April Babies Happy Valentines Month

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danimarie - February 8

Hey girls...only a week until we get to try to be s_xy for our hubbies...LOL! RIGHT! Anyway..other thread was too long for me. Wow....we're nearing the end......can't wait for all our babies to be here!


danimarie - February 8

Alright.....Ticia....about the 3 hr glucose testing. Did you ever have the 1 hr test? That was a test where they give you a sweet drink and then an hour later they draw your blood to check your sugar level. I had that test done at 24 weeks and my sugar level came back at a 145 (if it is over 140 you fail). So...IF you fail that test then you have to take the 3 hr. Most people pa__s the 1 hr so that is probably why your doctor hasn't said anything about the 3 hr test. For the 3 hr test you have to fast for 12 hrs beforehand....(usually overnight so you just can't eat much after dinner). Then you go and they draw blood to take a fasting blood sugar count. Then they have you drink a stonger concentrate of the sugar drink and every hour for 3 hours they draw your blood to see how your body is reacting to & processing the sugar. I already had to do this once since I failed the one hour and I pa__sed it no problem. If either your fasting count is high...or 2 of your other counts are high then they diagnose you with gestational diabetes. If one of your counts is high they will usually consider you boarderline for GD. None of my numbers were high at all. So anyway...I think my doctor is paranoid b/c at my last appt I had gained 29lbs according to their scale....but here is the thing that sucks. When I went for my first appt, they asked my weight before pregnancy. Well, I told them that every morning when I weigh myself it was 133.5 and that it hadn't changed since I got pregnant ( I was only 6 weeks at my first appt) So the nurse wrote down 133. Then they weighed me there and I was 137. But I had just been 133 at home that morning...so instead of just taking 137 as my starting weight, they decided that in a few hours I had gained 4lbs. LOL. SOO.....they always go off of 133 instead of 137- so she thought I had gained 29lbs since I weighed in at 161.5(not to mention that I had just eaten lunch and had a FULL bladder) , I had really gained 26lbs on my home scale that morning. But she really didn't want me to gain more than 30. She is making me feel like I am a big failure if I gain over 35 and told me that more than 45 is totally unacceptable. It's so hard cause she tells me how hard it will be to get it all off if I gain over 30 and yet I have talked to soo many people who gained 45, 50 or more with their first and were able to get back down to their pre-preg weight. But oh well. For now...according to my scale in the morning....I started at 133.5 and I am now 157 (I actually have lost some weight since my last appt). That is only 23.5 lbs. But I think since she thinks I have gained 29, plus the baby is "measuring large for gestational age", plus I failed the 1 hr at 24 weeks...now she is considering me at high risk for developing gestational diabetes and wants me to re-test...even though my last numbers were totally fine. UGH! So anyway- it is an annoying test, but not the end of the world. Luckily, I am totally fine around needles- that has really helped a lot with the whole pregnancy experience. I don't mind getting shots or blood drawn (PS Kristin....my rhogam shot was in the b___t too! LOL! She asked which cheek I wanted and I couldn't decided...it was awkward! haha) Sorry to go on so long about all this...I guess I am just really struggling with all of it because I have tried to be really healthy for my baby but the doctor seems really strict with the weight and now I feel guilty for even eating a sugary cereal like Golden Grahams for breakfast (which I haven't done for about 3-4 weeks....I thought about it this morning and wanted it so much but just ate some oatmeal squares instead) . I struggled for a little bit in college...never actually having an eating disorder...but getting really close with counting calories and working out A LOT and stuff. I lost 20lbs in about 12 weeks. After that I was pretty comfortable with myself, but when I have someone stressing to me that I can't gain more weight I start going back to my old thinking...If I have even a little piece of chocolate or something I feel bad....the other night I ate about 5 chips and felt terrible about it. I think I am getting control over the thinking again, but I guess I felt like I was already eating really healthy and only eating sweets sometimes, then the doctor's lecture threw me into feeling like the cravings and things that I was giving into once in awhile are totally off limits and that I was being really unhealthy because of them. I know this is so stupid, but I just needed to talk about it....don't get worried! I am still eating enough for the baby!! It is one of those things where I will feel hungry...and my first thought will be a bad one of "Just drink a gla__s of water and make it go away"...but then I stop myself and remember..no, my body is saying I am hungry for a real reason and I eat a banana or orange or something and drink milk....so I am doing a really good job at staying balanced. But it has been a struggle for me this past week. Thanks for letting me write this...I don't even care if you guys read it all since it is basically a freakin book! LOL! But it helps alot just to get all of it out of my head and into words and admit that it isn't an easy thing for me right now. aaah. well girls..sorry this was so focused on me. I hope you guys are doing well....Ticia...Im so sorry about the news you got from the hospital...I will be praying that you can just have a peace about everything and that the experience will be so much better than you can hope for! Ok...REALLY time for me to work. I will write more to you all later!


