April Babies It S March Already

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HoneyB - March 12

Yikes, only a month or so left until our babies join us!!


HoneyB - March 12

10 more working days left for me after today, how about everybody else? I sure have a lot to do, though. I have to set it up so that my long term sub knows generally what things to cover for the rest of the year. She will also have to get the report cards ready at the end of the year, so I have to write up some general reports about the students that she can use and add to. Not to mention the daily lesson planning, correcting papers, etc. I'm feeling a bit swamped today :P And there is a group of administrators coming in to watch our math lessons today. Ugh, I hate when they come in. Hope the kids are well behaved today haha! Last night I was glad I had enough energy to make a nice spaghetti dinner for Naren and myself. And I made enough to sauce to freeze some, too. Well, I better make sure I have everything set up to do my math lesson so I look prepared when the administrators come in! Have a great Tuesday all!


adprix - March 12

Hi HoneyB! What grade do you teach? I teach 1st grade, and I have 19 working days left before my maternity leave begins. We have our Spring Break this week, so I'm going to use this downtime to begin preparing for my long-term sub. My sister student-taught for me during the Fall semester, and she is going to take over as my long-term sub in April. That's a big relief for me, but I still have so much planning/preparation to do! Good luck to you . . . hope your math lesson went well. :o)


Kristin11 - March 13

Woohoo only a month to go. Yeah. Seems like forever still. My brothers girlfriend had her baby on sunday at 1pm. She had toxemia and her blood pressure went through thr roof so they induced her. She was due March 28th. He is the cutest little thing. It was wierd seeing my little brother holding his son, makes you feel old. Nanders it was cute Ashley commenting on the movie. She was my movie critic, she was actually feeding me popcorn too lol. Carly you shouldnt get so worked up when the baby doesnt move. I know caden likes to sit to one side for a while, it starts to hurt too. Hey honey thanks for the new thread we needed it. Your so lucky to have only 10 days left. I however will be at work till the end. Urgh and the girl thye hired 2 mths ago at my work as project coordinator is now quitting. She put in a 2 week notice. I guess she has been watching another job all along and waiting for it to come available, sheesh talk about alot of time wasted training her. She was also suppose to be the one who took over for me while i was gone. No wonder why when i trained her it felt like she was doing it half hearted. O guess now they are goign to hire a full project manager for our department and hire a temp to cover me while i am gone. The good thing though when i get back from mat leave they promised me a review and raise and a job description madification. woohoo. So hey thats good. Ooh i hate when people watch you while you work, although you should be used to it by now lol. What is your cla__s room count? I hope you get your curriculum and everythign ready for your sub without a problem. Adprix welcome. When are you due? You ladies are better then me wooh i couldnt handle a entire cla__s of 1st graders lol. I believe Honey teached 3rd grade. Well i better get ready for work, i have a long day. I have started training and taking over the girl that is leavings tasks, as well as keeping my own. later ladies.


Kristin11 - March 13

lol i lots of typos...........to early i guess.


danimarie - March 13

Hey girls....Honey good call making a new thread! It was definately time!!! So, I had my dr appt yesterday. Basically, I am a really confusing patient for my doctor. I pa__sed both 3 hour glucose tests with flying colors-she said they were so normal that she couldn't see me having GD at all.....but my baby is really fat and I have high amniotic fluid- both are indicators of gestational diabetes. SOOO....she isn't sure what to do with me. She basically said to keep staying away from sugar. So I am back to NO ice cream again (I had started eating small amounts again since there wasn't a BIG reason not to- I was just trying to be healthy.) She is trying to decide if she wants me to start checking my blood sugar levels with the accucheck thing 4 times a day. She doesn't really think I need to but she feels like she needs to keep watching things. So who knows- it's crazy. So basically I guess we are pretending that I have GD even though she doesn't think I really do....lol. She said that there could be absolutely nothing wrong at all and the baby is maybe just big and I have a lot of fluid. Hmph. Oh well. So at least I only have 6 weeks left. I can be good for 6 more weeks. Mat & Melissa...what do you guys eat as snacks besides fruits/veggies....I bought cottage cheese. I guess I could have some regular cheese as a snack. I feel like everything is high in sugar and carbs! And I get hungry! Last night after I worked out I was SOO hungry, so I had half of a tuna sandwich and like 10 cashews and 10 peanuts. But I was still hungry, so I had a half cup of dry KIX cereal...it is low in sugar and I had less than half of a normal serving size...I think it was like 12 carbs and 1 gram of sugar....so I think it was ok? Whatever. Ok...so Honey....I have 13 fulltime at the office working days AFTER today. Then I will still be working fulltime till the baby- I just get to make up my schedule and come into the office when I want and work at home when I want. Kristin- hopefully everything will go smoothly with all the job stuff. That sounds a little bit stressful. Adprix- hey...when are you due? That is so nice that sister can take over your cla__s for you! How perfect! Alright....Nanders, Melissa, Mat (where have you been??), Ticia, Trish, Carly...and anyone else I may have left out....have a great Tuesday!


