April Baby S Yea We Made It 3 More Months

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danimarie - February 6

Yay Nanders and Kristin....I'm so glad your appts went well. And congrats on pa__sing the glucose test the FIRST time! : ) Nanders....I'm glad your furnace is finally done...and I can't wait to see pics of the nursery! How exciting!! Oh man..I agree about the cloth diapers...you ladies who are going for that option have my full respect! Haha..if I had to do THAT much laundry I think I would be a very grumpy mom. And if I had to clean the poop out of them......lol. Im a wimp! Wow Nanders....only 11lbs? That's awesome. I have gained 23lbs as of this morning.....it's weird....late last week I had gained 28lbs....but since Thursday each morning I wake up another lb lighter.....I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself everyday, but I always have.....so I am just gonna wait a little longer and see what happens. I have pretty much COMPLETELY cut all sweets/junk food out of my diet since Thursday and I didn't think it would really change anything but maybe it has....plus...this is a little too much info but I was starting to get "backed-up" last week (only like 2 days....but I usually go everyday) and I have been taking stool softeners to get everything moving well again so maybe that had something to do with it?? Who knows....but I will keep an eye on it and if I keep losing weight I will call the doctor. I have an appt in 2 weeks anyway. And nothing else is wrong at all...she is still fiesty in there! Anyway...just thought it was a little strange. Kristin- that sucks about all the tornados! I'm so glad that they missed you!!! Well, gotta run!


HoneyB - February 6

Hi all! Welcome Ticia and Mellycat! Ticia, this is my first child, too, but at the moment I'm not thinking too much about the birth. Maybe denial? haha. I have a male doctor. I chose him because he came so highly recommended, so far I have not had to have any examinations. I'm trying not to think about that! Actually I think when I come in for the birth I will probably be in such a different "world" that I won't care! That's what I hope anyway. I have never had a pap smear or any other kind of "personal" examination before. yikes! Right now I'm just focusing on how I'm going to take care of my baby once it's born! Mellycat, I know what it's like to be far from your family. I live in Malaysia with my husband, and his family is nearby. But my family is in the US and they've never come to visit. I visit once a year, but this summer I won't be able to travel with our new baby, and noone's coming to visit me :( I will definitely miss them! Luckily we both have fast internet connection and and see eachother over the webcam. Nanders and Kristin, I'm glad you pa__sed your glucose tests! Jeepers, Nanders, 11 pounds! I've gained 38 pounds! Good lord, I have got to stop! Funny thing is, everyone who sees me says "well, at least you haven't gained much weight!" hahaha! Guess my new fat deposits are dense? hahah. Nanders, maybe I am a bit crazy to try the cloth diapers, but I can't help it. It's in my blood. And the new diapers are sooo cute. And I learned you can put a diaper liner in to catch the poo, then there is hardly any cleaning up. That'll make it easier. My first order of diapers will arrive on Friday. I'm so excited. haha - excited over diapers! I have not been able to sleep too well this week. Monday night I was asleep by eight because I was sooo tired and I slept well (except for the four bathroom breaks) until 4:30. I figured I must have gone to bed too early and I got enough sleep, so I got up and read until my alarm went off. So last night I didn't go to sleep until 10 thinking I'm sure I'll sleep til 5:30, but I woke up at 4:20 and couldn't get back to sleep! Darn it! Guess I might as well go to bed earlier so that even if I wake up early, at least I know I got enough sleep! I actually got up this morning at 5:15 and went down and cleaned the kitchen. Seems I have the most energy in the mornings. If I wasn't working I'd probably wake up early, do some work, and then go back to bed for a couple hour nap before lunch. That would be nice! Well, enough sitting here munching on raisins/nuts/m&ms, time to get to work!