Kristin11 - February 8

Hey dani, shhh its lunch time here at work, i am sneaking in. Dint feel bad about the weight gain, i have gained 33lbs so far since my third motnh, my doctor told me to start watching my calories at my appointment on tuesday too. I mean seriously, i eat healthy and not 900 times aday, but when i am hungry i am going to eat so he will have to get over it. I have been eating just salad for lunch every day for 2 weeks and it doesnt seem to help. so i give up. Well back to work. Later!!


bindaas - February 8

Hello girls, I am coming back after a long break. my computer conked and since I dont work I really had no way of coming online.we got a new computer so guess i'll b able to post quite often. Kristin, I have gained 30 lbs and all my wt is on my belly.I dont seem to have put on wt anywhere else.I crave fresh juicy fruits and veggies so i dont even eat junk. but my wt just shot up.My due date is apr 5th.Yesterady I had my U/s and the tech said the baby weighs around 4 lbs.I am having a boy we are still undecided about the name.my baby's breech too with b___t down and feet up.my doc's not said anything so far. the u/s tech said there was still time for the baby to turn.so i'm just hanging in there.


danimarie - February 8

Hey bindaas- I don't think I ever met you before...that's nice that you were able to get your computer fixed! My name is Dani and I'm 21...having a girl- due April 26th. I hope your little guy turns! Did you have the u/s done for any specific reason or is it just a routine thing your doctor does?


bindaas - February 8

hi dani,i was on this forum sometime around christmas and then dropped out.kristin and honeyb and nanders r the 3 girls who were there back then.every one else seems new. and many appear to have dropped out .its nice getting to know you all.


HoneyB - February 8

Hello!!! Kristin, seems like you are very busy these days!!! I hope you are able to get enough rest. Dani, I'm glad my doctor is not fretting about my weight gain! I've gained 38 pounds so far. yikes! Though whenever a parent of one of my students sees me they always say I haven't gained much weight. yay! The scale tells the evil truth, though. But I'm not worried. I eat healthy for the most part, though I do sneak in some icecream and chips once in awhile. But when I eat icecream I make sure that I am eating bananas with it, so at least it's partly healthy! Yesterday I stayed home from school. On Wednesday after school Naren and I went grocery shopping and the whole time I was having slight period-type cramping (not my uterus, lower down). It didn't go away all evening, and in the morning it was still there, so I called in sick. I called my mom first. She said since that is my only symptom and I didn't have any spotting or anything it was probably from over-exertion. She told me to call the doctor later and let him know. So I did and he asked me some questions and told me to rest for the day and if it continued on today to come on in. Luckily by late afternoon it was gone. I was a bit worried, but it was nice having a day just to rest and have an excuse not to even try to do any housework :) So today I am back at school and it's Friday! yippee! After school I am going to someone's house to look at some baby stuff they have for sale - hopefully I'll be able to get a few things at a good price. Is anyone else starting to be a lot warmer than usual? My students are always asking me "Aren't you cold?" because I don't turn off the aircon in the room all the time like I used to. No, I"m not cold, I'm very warm!!! I used to cuddle up underneath the blankets at night, now I sleep with no blankets. I guess it's all that extra blood (not to mention weight :P)


xoxticiaxox - February 8

Oh my Dani, that was ALOT to read lol, I think I ended up reading the same line 4 times, because it all just mushed together lol! Anyways I have not gotten ANY blood tests yet. The first one she said I could do without because its not very important (I dont know why tho) BUT now I have to get one to test my hemoglobin! So she has given me pills to keep me relaxed so I dont have a panic attack, and Im still not got the courage to get it yet, so on Monday my next appointment, I will ask for the freezing creme as well...then I should be able to get it! I WILL do it for my baby though! Im sorry your whole doctor situation is making you feel that way! I know women who have gained like MEGA pounds during pregnancy...Ive gained 27 pounds in 4 months....and I seem to be gaining about 2 a week..so dont feel to bad! I am also hoping for the peace of delivery! I might get a jacuzzi in my room which would be nice lol! First come first serve though, and I called my docotrs, and the receptionist told me that my doctor is not going to be away at that time, and she should be able to deliver my baby, if not, she said I could get another female to be avaiable around my EDD, I would much rather have my doctor though....so I dont know who to believe....the hospital, or my doctors receptionist! Maybe I will get a note from my doctor saying she IS delivering my baby, saving any confusion at the hospital! Wow pregnancy is just one big ball of ha__sles loL! Soooo better be worth it hahaha! Anyways, I hope your baby turns for you bindaas, if not, well hes a stubbour little guy. my mum said when she had my sister, she was just about to get a c section, and then she turned and got to deliver naturally! You just never know! Kristin, I dont think eating salad will change alot...if your going to gain...your going to gain...it will come off later...why suffer more than you havr to lol!


