April Baby Need Advice

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little00blondie - April 3

Ok, I asked this on another board but wanted y'alls opinion.... I am 9 months and due any day now! Starting two days ago, I threw up in the morning and got diareah- and since then have felt consistently naseous and miserable, and food tastes awful. I have been getting constant menstral like cramps and backache- and shooting horrible pains in my groin/thighs/back. Also, my "downstairs" area is killing me (baby has already dropped really low) and there is pressure on my tailbone. The problem is, I've had contractions/tightening on and off for the past two days- but nothing consistent. It is so erratic, and frustrating! I need to have her soon, because I'll be too tired from all of this too push! I am feeling so ill! I am going to go for a good walk today (I hope), and Im drinking rasberry leaf tea, and tried nipple stimulation..... anything else you think might help the contractions along? Any advice, in general? Thanks guys- Im on my last rope!


meme - April 3

Coincidentally, I heard my friend's birth story last night that seems similar to this. She was having all those symptoms, went to the hospital because her sister insisted she was in labor, and she wasn't. But a really f-ed up nurse broke her water when she wasn't expecting it. Anyway, my friend feels like she would've known when she was in labor... that a woman has the intuition to know for sure. The catch was that her contractions weren't consistent, even though some were five minutes apart. Good luck with yours. No one is pregnant forever, even if it feels that way right now. :)


Karen_Fletcher - April 3

Hi, s_x can help (i know its a horrible word at the mo for u!! lol) but apparently the orgasm helps and i think there is something in his stuff that helps too.... otherwise very hot food!!! good luck


Jenn2 - April 3

this may sound funny but combine the walking allot and hot food. Eat something spicey/hot and then go on a long walk (more than just 30 min if you can stand it). Both will stimulate your system. Dont overdo the walking if you are feeling bad, but if you can manage....take a bottle of water with you and walk, walk, walk.


luvmyboys - April 3

You may already be in labor. Menstrual cramps and backache sound like contractions to me. If you can't stand the pain, go to the hospital or call your doctor. This is what happened to me with my first and by the time I actually went in, I was 8 cm. So don't wait too long if it keeps up!


little00blondie - April 3

Thanks y'all- that's great advice! Hot food and walking it is... and if it gets worse, I'll definitely do something. Thank you!


sphinxminx - April 3

If you are going to b___st feed and have a manual or electric b___stfeeding machine, try using them.



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