April Baby S Yea We Made It 3 More Months

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MAT - January 22

JustMe - I am having a daughter (or so the ultrasound tech told me!). I have had a bunch of ultrasounds because I have GD. I am starting to get excited about giving birth - I plan to go natural and the more I read about it the better I feel! I have 2 "cla__ses" at the hospital this week - one is about choosing a pediatrician and the other is to meet the obs who work at the hospital (in case my doc isn't on call when I go into labor). Can you believe we already need to choose our ped?


MAT - January 22

Dani - I finally got some pics posted - here is the link picasaweb.google.com/MRS.MAT04/BellyPics?authkey=DTw0ov9_G7c


nanders - January 22

Hi there! Welcome all the newbies!! I'm 25 and dh jay is 28, this is our first baby and we are due on april 29, I am currently 26wks. But I seem to be measuring two weeks ahead at every doc appt, so I could be early. We don't know what we are having, I really like surprises and I think it will give me one more reason to push. (like I'll need it!) I sometimes think it would be soo much easier to find out, better prepared I think. I think I'm the only one that doesn't know yet. Oh wait Honey did you find out?. I can't remember, so I don't think so! We live in Canada. I don't blame you for wanting to leave the teen pg forum, I can imagine how childish and full of drama it would be! Kudos to you for wanting to be rid of that kind of an att_tude, having a baby is the most serious and life changing thing you will do and even though you are young, you can still be a good mum if you choose to be from this point on. So welcome, the girls here are amazing and have helped me keep my sanity over the past 6 months!!! oh I almost forgot!!!about the dh getting symptoms, my sciatica has started to ease up and is gone at times, but now jay is having problems with his!!! How strange! But he's such a baby about it! I hope everyone is doing well, and feeling good, and having a great day at work! I picked up an extra shift at the gift store this sat b/c jay was working anyway so I'll be out of the house yay! Still working on my kitchen I just keep putting it off! I'm making a grilled maple salmon salad for supper, it's the first time I've eaten fish since getting pg so I hope the smell doesn't do me in! don't worry it's wild salmon I made sure!


Kristin11 - January 22

Welcome to All the Newbies!! Nice toi meet you all!! I hope you enjoy ther thread!! I am a second time mom. I am 28 weeks today and due on April 16th, 2007. I am having a boy, i already have a daughter that just turned 3 last month. MAT that is good that you are getting prepared for child birth. To all the ladies taking lamaze and parenting cla__ses, i personally didnt do them so i dont know how they are, but if they make you feel more comfortable with the birthing experience i say go for it!! I cant believe we are in the 3rd tri now, how time flys. With my daughter time didnt go nearly as quick since i was on bed rest, but this time between raising Ashley and workign full time i barely have time to blink lol. Dani yes i did have marginal previa, but lucky they say it is okay!! Woohoo, i am glad to have made it this far and all the issues i had in the early trimesters have seemed to vanish. Melissa I dont think i will get anymore ultrasounds, but i wish i would, ity is alot of fun to see the baby. I go for my sugar test on wed and they have to test me for the rhogam again. Oh well. Dani it isnt sad about your nursery, the baby wont even notice!! Hey nanders to funny about jay and prego symptoms!! The only one mike seems to be getting is weight gain, i think we are compeating lol. I am so annoyed one of the girls i work with is due in may and she has only gained 5 lbs..........hmm how is it that i have gained voer 25?? lol So not fair. It feels liek she constanly likes to rub it in too............grrr.... or maybe that is just me being jealous, oh well. Hopefully i will lose all the weight this time. Hey anybody heard from trish?? I dont think honey found out the s_x yet.


HoneyB - January 22

Nope, I haven't found out the s_x yet. I still may have a chance, but I'm not counting on the baby cooperating, as it hasn't three times already! I had a busy three day weekend. I spent Saturday resting because my feet were so swollen, but it didn't seem to help. But Saturday night I did some yoga exercises for the ankles/feet and Naren ma__saged them, and Sunday was a lot better. So we went to the mall and I started going around the baby stores. I wrote down items at each store and the prices so I know which shop to go to buy which thing when we do start buying. I've posted on my school electronic Bulletin Board also to see if anyone is selling any baby stuff, so hopefully we can get some things second hand (now I just have to convince Naren that it's okay if our baby has some second hand things!) Sunday afternoon Naren's parents and his sisters and their kids came to the house, so it was chaotic for awhile. I was supposed to go swimming with my niece at the club, but it started raining, so that was a bust. Monday his family was at our house again and I went back to the mall for awhile and continued my "baby browsing". Luckily since I continued my yoga exercises each night my feet have not swollen as badly as last week. We'll see if that keeps up this week. Whoops, my cla__s is coming in. Gotta go!


niccki - January 22

I am taking a one day birthing cla__s atthe hospital ( tour, breathing, what happens in labor, etc.) 9-5! Ahh, but I figured that it was better than going a bunch on night cla__ses. I am also taking a b___st feeding cla__s to see what I am in for!