Kristin11 - February 9

Hey Bindas welcome back i remember you. it has been along time, we were still 2nd trimester then. How are you? Update i am due with a little boy on April 16th. Hey honey it is hectic around here these days, between work, getting ready for the baby and ashley getting sick all the time urgh. That and i have been super a___l about house work, it must be nesting. I cant stand the sight of any clutter or mess, i must clean it right away. Shoot i got home last night, swept, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned counters, bathrooms, dusted and then made dinner. I felt like a cleaning demon had taken over my body lol. I was so tired afterwards though. I was asleep by 9. I get up at 5 am evey morning for work though. Honey glad your cramping stopped, i agree with youre mom you probably over worked your self. Becareful and watch it though if you get spotting at the same time call your doctor right away, that is what happened to me at 20 wks when i went in to preterm labor. Thank god someone else is hot, oh my god i walk around sweating and my co-workers have jackets on lol. I call it my pregnancy hot flashes!! lol. I was blaming it on having a boy and the extra testosterone lol, guess that wont work if your having them too lol. Ticia you havent had any blood tests?? this whole pregnancy?? how is that? I feel like i have had so many that i am starting to feel like a lab testing animal lol. Do you really get a jacuzzi? shoot i might have to comeby you to deliver lol. Anyone else feel like the baby is really heavy on thier bladder sometimes lately? Oooo i felt caden foot on the way home from work yesterday he was kicking and i rubbed my belly and he left his little foot poking out so you could clearly feel it. He moved it after i poked it a few times lol. Okay well gotta get ready for work today is my day to go in early because of our friday meetings. Have a great day ladies.


xoxticiaxox - February 9

kristin- I think seeing my doctor knows how I am with needles, she has kind of been easy on me. But this one is pretty important she said...so I guess I do have to get it now! I told my doctor to take as much as she the first time, because if they mess it up, its going to be hard to get me back in there lol! I dont know at all how you have the energy to clean that much...Im almost ready to fall over from just vaccuuming! And dusting..well I cant do that ...wayyy to much effort to bend down so much! I really hope I get the jacuzzi room yes! That way i can simmer the whole time and down there will be strechy....with minimal tearing lol


danimarie - February 9

Hey girls. Bindaas..I must have started coming to this thread shortly after you left....anyway- I am not usually so long-winded. Sorry bout that guys. Kristin & Honey- I have been getting hot lately too! At night I usually LOVE being really warm and all snuggly and under covers...but lately, I barely even want a sheet on me and I only want snuggle time with Chip for about 3 mins then I feel like I am suffocating! LOL! I walk outside in the morning and I am saying what a beautiful day it is and Chip is freezing...lol. Usually I'M the cold one! Ticia- I hope you get the jacuzzi and I hope it is AMAZING for you!! How fun! Kristin- good job on the cleaning! That's basically like doing a full workout! Honey- glad you got to relax and rest and that the cramping went away....take it easy girlie! Nanders..where are you??? I miss you! Kristin- I LOVE feeling the little feet! I hate when she moves it away really fast..I wish she would let me rub it longer...I wonder if it tickles her?! That would be crazy. I want to video my belly moving! I tried to last night, but our camcorder battery was dead and I didn't know where the adapter was....so I plugged it in this morning when Chip showed me where it was and hopefully I'll get some good action shots tonight! Hope your Fridays and weekends are WONDERFUL!


Melissa30 - February 9

Hello Bindaas. My name is Melissa. I am 30 years old and 29 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I am in the exact same boat as you. My little boy is breech also. I just found that out Monday. He is sitting straight down in my pelvis with his feet up against his head. I am hoping he will turn but not counting on it.