xoxticiaxox - March 13

Hey everyone, took me a while to catch up on all of everyones posts, lol! I have not been on in a few days because I am mega sick, I couldnt even go to my doctors appointment...it really sucks, everything just keep going bad...makin glabour look like heaven of course! Anyways, that recipe sounds good, Im glad I dont have to make little meals to freeze, I would go crazy with everything I still have to do already, but oh well. Its crazy reading about all you girls having theses lives where you cook for your men, and have your own places...I guess its easier for me in ways that I will have my mum so close and I an go over there anytime I need to! This pregnancy has been a good thing, me and her are getting very close. She is picking me up today and we are going out to dinner..seeing as Im feeling alittle bit better today! That is way to cute about Ashley and the movies, I can just picture a little girl feeding her mummy popcorn...its adorable! I STILL havent gotten my blood work done, which is posing a problem for my doctor, so she said she would just do it when I go for my next appointment...Ive missed it 2 weeks now...not good!!! Anyways I know alot of you girls wrote about alot of stuff, but I cant reply to it all right now. I hope everyone is well, and YAYYYYY only like a month left!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox ttyl


andy - March 13

I´m due april 1st .... but I sooooo want it to be this month!!!


HoneyB - March 13

Yay, middle of another week! Adprix, Kristin was right that I teach grade 3. That's really cool that your sister is going to be your long-term sub! We have our spring break starting March 29th. That's why the 28th is my last day of work, otherwise I'd have to work another week and a half before I could start maternity leave. I am soooo glad that spring break falls -exactly- before my maternity leave!!! My math lesson went fine, luckily the administrators only came in one at a time (they rotated between the 4 grade 3 cla__ses). I just ignored them, and the kids did too, so it was fine. Carly, I agree with Kristin about not worrying too much about the baby not moving. I don't get a lot of kicks now, just pushes now and then. Kristin, that's annoying that the girl you were training is leaving! So much for that effort. Oh, and I have 17 kids in my cla__sroom. The maximum here is 20 - they won't go higher than that which is nice. The local schools here in Malaysia are crazy - there are usually 40-50 kids in a cla__s!!! I don't know how the teachers can do it :P Dani, that must be so annoying to have the symptoms of gestational diabetes enough to worry your doctor, but you pa__s all the tests! Since Chip was a big baby, it's probably just that. But it's good you are being careful just in case. Ticia, I hope you are feeling better soon. Any luck finding an apartment? Being sick when you are pregnant is sooo not fun! It's like a double whammy. Welcome Andy, you are getting near the end! Are you all prepared? This weekend I have to pack my labor bag. Oops, bell just rang. Gotta go!


nanders - March 14

hi girls! I had my doc appt yesterday and everything looks good. I have gained a total of 20lbs. YAY! My next appt is in 2wks and I get the strep b test done. He thinks the baby is an average size, so that's good. Honey that's awesome that spring break falls on your leave!! Ticia I really hope you feel better soon!!! Dani that's sucks about the gd thing, I'm an abnormal patient too. But it's the way I'm made that is the problem! I have a long torso and weird shaped uterus. It also means that things like my pelvic are lower than other women. Hence why I'm measuring 2 wks ahead, I've always been this way and it's normal for me. The doc just laughs and says it will hopefully mean an easier labour for me, let's hope so. I wouldn't worry too much you get lots of exercise and eat healthy, just do your best! Your'e doing much better than me in those areas! Carly I don't feel alot of kicks anymore either, but lots of pushing and hicups! Welcome adprix do you know what your'e having?. I hope everyone is having a good day! I'm going to finish cleaning upstairs, I'm leaving the bedroom until sunday so jay can help me move the furniture! It's funny all these peple said they would come help get the house spring cleaning done, so I put it off, and now that I'm huge no one has come at all!! I really wish I hadn't waited it's so much harder now! Bye!


Carly67 - March 14

See my baby does move a lot and he is big so when he did not move the other morning even with me prodding him it was definitely different and my OB totally agrees and tell me to call him if there is ever a decrease in fetal movement or no movement because that is an emergency. Fortunately I have a doppler so that saved a lot of worry for me or I would have had to go in.and be checked. I am already on monitors twice a week after work and the baby moves like crazy so being it is my fourth I kind of know what it should be like and if my senses tell me something is different I am not going to wait. I remember even with my first when it happened once they told me to come right in and be checked. You can drink some OJ and lie on your left side and if you do not feel anything you should go in. But my OB now says call immediately if movement is decreased. My pelvis hurts so much.


danimarie - March 14

Melissa- could you put up how many carbs for each meal? That would be great. I am so glad that I only have 6 weeks left.....5 if my doctor decides to induce at 39 weeks. Things are crazy here at work today ladies.......on Monday one of the two ladies we have working the front desk of our doctors office gave her two weeks notice....then yesterday one of the medical a__sistants made sort of a mutual agreement with our office manager that she needs to leave (because of office drama/personality issues...etc) so she is done at the end of this week.....then today another lady who was a supervisor (but the office manager was getting ready to demote her) put in her two weeks notice.....and ALL of this happening right before my maternity leave...then I cut back to part time after that. So out of the 10 employees here, 3 are leaving in the next 2 weeks or less...then I am cutting back! AHH!!! It is crazy! Gotta go!


