April Mamas Dialation And Effacement

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ry - March 15

Hey, just wondering for you April moms that have had internals are you dilated yet? i am 36 wks and 5 days and 50% effaced, cervix is very soft and baby is low (dont know what station), but am not dilated at all. (i think i am having c section anyways so it doesnt matter much) But wondering where you all are......


val - March 15

I haven't been checked since last wednesday, but as of then I was 34 wks 4 days, and not dilated or effaced at all, I was still hard, closed and far back! Not very encouraging. I go back to the dr. the 21, hopefully I will have made some progress by then...I'll be 36 wks 3 days by then.


Heather F - March 15

I go for my first internal tomorrow - I am due april 11 - so I will let you guiys kn ow tomorrow - I am praying I am dialated!!!


Mary - March 15

I am 37 weeks today and as of yesterday I am 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. I hope I go into labor today.


Samantha - March 15

I was 37 weeks yesterday and I am 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced but baby is still high. I am due April 4 and I go back to the doctor tomorrow, hope to be further dialated.


dawn - March 15

I am 37 wks and went to doc today. He said I am starting to open but only by a fingertip and he see me in a week. I dont remember when I started to open with my daughter but she was born on her due date


to April moms - March 15

Not to be discouraging, just to be realistic so you don't harbor false hope: Dialation, effacement, and station of baby have almost nothing to do with when you'll go into labor.


Amy - March 15

Hello. I am 34 weeks and due april 29th. I will have my first internal on my next appointment which is the 24th. Now, I have been on some false alarms and have been checked the past couple weeks. I have lost my mucous plug at about 30 weeks, and know that my cervix is soft and doc said that she could fit her finger inside half way. I really do not know what that means lol. Hopefully I will be able to tell more after my next appointment. Also to mention, I have had alot more bh contractions, stronger and also alot more pressure down there lol. Don't really know if that means anything but of course, you never can tell lol. I have been told it could be anytime now but also could be weeks away. So, I am trying to keep my eye open here lol. Best of luck to everyone else! We are almost there ladies:)


Mandi_Lin - March 16

I am due April 29th too! I went into preterm Labor on March 01st, they gave me shots to stop my contractions and a shot to help the babys lungs. I am 3 Cm dilated and have already lost my plug.


janelle - March 16

you girls are lucky my doctor does not even care if her patients are dilated until at least 40 weeks unless they are having a lot of discomfort.Her reasoning is babies come when they come and knowing is not going to make them come any faster I guess she has a point. You could be dilated for weeks and if that baby is not ready well all you do is wait. She did say if I really wanted an internal she would do it.


cteel - March 16

When do drs usually do the 1st internal? I am due May 3rd w/ our first.


Heather F - March 16

I am due on April 11th and had my first internal today - I am 1.5 centimeters dialated and 25% effaced, and the doctor says the baby is about 6 lbs.....I am praying this means I give birth sooner then later!


Joanne - March 17

Do you HAVE to get an internal exam? I am 35 weeks and have my first one scheduled for Tuesday.


sarah14300 - March 17

well i am 35 weeks and i am due on april 24 i have been dialated 1-2 cm and 50% effaced and they said the baby is -2 station and i have been this way for about 2 weeks..i have some health problems and i have a sceduled induction for april 10 or 11 will know the for sure date on my next appointment which is the 22


Heather F - March 17

anyone know what the stations stand for? My baby is in station 3 - beats me what that means though!


Mary - March 17

The stations mean how far your baby is in your pelvis. -4 means they are still floating. 0 means they are fully engaged and +4 means they are crowning. I'm currently at a -2 so I'm almost fully engaged.


Rabbits07 - March 17

I will be 36 wks tomorrow and am already dilated 2 cm...have been since 34 1/2 wks. my doc put me on bedrest as he said that was too early to be dilating, but I have noticed some other posts (like sarah14300) who have been dilated early like that and dr. not concerned..maybe it just depends on the doc? Anyway..with my last baby I was only dilated to 1 cm at my appt. the day before I had him and only had a 6 hour labor! I had regular, but not really hard, cx for 2 hrs at home, went to hospital where I was dilated to 3 cm, 2 hrs later I was 6 and 2 hrs after that I gave birth. It was great! When the dr. said I was only 1 cm at the doctor the day before I was so disappointed thinking...I'll be pregnant forever. But that just goes to show you just never know. You can go from practically nothing to something significant in such a little amount of time. none of my other births were that fast.



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