Melissa30 - February 7

Boy if I don't log in everyday it seems like I have alot of reading to do to catch up. Yesterday I was so sick. I had some kind of stomach virus that has been going around my house. I thought I would get lucky and it would skip me, no such luck. I had it twice as bad as anyone else. I was concerned about the baby because I was not able to eat anything all day. I drank plenty of fluids, but none of them stayed down. I guess he is all right, he has been moving all over the place today. Monday I had my 3d/4d ultrasound. It was so cool, I can actually tell that he looks alot like my DH. I found out that he is breech. Welcome to the new ladies. My name is Melissa and I am 30. My DH Brandon is 24. I have two kids from a previous marriage. Kelly will be 11 tomorrow and Wesley is 8. Ticia try not to stress yourself out worrying. Trust me when you go into labor, the last thing you are going to worry about is who is down there delivering, it will all be worth it when you hold your baby. As far as the fingering thing goes, yes the Dr. or nurse puts a finger or two inside you to see how far dialated you are. You can not push until you reach 10 cm and the only way to tell is to reach in and feel your cervix. Trust me there is absolutley nothing s_xual to it. I had a v____al delivery the first time around, I had a C-section the second time, and this time it looks like it'll be another C-section. I can answer questions about both if you have any. Honey and MAT, I agree with the rest of the girls, disposable diapers are the only way for me to go. In the long run, they may be more expensive but they are just so much more convient. Kristin, I didn't realize that the tornodoes moved across the state. I just know I heard about the ones in Lady Lake and that they struck in the middle of the night, with like no warning at all. Is your DD feeling better? Well I'll talk to you later.


danimarie - February 7

Guess what....ok...so this is the chain of events with my pregnancy. (1) At 19 weeks had routine ultrasound (2) At 24 weeks go for my 1 hr glucose screening...at this appt I see a different doctor (not my normal one) and she goes over my ultrasound report and sees marginal placenta previa and sets up a follow up ultrasound for 28 weeks-soley on the placenta previa issue. (3) A few days later I get a call that I failed the 1 hr glucose and have to do the 3 hr (4) I took the 3 hr glucose test and pa__s it with totally no problems (5) Went for my 28 week u/s and the placenta previa is totally gone...no problems right?? (6) Well yesterday the drs office called and now I have to repeat the 3 hr glucose test again because the baby already weighs 3lbs...which they found out at the ultrasound....so she's about 2 weeks ahead on weight. UGH!! And on top of it all...I realized that I have NEVER remembered to tell my doctor that Chip was almost 12lbs at birth and his mom always tested negative for GD (his younger sister was 8lbs and his mom was induced a month early!) I wonder if that makes a difference. Anyway....it isn't that bad...I just thought all the extra stuff was finally done with. So I get to spend all of Saturday morning in a waiting room again...getting poked every hour...and being really hungry. But I guess it is better than my other option which was to start monitoring my fasting blood sugar and my levels 2 hrs after eating every single day. But I figured I would do the 3 hr test again first and see what happens. So...thats what's up with me. Alrighty......gotta work...just thought I'd update that bit of news.


MAT - February 7

Ticia - Sorry to hear about your hospital's policies. My hospital is a lot more liberal about guests, etc. It isn't actually too late to switch (you don't sound happy with your care). Are you sure you don't have any other options? Perhaps even a midwife...that way you might be more likely to know the person who delivers.


MAT - February 7

Dani - Sorry to hear about having to retest. I know the 3 hour sucks. It actually isn't that bad testing...don't be too frustrated if you end up having to do the needle sticks. At least you don't have that long left! I hear you about the rollercoaster...I had an appt today. My amniotic fluid was low again. I have to go back Friday to have another ultrasound and a non-stress test (fetal monitoring to check for movement). I want the pregnancy to go full term, but I am really looking forward to being able to see my daughter and see that she is ok!


xoxticiaxox - February 7

Thanks Mat, but I am on a very low budget, and she is the only female doctor around, I live in the boonies...literally...so I have to go to the nearest hospital, and it happens to be a small town hopistal...I guess whatever is best for my child I will have to deal with, but I a__sure you I will NEVER have another child as long as I live! What does it mean when your amniotic fluid is low? Ive never heard of it before is all! I have acctually learned ALOT from everyone on this forum...more than from my own doctor!


mellycat82 - February 8

Hi again... its me again! Well Im expecting a girl on the 2nd April for anyone who has asked. Im heading to the doc today soIm dying to find out how big she has grown.. she seems to be taking over in there!! I can actually feel the rest of my organs squashed into a little ball while miss madam stretches and kicks her heart out! She feels huge! ha ha . Oh and Nanders, yes Im not used to the heat but luckily I dont burn easily so thats always a bonus over here....phew! I'm thinking of calling her either Kayla, Caitlin, Shannon, Erin or Brianna! my head is almost melted at this stage trying to chose one! So a bit about myself.... Im 24, my name is Karen!! I got married in October to my wonderful husband Ray.. he's 25. Not having a great pregnancy to be honest.. feeling very very down. No energy and very uncomfortable... I wont get into the things that I have seemed to have developed in the last few weeks!! I just have to keep thinking its nearly over and its gonna be soooo worth it in the end...