HoneyB - March 14

Nanders, that's good on the weight gain! I have the strep b test at my next appointment too (tomorrow). Ugh, I am sooo tired today. My hubby kept me awake with his snoring from 3-4 this morning, so that doesn't help either. He told me this morning I should have woken him up and sent him to the other room. sometimes I just don't have the heart, though. I am walking so slowly today, I hope I make it through. I was not in a very good mood yesterday, either, feeling very impatient. Looks like today will be more of the same! I need chocolate!!! haha :) Dani, that's pretty crazy that so many people are leaving at about the same time! That can't be easy for the company! Time to get ready for the munchkins!


MAT - March 15

Hi Dani - thanks for asking after me. I will answer the meal question first...meals are usually 45-60 carbs, depending on the individual. I actually did 45 for all meals and snacks (made it easier). Before I got really strict, I would have english muffin with PB, a snack bar, cheese and crackers, cheese and fruit...that type of thing. I used meringues as a cheat - they are lower carb because there is no flour in them. I hope everything goes smoothly for you - hopefully it is just genetics!


MAT - March 15

Hi ladies - the reason I have been gone so long is that I had the baby! I was induced on Monday, March 5th. My daughter was born at 7:06 am on Tuesday March 6th (I guess that makes her officially the first April baby by a couple of hours!). She was 35 weeks. She is well developed and had none of the typical preemie problems. She did stay in the NICU for one week because she had to gain weight - she was 4 lbs 1 oz at birth! We just came home today. I need to go get some sleep (I was up feeding her). I will post more about the labor later. Hope everyone else is keeping healthy.


Kristin11 - March 15

Good morning ladies. How is everyone? Is anyone else starting to get cramping and mildly painful BH contractions? Yeah honey is is fustrating to have the gilr i was training leaving but what can you do. it something my department was 5 people and now we are down to 2. Ugh. My boss is out of town for 3 days so i am the department lol. (i am talking only officew staff when i say the count we have alot of field staff). I too need to pack my labor bag i am so slacking. Only 4 1/2 weeks left, wow. I cant wait for it to be over though, i think it must be getting snug in there because i am short of breath all the time. I wish Caden was one of those babies that calmed down towards the end and kicks got less, but nope he kicks just as much only harder. Good job on the weight gain nanders!! I had my strep b test done last wed. I go back to the doctors next wed and then i start going to my every week appointments woohoo the end is near!! Dani i hope your weight gain ect is just genetics also. Oh and i definetly know how you feel with everyone leaving your job right before you maternity leave. I havent even started to train a person again yet and i only have 4 weeks left come friday. Its a bit stressful. Congrats MAT!!! we need pictures!! That is 2 april babies that have become march babies now you and lindsay (JustMe) she has her son he weighed 4lbs 40z he too was 5 weeks early. It is it really wierd to hear that we are having babies arrive already, sheesh do you ladies remember when we werent even sure if we were feeling the babies kick? I am so ready to meet my son and ashley cant wait to see her baby brother. Well better get going for work. Later ladies!!


xoxticiaxox - March 15

Aww Mat thats great, Im so happy for you. Im glad everything is okay, she must be sooo tiny :D, congrats though! Nanders only 20 pounds? Wow, I wish I could say the same lol. Dany and Kristin that really sucks about everyone leaving at your jobs, will it affect your maternity leave any, or do you still get to leave at the set time? Hopefully nothing changes. Andy if all goes according to due dates, you will be the next one to have your baby. It is getting down to crunsh time for us all, Im almost a month away, only 33 more days untill my EDD, and knowing she could come at anytime just makes it 10 times more exciting and nerve racking...I love it!! Honey thats really sweet that you didnt wake him up, but I think if that were me (hormones and everthing out of wack) I would have put a pillow over his head lol, not really but snoring drives me nutsss! Kristin I know what you mean about braxton hicks, I dont know why but I just started getting them last night and oh boy do they hurt. Its okay though, I kind of liked it n a weird way...maybe because I felt the baby is coming or something, I dont know I was half asleep lol. Ive been having weirdo dreams the last few nights, last night I had a dream that I was in the washroom and all this gooy stuff was running down my leg and I just couldnt wipe it up fast enough, even when I sat down it still dripped down my leg, then I was in labour, and had my baby right on the living room floor where only my three dogs were there to watch....it was mega weird, a little disturbing as well lol! Today I have alot to do, and IM not thrilled about it because Im still not feeling well, but I have to get all of Biancas wash done, and get her coming home outfit washed, I have to do my own wash, do the dishes, I finally found my school books so I have to get caught up on all of that (which is a drag because Im like a month behind). Then my mum is taking me out to dinner again tonight because we sit here at night bored out of our trees, my step dad is working nights now so we just sit and do nothing lol! I didnt realize he was so important in me functioning haha! I was supposed to go to Codys today, but he can be post-poned untill tomorrow. Anyways, I better get a start on the things I need to do, Have a good day everyone xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox ttyl



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