean, it isn't like I want to trade dandruff for a greaseball head! So no..I haven't tried it. I have just been nasty and flaky!


xoxticiaxox - February 21

lol me too, Im going to try it tonight tho, Im sick of this! ickkk tho I really dont want to put a bunch of oil on my hair :( Maybe I should shave it all! hahaha Gosh this is gonna be gross...Ill let you know how it goes lol!


HoneyB - February 21

Hi girls! Whew, already Thursday. Already Friday tomorrow. yay!!!! I had a nice four day weekend. We did a lot of baby and house shopping, and setting up things in the nursery. I now have the nursing chair, rug, curtains, changing table, and some drawers. The crib I'm getting from a friend in March and she's giving me her sheet sets too, so I'll just have to buy a new mattress. We put up some shelves in the nursery, too. I, too, and feeling a bit of the nesting impulse. Our dresser top is usually quite crowded with stuff, half of which doesn't need to be there. But this morning as I was getting ready for school I started tidying it up. I would -never- do that in the morning when I'm getting ready for school. Oh well, looks better now. And this weekend Naren and I were just hanging out relaxing, but I couldn't stay there for long. I had a strong desire to clean out our closets. We do have to clear the closet in the guest room because his mom will be staying there for awhile after the baby's born, and I needed his stuff out of there. But I had to do it right then! I've washed all my diapers and they are folded. I was surprised to learn that Naren knows how to fold cloth diapers. He insists he's not going to help change diapers, though finally he's saying that he'll do WET diapers only. But he knows how to fold the diapers and put them on. We were practicing on a stuffed animal haha! Kristin, that's so funny you dreamt that you were being attacked by your b___st pump hahaah! Man, these crazy dreams never end :P I'm having more dreams of actually giving birth. Dani, I bet your doctor is happy that you lost a couple pounds. I certainly have NOT stopped gaining weight :P But as long as I can still fit into my maternity clothes for the next five weeks I'm okay. Only five more weeks of work after this week. yay! Nanders, I've noticed a reduction in the craziness of Svara's movements lately. Now I feel more pushes and bumps than kicks. Oh, and I still get the sharp cervix bumps all the time even though she's head down! I guess she bumps it with her head or hands. And I can feel the difference between a cervix and a bladder hit. Both quite uncomfortable, though :P Ticia, I know what you mean about not knowing whether you have enough stuff or the right stuff. I have looked at some lists, too, and am kind of averaging them. Okay, I've been sitting at the computer long enough, my back is starting to hurt me now. Have a good Thursday all!


Melissa30 - February 22

Ticia did you try the remedy for dry scalp? If you did, how did it work. I have just recently started getting dry scalp and it is really bugging me. I have tried Mayo in the hair and I have tried raw egg (neither one worked). Honey it must have been nice to have a four day weekend. You were off for Chinese New Year right. Ok don't think I am an idiot, but I have got to ask. My husband told me he learned in school that the chinese are on a different year than the US. According to him we are in the year 2007, but the chinese are in the year 2040. Is he correct or is this another instance where he claims to know it all but is completely wrong. I never learned about other cultures in school so I don't even have a clue. Well Dani was your Dr. happy about your weight loss or did you get in trouble with him/her? I know you are glad to finally have your car fixed. Back in July my husbands car blew a head gasket and we were down to one car for about 2 weeks and it was hell. I was glad to have both cars back up and running so I can sympathize with you. I am having another ultrasound tomorrow. I will find out if the baby has turned yet or if he is going to be stubborn and stay in the breech position.