Kristin11 - February 8

Honey thank god someone else has gained alot like me. I have gained about 33 lbs. I felt like i was the only one packign on the lbs. Melissa sorry to hear about your stomach flu that is awful even when you not prego. I am sure your little boy is fine. Yep the tornadoes moved across the state, it was about 3am that all the problems started they were following a nasty lightning storm. it was definetly yucky. Hey Melissa isnt there still time for you baby boy to turn? or is it to late? Im not sire how you ladies get your doctor to give you a estimate of your babys weight, but i asked my doctor on tuesday at my appointment and he says that it is to hard to tell and he figure a average baby of about 7 1/2 lbs. I am measuring perfectly with my due date everytime i go in. I am 30 weeks my tummy measures exactly 30 cm. (feels more like 900 if you ask me lol) Dani that sucks about the new problems i think me and caden are finally out of the woods, my placentia is a a safe height now, i havent had anymore Contractions that they have needed to stop since 20 weeks, And when they sent me to the specialist they said his heartbeat was fine. I hope your 3 hr test goes well!!! I am sure everything will work itself out. Mat how low is your fluid? What can they do about it, if it keeps getting lower? Hopefully it gets better and at least maintains for you~!! xoxticiaxox like honey and Mat said yes there will be a doctor down there but you will be so wrapped up in the labor that you wont be thinking anythign about it being s_xual. Trust me when i had my daughter that was the last thing on my mind. Melly i feel like my organs are crushed to and after eating i am soi uncomfortable. I am ready for the 40 weeks to ber up. Well later ladies!!


Melissa30 - February 8

Dani sorry to hear about you having to redo the 3 hr test. I know that is not any fun. You said your baby was over 3 LBS already, well you are due 2 days before me. When I went for my 3D/4D ultrasound Monday, the sonographer who did it estimated my son weighed 2LBS 5OZ and she estimated he would weigh between 6 to 7 LBS at birth. Your baby is not that much bigger than mine. I don't think you will have a 12LB baby. Surely a few ounces can't make that much of a difference. Kristin yes there is still time for my baby to turn and I go back to my Dr. on Feb 23 for another ultrasound. Unfortunately from the position he's in, it's unlikely that he will turn. He is sitting down in my pelvis. He is in the Frank Breech postion. His b___t is down and his feet are against his head. He would have to maneuver around my pelvis bones. I guess there is always hope though. I am not sure how they estimated his weight either. All I know is the sonographer measured his head, chest and leg bones, then the ultrasound machine calculated his approx. weight. Karen welcome to the forum. Did you say if this is your first baby? I love the name Caitlin for a little girl. That was one of the names we wanted for a girl. We only had one name picked out for a boy, and we decided on that name the day we found out I was pregnant. For a girl we could not agree on a name. Thankfully the job was made easier because we are having a boy. We are naming him Jacob Michael, we are going to call him Jake. Ticia I to have learned alot from this Forum. Sometimes I think it is easier to get answers from women going through the same thing than from a Dr. who has no idea of the emotional and physical aspects of being pregnant, especially male Drs. I am sorry you are having such a hard time dealing with the thought of childbirth and I understand completely. I had my first child when I was 18 also and I felt much of the same anxiety you talk about, but 18 is awful young to decide that you are NEVER going to have another baby. Go through the birth experience, wait a year or two before you make an absolute final decision. I'm sure you have heard it before, but once it's over you pretty much forget the pain and anxiety you feel right now. Please don't let yourself stress so much over it. Keep in mind that we are here for you if you need to talk, you don't have to go through this alone. We all understand and are here for you. Good luck.


xoxticiaxox - February 8

I really love this forum, it is so great! I really hope your baby turns for you, and I wish they would tell me how much my baby weights...I think it maybe alot, because Ive gained 27 pounds(that I know of) from my 3rd months appointment to now...and I dont see where it has gone other than my tummy! Kristin it sucks about the tornadoes....much rather have snow anyday lol! Danim what is the three hour test for? Does everyone need one, because my doctor has said nothing to me about it! Im sorry I cant remember all of your names yet! But I want to say thank you to ALL of you who have been very reasuring...it has helped alot to know you all felt about the same as me! I have to say Im getting a bit excited again, and less nervous!


danimarie - February 8

Hey girls...Im gonna start a new thread! Don't get lost...come on over : ) This one is getting LONG!


danimarie - February 8

P.S.- I labeled it April Babies- Happy Valentines Month : )



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