Tylersmommy - January 23

Hello all ! Mat you sound so organized ! I have bought 14 outfits , a stroller , car seat and a moses crib . I still nedd to get the nursery repainted and get it all organized . I am having a little girl which we are thinking of calling Hannah . Melissa with you having a c-section your baby will be due same time as mine ! I am quite fortunate that my doctor does a u/s ever vissit . I am also booked for a 4D scan on the 2nd of Feb . So I am so excited for that !


danimarie - January 23

Well, we registered for childbirth prep cla__ses and a b___stfeeding cla__s last night. The childbirth prep is 2 nights from 5-9 each night. We could have done an all day cla__s like Niccki, but I didn't want to use my PTO hours for work. They recommend the childbirth cla__s during your 7th month, but they were all booked up until I am 34 weeks! So it will be pushing it, but it will be good cause it should be really fresh in my mind since I will only have to wait a few more weeks (hopefully). Nanders..I wanna see your haircut!!! Let me know when you post pics! I gotta work now...talk to you guys later.


nanders - January 23

hello girls! It's finally nice and warm outside and jay is held up with his back! It's still icy b/c it melts and then freezes so I can't go walking alone!! He promised we could go tonight b/c he's feeling a bit better. I luv taking churchill to the park!!! I took some pics last time I'll try to post soon. I hope everyone is having a great day!! We just got some stuff done at the bank, and even if my mat leave turns out to be very little cash coming in, i can still stay home for the next year!!!! I'm soo happy! It will be tough mind you but I'm willing to go without some things for awhile!!! I was watching oprah today, and it was about working versus staying at home moms! The whole time I'm thinking.....what if you and your spouse don't make the kind of money to give you that option!!!! I'm sure more mums would take more time off if they could. In a perfect world where dh's made enough for staying home an option I really liked how oprah said that as women we can have it all if we choose to, just not all at the same time!!! We can be great mums now, and still have amazing careers later in life. I guess I liked it b/c now I can take the year off, maybe more if we are careful, and still have the career of my dreams when the baby is bigger. What do you ladies think?. Can we have it all?. Rewarding careers and children. Just curious as to what everything thinks, I thought it was an interesting debate. Working versus staying home. Thanks.


danimarie - January 23

Nanders...very interesting topic. I think part of the whole thing is what does the woman WANT?? It is funny, because ever since I was really little I never wanted to be anything but a mom. All through high school while everyone was trying to decide what their college goals were...I never had any! I just wanted to be a mom and stay home and support my husband. Now, I am not opposed to finding work here and there and doing what needs to be done! But I don't have any career goals...LOL. I DO think that for the women that have career goals though, that it is possible to have both at different times. In my opinion, staying home for any amount of time that you can before the child is "school-age" (5-6) is great because they learn so much and you can really bond with them. Once the child is in school it is totally reasonable to work. Anyway- so many people want to debate it as a right vs wrong issue. I don't think it is that type of issue. I think there are DEFINATE benefits to both sides....the one thing that I DO think we need to be careful of as parents is not to get caught up in wanting MORE material items for ourselves and our kids, and in turn trading in quality time to get there. It is very sad to see the families who both the parents HAVE to work (but they are working for a million dollar home, a boat, a vacation home, brand new expensive cars, and being able to buy their kids all of the latest toys, electronics, etc.) and while the kids get to grow up with all the nice things, they never know their parents. I KNOW that is an EXTREME example...and I also know for sure that some families DO have to have both parents working! But I think it is just important to realize what you want your kids to value and then make an effort to raise them that way. It is easy to get off course without even realizing it. ANYWAY....lol....I could probably go on and on about my view and what I think. PLEASE, no one get offended..that was not my point at all! It is simply my way of looking at things and I know different people have different goals too! Mine just happens to be staying home with my kids and supporting my husband in his work..preparing a restful, well managed home for him to come to. Nanders- I am VERY excited for you to have this opportunity to stay home for the first year!


Kristin11 - January 23

Very intersting topic, I personally am one of those moms that have to work. Ashley has been in daycare since she was 2 mths old. She isnt any worse for the wear. I personally cant a afford to stay home and pay our basic bills, mortgage, electric ect. We dont own a million dollar home just a average home. I make about as much a hour as my hubby and we are actually dreading my maternity leave because it is unpaid. In all honestly even if i could stay home with my daughter and my son to be I dont think i would. I love people and the challenge of work and using my mind and i definetly have career goals. That doesnt mean that i dont love my daughter and son to be, just that i wouldnt be able to make a career out of raising them and me being a full time working mom doesnt mean that my child is missing out on anything, the time that we spend together is that much more precious and we treasure it. My daughter has gotten some great advantages freom being in a learning enviroment sucj as her daycare too, she is very socialized and interacts well with other children and is advanced in her learning. In saying all this it doesnt mean i look down on a stay at home mom, if you have the chance to stay at home and that is what you want go ahead. I think thier are advantages to both choices.