nanders - February 9

Wow ladies I miss two days and it takes me forever to catch up!! Kristin I'm glad your are okay after the tornadoes!! I didn't realize they were that bad! My heart goes out to all the families. I too have the baby pushing on my bladder sometimes! I'll be fine and then it beats me up and it kinda burns a little and I have to go like now!!! I'm so glad you and caden are out of the woods and doing so well!!! Dani I missed you to, I was so tired after work the past 2 days I just came home ate dinner and went to bed! I eat a bowl of KAshi Go lean cereal when I get stopped up! I like it with strawberries. Jay calls it colon b__w LOL! But it's really very yummy! That totally sucks you have to retake the 3hr test!!!! I'm sure it will be though, but really c___ppy!And don't worry about writting us abook :P. We don't mind, and you are doing just fine!!! You are always working out and making me feel guilty! And you eat very well! Perhaps it's just water retention that your'e gaining so much! And I know 3 girls who gained over 50lbs with their 1st pg and all of them lost their weight after! And you work out so don't stress about it okay! Just do your best and d__n it girl if you want a few chips or a small ice cream go for it! You deserve it! Just don't eat the whole tub of ice cream! And I read that 1 ounce of dark chocolate releases endorphins and makes you and baby happy, and it's very high in antioxidants..good for the heart! Must be over 70% cocoa though, but hey I'll take ehat I can get!!! So cheer up and be proud of how well you are doing. Perhaps your doc is just a___l! Honey-I can't believe you don't have pap tests!!!! Please start having one every year!!! I know women that have found cervical cancer b/c of pap tests!!!! Please it's not that bad and only takes a few minutes!!! It may save your life, and your little girl needs her mommy a long time!! I'm also having trouble sleeping! It doesn't matter what time I go to bed if I wake up early I can't get back to sleep! On the days I'm home I get up and putter around but never seem to make that mid morn nap! I'm sooo glad the cramping stopped, and try to slow down! I just realized how big I was the other day after running around the store like a crazy person, and we just can't keep doing things the same way we were before! We must allow and make ourselves take it easy! Who wouldv'e thought that would be so hard! Guess we women all want to be super women and do everything! I too have been getting hot and it's freezing here! Usually I'm always cold and bundled up, but lately I jsut need air! this may be gross but it's true! i was at work and I was really busy and I noticed this awful smell! It's was me!! I was mortified! Not only that it was coming from under my b___bs! my bra smeeld so bad! I've started putting deoderant under my bbs in the morning bfore I get dressed! they are just soo big and I've been sweating bad! I hope none of are too grossed out-sorry!!! Melissa I really hope your stomach virus goes away!! Being pg makes being sick so much worse!!Mat - I hope all your tests go well and that wee one turns for you! KAren I like kayla and brianna for girl names!! And I hope things start getting better for you! But your'e right almost done! Bindaas I'm soo happy your'e back!! I hope everything has been going just wonderful for you! And that youre little one turns as well! I can't remember if you knew what you were having? Decided on any name yet?. I can't believe we are almost there, can you?. Ticia try not to worry so much about things you can't control, do your best to understand what is happening and be prepared but try to just enjoy being pg for now!! If you worry too much about the labour that usually only lasts about 12hrs for most first time mums, you are going to miss the time it takes to grow that baby!! And all the wonderful stuff that goes with it!! Tell us where the baby kicks at you, and what kinda stuff you crave!!! I get my b___t kicked at night and in the morning, and the baby seems to kick or punch really fast near my pelvis before it starts rolling around! I luv to watch it and talk to it! I'm thinking of reading to the baby when I'm nervous or worrying too much! And I crave bad stuff, desserts! So I have to be careful! Please just wnjoy this amazing time, and trust that your body is growing that baby it knows what to do even if we don't and it will in labour, the medical staff are just there to help it do it's job!! Things will be oaky, and are you ever lucky getting a shot at a jacuzzi!!! I wish!!! Okay I think I covered everything!


nanders - February 9

Wow sorry that was so long I'll try to check in more often so my replies are not so long! I'm cleaning house today. Might be nesting :P. I shouldn't tell you this but when I took down the living curtains I almost choked b/c of the dust!!!! I couldn't belive how dirty they were! I like to think it was the furnaces from the 70s causing some of the problem, but perhaps I have just been a little lazy to take them down! Jay is off early, so I'm going to get him to help me start washing the walls. We have a big house so I need some help or I'll kill myself trying to get it all clean! I hope everyone is having a great day, and good luck tommorrow dani!!


xoxticiaxox - February 9

okay nanders, I can focus on the good lol! The baby has turned I can tell because I keep getting kicked hihg up and above my belly b___ton! I almost died of excitment last night because I felt the babys foot, like I could touch it and it was sooo cute, it would go from the left top of my belly b___ton, to the right top...it was SOOO exciting...cant wait to kiss those lil feet....after all the mummy juice is gone off of them lol! OMG, I ONLY HAVE 9 MORE WEEKS and 4 DAYS TO GO!!!!! Its so weird, because just a little while ago I was puking and wishing I was here...and now I am! Melissa, I really hope your baby turns...Ive heard stories about breech babies...and its just not fun! I hope you have fun cleaning nanders...although it sounds like no fun at all! lol! I had to clean EVERYTHING today because my babyshower is tomorrow....its been hectic...! What sorts of games did you guys have for your babyshowers? If you have had them yet? I KNEW IT...noone believed me that my baby was kicking me in the b___t at one point...now your my proof!!!! You guys..well girls are alll so great! Im so glad I found this forum...Your all making me a little less nervous about birth, and wayyyy more excited about getting my lil girl! Thanks so much for easing my fears!