xoxticiaxox - February 22

Hey Honey, its good that you had a good weekend, my guy wont change diapers either...hes even scared to bath her, but thats okay...that will change loL! Dani this c___p doesnt work!!!!!! I am so angry, I ruined 2 pillow covers and a shirt and a towel...and it just DOES NOT WORK!!!! Next thing on the list....tea tree oil!!! Anyways i have to go try and get more of it out of my hair....third wash today! Grosss! Take care everyone xx


danimarie - February 22

Ticia....that SUCKS! I'm sorry it didn't work.....thanks for letting me know! Let's see....Melissa...my doctor didn't say anything about my weight. She asked if I was eating well and exercising and told me I look good. Chip and I splurged last night and I broke my diet....the Suns were playing bball on cable and we didn't get the channel at home, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (they have a bunch of TV's there with whatever big game is on). Normally we don't get appetizers or dessert when we go out....but we had a $10 gift card and then a coupon where you get $5 off if you spend $20. SOOO...we actually TRIED to spend money for once. We got these Southwest Crispers that you dip in ranch, an order of "Buffalo Chips" with melted cheese on them (basically french fries that are cut in circles instead of fry shape) and then we each got 7 legs (not wings...LEGS) ((but I only ate 3 and he ate 4...we brought the rest home). And to top off the unhealthy dinner...we got Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream. I have to say, the dinner tasted AMAZING...but my body must really not be used to food like this anymore cause I have felt kinda gross ever since. But oh well...it was worth it for one meal. And we had fun watching our team win! So we got all that food, and with tax and tip we spent less than $9! That was fun. But back to eating healthy again. Oh yeah.....the other thing was that we DID go and workout before we ate all that, so I didn't feel AS bad. LOL. So it ended up that my car is only MOSTLY fixed......somehow when the guy was fixing the ignition he didn't get the turn signal hooked back up....so I made Chip drive that car today- I would be too afraid trying to change lanes on a busy freeway with no blinker- he is way better at that than me. But at least it can turn on and get us where we need to go! Honey...good to hear from you! Glad you got all that stuff done and had a good little break from school. I too only have 5 work weeks after this week. Then I will still be working, but mostly from home! Ok...gotta get workin. Have a good day everyone!


HoneyB - February 22

Sounds like a good dinner, Dani! Sometimes it's so nice to not worry about how many calories, but just to enjoy the greasy food! mm... the potatoes sound good! Maybe I'll have mashed potatoes for supper tonight. Melissa, I don't know about the Chinese year actually. I'll ask around. All I know is that they are on a lunar calendar and it is a 12 year rotation, with each year represented by an animal. It is now the year of the pig. If they do have a different year, I don't think it could be 2040, because their calendar started a long time before the Gregorian calendar. Okay, I just looked it up on the internet and this is the year 4704 according to this site: chinapage.com/newyear.html Guess that answers the question! I love how if you have any question you can just look it up on the internet and almost always get an answer! Speaking of which, has anyone heard of the premature baby in Florida who was born at 21 weeks and survived? She's now 4 months old. Look up "Florida baby" and you can see a couple pictures of her in the news articles. so tiny, I can't believe she survived! Okay, time to get to work, lots of teaching to do today!


Carly67 - February 22

Hey girls I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and I have a Dr. appointment. This is my fourth with a new OB and with my other 3 my OB always did a fundal measurement but my OB now never does, he does growth sonograms every 4 weeks on me though. My last one was at 32 weeks and the baby was 4 lbs. 5 oz.


trish3 - February 23

Hey girls


danimarie - February 23

Ticia- did you ever get that oil out of your hair? Hope so. How are all you girls feeling? I'm feeling CROWDED! My baby is soo far up in my ribs and stomach. I just wish she'd move down a little bit! Other than that I'm feeling good. We went to bed early last night for us (like 10) and I got a really good night's sleep! And traffic was really good getting to work this morning. So the day is starting out great! I'm hoping it keeps going that way! Honey- that is amazing about that baby! Hey Trish- how ya doin? Hope everything is going well. Kristin- hope all is ok! How is Ashley...are you still struggling with the cold she gave you? Hope you feel better soon!!! Nanders- how ya doin? Have a great Friday girls!


trish3 - February 23

I keep writing but it's not showing up on my screen....can you guys see that I am writing


trish3 - February 23

I am trying to send you to a piczo webiste I created this morning but when I enter the address, nothing goes through


trish3 - February 23



trish3 - February 23

ok, I couldn't with the 3 w's in front so of course to go to the website, put the 3 w's then put tguitard.piczo.com Now you can see what my family looks like without our 3rd and last child.



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