nanders - January 23

Thanks dani and kristin for answering my question! It's neat to get opinions from both sides! I don't think one choice is better than the other either, and it has to work for each individual woman and her family. I too plan to go back to work later, maybe even back to school. Dani I have a friend just like you, all she wanted was to be a mom, and she loves it so I'm sure you will to!!!!! Kristin I'm like you, I have career goals of my own, and think the children are just as well off, but only if they have proper care during the day! I hate dayhomes, and c___ppy babysitters!!! But a good daycare/schoo will help expand their little minds! Sometimes I think I might even be a better mom if I have some time away from the home. But like Oprah said I can have it all, just maybe not all at once, maybe once my kids go to school, if I'm lucky enough to stay home that long. I would like to be home with my babies for awhile, but I also wouldn't mind working part time. I know I'm very conflicted on the subject in my personal situation! LOL!!! While jay has a great job he loves, that pays okay...enough for me to be home for awhile, we are not well off by any means!!! And I still worry about paying our bills, and investing for the future! We just got back from a walk, it's still pretty cold out so I'm afraid I need to start walking on my treadmill! I hate it b/c it's so boring! Jay is painting the closet doors for the nursery in the laundry room, listening to his ipod and singing!!! It's so funny and horrible, but cute! Have a great night girls!!!


Jadejewels - January 23

hey, april 13th here..... the last three months are always the longest. I can't stand the wait :(


HoneyB - January 23

I agree that it all has to do with what the woman wants or needs. Some want to work out of the home, or need to financially, and some don't. Personally I would so much rather stay home and take care of my baby myself. I do see the benefit of social interaction and would definitely take my baby to play groups and such. But I do have to work next school year because of financial reasons, until my husband's business has a steady flow of cash that we can depend on. So I guess it'll be my husband and my mother-in-law taking care of my baby during the day next school year. I hope it all works out okay, I worry about it sometimes, but what can one do? At least I'll have 4 months (two for maternity leave and 2 for summer vacation) to enjoy bonding with my baby. I had a dream last night that my baby was 2 days old and I had to go to work and the baby spoke and said "Mine if I have a fill-up before you go?" hahahaha. Dani, I also have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom since I was little and playing with my dolls. Being a teacher is very rewarding, but for me I think being a mom will be even -more- rewarding. And I'll go back to teaching when my children are old enough (hoping to have 4 in all). My prenatal cla__ses are on Saturdays from 2-4 for three weeks. That doesn't seem like very long to me, but oh well. That's the hospital one and I want to make sure to take that one since I'll get to see the delivery rooms and everything. Okay, time to go!


mira - January 24

I've decided to stick around :) Hi everyone. Nanders, we have the same due date - im also April 29th! Cool. To all the ladies that are having c-sections, i just want to ask .. how do you know that you need a c section so far in advance? Isnt it only when the baby doesnt co-operate? Or if youve had a C before? Or are there other reasons? Coz i hadnt really considered it, i had just a__sumed id go natural. On the mother being at home issue, im with you Dani. Ever since i was a little girl, all i wanted was to be a mommy and have a little baby. Id walk around with a balloon up my shirt pretending i was pregnant lol. But when i got to my college years i thought i'd never want to stay home, i'd want to keep going with my career. Now that im actually having a baby, i want nothing more than to be at home with her & do all i can to raise her and make sure shes a happy baby. I cant see myself staying at home forever, but in her baby & toddler years, i want to be here for her.


Kristin11 - January 24

Hey ladies, i see the work vs not work topic is still in debate. I say in the end that it is a personal and finacial choice, and regardless of either situation, there are pro's and con's to each side (i am one of those women that can debate my side till the death lol.). So how is eveyone feeling these days?? Anyone else noticing that there third tri is similar to the first in the fact that you cant stay awake. I swear me and my toddler fall asleep at the same time lol. I know one thing i feel huge these days. I swear in the past month my stomach looks like it has exploded lol..............or maybe i just started noticing it. Anyone notice any strech marks yet? I havent seen any addtional, but i do have some on my hips from ashley. Tara how are you feeling? Nanders how is the nursery? i hope you plan on posting pictures when your done. Honey you are so lucky to get the summer off!! Jadejewels welcome and yes i think the third tri is taking the longest too!! I think it is the anticipation!! I am due 3 days after you, wanna race??? hehehe. Ladies i say we shoudl make predictions on the date and time everyone will go!! That could be fun. We will need a list of all due date though and it might be fun if we listed our birth weight as babys and hubbys birth weight and any previous children so we can also guess the weight and length that we think the baby will be. Ill go first i am due april 16th 2007 with a little boy. My daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early and weighed in at 6lbs 5 ozes and was 21 inches long. I was full term and weighed 6lb 4 ozes and was 18 inches long. my hubby was a week early and weighed 8lbs 14ozes and was 23 inches long. Good luck guessing. Well i have my sugar test today booo..........oh well.



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