April Baby S Yea We Made It 3 More Months

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Tara B - January 20

Hey ladies aren't we excited we have made it? So How is everyone doing anyone going to are not going to take lamaze classes?? I start Monday night.


danimarie - January 20

yay for us April mommies....here we go..the final stretch!


Amanda janiak - January 20

I am not going to lamaze cla__ses I never have I think it is a waste of money I never went and this is my 5th kid I had them all with no problem or hesitation. I had to deal with my mans crazy ex calling my phone today asking me to talk to him and I said he wasn't available she said He is a hoe never home out cheating on you. I said actually no he is at home with the kids I'm not home.She kept going on and on. I told her that she needs to grow up! How is everyone elses Saturday going?


missycc4 - January 20

35 weeks today. I'm not doing lamaze either. I did with my first and my third. At the time it was free now they want you to pay for it so Im not this time. plus how much could really change. I do have to say that when I went the first time it really help me to understand what was going to happen.


nanders - January 20

hi girls! I posted on the old thread not realizing you were here already! So go read it, :P! Wow 3rd tri already!!! time sure flies!! I posted this but I'm soo glad your'e okay tara!!! I need to learn to slow down too, I just really don't feel any differrent! Just a bigger belly and I get tired much easier! I just vacc_med and I'm soo tired now! It's so frustrating, b/c it takes so long now just to clean the house! Amanda that sucks about that chick, just hang up on her. Jays ex used to call and come over to chat when we out together always saying just friends, blah blah. But she stopped after we got engaged, I guess she realized he wasn't taking her back! He hated it worse than I did, what does your guy say about her behaviour?. Anyway, I hope she leaves you alone! How is your son feeling? Better and at home I hope! Jay is done the sanding in the nursery and is painting the closet doors, trim and priming tommorrow! YAY!! It should be done by next weekend I hope! I made booze free decalf tiramisu for dessert tonight! I invited my pg friend and her dh over to have it with us so I don't eat it all myself!! But now I'm hungry, and I didn't plan for dinner! Take out I think, it's sat and I'm such a good girl all week long! Oh I got my haircut! I now have bangs, and it's just below my shoulders. I'll try to take a pic and post it! I really like it, I always forget how hard long hair can be, and how easy it is short! I think it will be this way for awhile esp when baby comes! Oh the baby has been going crazy lately!!! It just moves all over and really fast! flipping around and tapping at me, its so crazy! I hope it doesn't end up being a hyper hypo!! Anyone else have this?.


mira - January 21

wow, ya'll made it to 3rd trimester already! i cant wait .. im still 26 weeks so i'll see you guys here in 2 weeks :) woohoo .. just wanted to say hi lol. hope youre feeling better tara


Tara B - January 21

Damn I wish I would of asked you ladies first about lamaze. Everyone has been saying OMG you need to take it b/c it will help you during labor, which I am sure it does, but I am sure they have a nurse or someone at the hospital coaching you through. I just spent $75 for 5 cla__ses. Nanders I am glad you are okay from falling up the stairs. So I am taking it you didn't land on your belly at all. Everything is okay now mira thanks for asking. How are you? I am sure you can come and join us over here its only 2 weeks early.


babyonboard16 - January 21

Thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Chelsea, and I'm considering moving over to this forum, because the teen pregnancy one is a little dramatic for me. I'm almost to my 3rd trimester at 26 weeks, quite miserable already:-\


Kristin11 - January 22

Hey ladies 3rd tri woohoo, i guess i am starting on my 2nd week of my third tri now that i am in my 28th week. Wow time is flying. Im glad your okay Tara, that is scary about goign into labor at 28 weeks. I am thankful for making it thisa far after going into labor at 20 weeks. At least now i know if Caden was born early he would have a fighting chance!! Wow nanders you need to be careful too with the falling. I am glad to hear your nursery is coming together, mine is pretty empty yet. Havent doen much to it. Amanda Wow sounds like your guys ex is a nut. Im lucky never had to deal wityh any fruity ex's me and mike have been together since we were in highschool. Well ill talk to you ladies later, must get ready for work!!


Tylersmommy - January 22

Hello all ! Hope you don't mind if I join your thread !! My EDD is the 22nd of April . Would love to be updated as to when you are all due ? Look forward to hearing from you


MAT - January 22

I am 29 weeks pregnant - due April 8th (Easter Sunday)! I am a FTM (First Time Mom) and plan to SAH (Stay at Home). We will be having a daughter. I spent my weekend installing a closet organizer in the nursery and reading about natural childbirth. I am actually getting a bit excited and less nervous about childbirth. All we have left to do in the nursery is to put moldings around the windows and stain them. Then we can actually start putting stuff in there! I can't wait to see the room come together...