Kristin11 - February 10

Good saturday morning ladies. Ticia i am still shocked that your doctor has done blood tests, there are many that are very important, for instance that is how they know that i have a negative blood type and must get a rhogam shot to protect my baby. They test me regularly for rhogam anitbodies too to see if i need a new shot. They also test your health with many of the blood works tests and they test your sugar, and other possible health problems. Hey Dani, i think my cleaning was a work out too, i know my back felt it. I love feeling cdens little toes too!! it was so awesome!! I doubt it tickles but i am sure they can feel us poking back. Nanders, how are you? it is awful for the tornandoes victims, but hopefully the sate will help them. Anyways, caden loves to sit on my bladder. I am think he must be head down because he kicks my ribs most of the time but sometimes he feels like he is doing cartwheels and he is everywhere. I think i am giving birth to a acrobat. Nanders i say blame the dust on the furnace. I agree with you too Ticia you should definetly try to focus on the positive and like nanders said labor is short in the sheme of things and before you know it you will be holding your new baby and all else will be forgotton. Honey i am really surprise that you have never had a pap, i get them yearly, i hope you are doing self b___st exams too. it is scary but a co-worker of mine just died of b___st cancer that she has been battling for years. She was in her thirtys and leaves behind 2 kids a 10 yr old and a 13 year old. It is really scary and make sme super aware that anything could happen at any time. tara i think i maybe nesting. I started cadens nursery and have been making a place for him and i have to have everything perfect in the house or it bothers me. Mike is dirty per say. He trys to stomp his boots before he comes in, bnut i still end up sweeping 12 times aweek between him and ashley. They both know that shoes arent allowed on the carpet either. I have been told that i am just super a___l about house work. if mike left wrappers and trash all over he would have to die!! muahahaha. So what is on everyones agenda today?


Melissa30 - February 10

Kristin you talk about how important all these tests are but when I had my first two babies I was almost 19 and 21. I was working in a grocery store as a cashier and was not eligible to have insurance, therefore I had to get state help. I was on medicaid. The doctor who delivered the babies did not do very many tests on me either. I did not have a 1 hr blood sugar test. The only tests he did on me the entire pregnancy was the urine test every visit to check for protein. They took blood on my first visit and that was it. I did not have anymore blood drawn. This time I have had insurance and I have felt like a pin cushion. I have had so much blood taken I swear my is a vampire. It really makes me wonder if all these tests are really necessary. It is becoming more obvious to me that the state only pays for the absolutely necessary tests but private insurance pays for more. I guess that's one we'll never really know for sure. Honey i am shocked you have never had a pap. I have had them every year since I started my period. I think that is definately something every woman should do. A pap saved my SIL's life. Had it not been for that her cervical cancer would have grown and possibly spread. Because she had her anual pap, the doctor caught it early and removed it. You really should consider visiting your GYN regularly. Boy I don't know how you ladies can figure out what tou are feeling when you feel your stomache. I was feeling to see if I could tell one body part from another and I can't tell. I can feel his head but only because I know exactly where it is, but as far as feet and hands go, I can't tell the difference. Maybe when he gets a little bigger. I just am 29 weeks today. I do know that is I push against his head he pushes back. It's as if he is saying, hey mom that's my head. I don't push on your head, so don't push on mine. He used to be really lazy and didn't move around much but in the last few days he has really become active. Is anyone starting to get anxious to hold yor baby? It just seems as the day gets closer the more excited I get to see him. I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights but I can hardly wait to have a baby in the house again. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been feeling hot lately. I get hot flashes and night sweats as if I am going through menopause already. I thought my body was going crazy. I guess it's those durn pregnancy hormones again. I haven't really started nesting yet but my DH sure has. He has become very a___l about keeping the house clean. I tell you what if it weren't for the fact that I am growing and feeling the baby move, I would swear the he is the one who is pregnant. Well gotta go. We are getting ready to have my daughter's birthday party. Talk to you later.



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