Melissa30 - January 22

Welcome Chelsea & Tylersmommy, I'm Melissa. Due April 28, but I am going to have to have a C-section & my doctor said it would be done in my 39th week. We still have to decide on a day. I am 26weeks 2day. 5 days left of my 2nd tri-mester. Yes according to my doctor the 3rd tri starts at the beginning of week 27. Chelsea I am a__suming from your login name you are 16. I agree 100% about the teen pregnancy forum. I read the posts there even though I am 30 and not a teen, I just want to see how other teen girls handle being pregnant, I have a 15 yr old niece thats pregnant and that really makes me so angry at her. I asked her how she planned to support herself and her baby, you know what that little b*tch had to say, she said well I can get a welfare check from the state each month for myself and my daddy can buy the baby what it needs. I hope you are prepared more than she is. Don't get me wrong, I am not judging you or being critsizing and I am really sorry if it sounds like I am b*tching at you because I really am not, I just REALLY NEED TO VENT. Her pregnancy has been the "family secret" so far and noone talks about it. OK I got that out of my system, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I scheduled an appointment to have a 3-D sonogram on Feb 5. will be 28 weeks. I CANNOT wait, I am so excited to see my baby. This will be my 3rd sonogram. My first when I was 8 weeks, my 2nd was a bone scan and I don't even have any pictures from that one. So really this is only my second. Are any of you ladies planning on having one done?


danimarie - January 22

Tara-this is your first right?? I still think it is good that you're doing lamaze...it can't hurt! It will probably help you know what to expect a little bit more! I am taking a "Prep for childbirth" cla__s through the hospital that I am delivering at. Nanders- so exciting on the progress Jay is making on the nursery!!! And oh my..I wish you could make ME some Tiramisu!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I can't wait to see your haircut! Sounds really cute! And I TOTALLY agree- short hair is SO much easier to take care of and I never remember that when my hair is longer. Once I cut it, it is always so nice. Luckily, Chip really hates long hair so he is happy that I have is shoulder length. (I think he is the only guy I know who really really doesn't like long hair at all!!) Mira- I won't be 27 weeks till Thursday...you can totally come over here if you want! We decided it would be fun to all move over from 2nd tri together. Whatever you wanna do! Chelsea...nice to meet you. I can only imagine all the teenage drama! Kristin...my nursery won't be a nursery for a long time. My dad stays with us 2 nights a week right now and he sleeps in that room. We are planning for the baby to sleep in our room for about 4 weeks. So we may not even set the crib up till close to having the baby or right after we have the baby. It's kinda sad, but makes more sense. Tylersmommy- My name is Dani. I am 21-my dh Chip is 24. I am due on April 26th (so I will be 27 weeks this Thursday). We live in Arizona. Nice to have you join! Melissa- at my 19 week ultrasound I had a finding of marginal placenta previa (where the placenta is down lower...closer to the cervix than they would like but not OVER the cervix)..so my next drs visit (at 28 weeks) I am having another u/s just to make sure that everything resolved. For over 90% of women it goes away and doesn't cause any complications. I think Kristin had it earlier on in her pregnancy and it went away right Kristin? I am SO excited to see my little girl one more time before she's here and see how much she has changed! YAY! Alright..time to work. Talk to you guys later!


zach - January 22

This is my first pregnancy and I'm due April 18th. I'm planning on taking prenatal cla__ses (they are free here). Some days I get freaked from little things because this is my first, it's kinda hard to know what to expect.


JustMe - January 22

Hey MAT, im also do on Easter Sunday!! Having alittle boy, first time mom also. How about you, girl or boy? I'm nervous, but more than ready for this to just be over.. lol.. i want to meet him and try to get back into a normal size pants again!!


JustMe - January 22

Glad everyone is doing well girls.. hang in there... we don't have long to go now... were in that final stretch!!!


MAT - January 22

JustMe - I am having a daughter (or so the ultrasound tech told me!). I have had a bunch of ultrasounds because I have GD. I am starting to get excited about giving birth - I plan to go natural and the more I read about it the better I feel! I have 2 "cla__ses" at the hospital this week - one is about choosing a pediatrician and the other is to meet the obs who work at the hospital (in case my doc isn't on call when I go into labor). Can you believe we already need to choose our ped?



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