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Kel - February 20

Just wondering if there are any April Moms out there. Seems like this post gets started and doesn't stay around very long thereafter. How is everyone feeling. I'm 34 weeks, due Apirl 2. We're having a girl, our first. I start going to the doctor weekly this week. Not sure if I will get an internal, but wouldn't mind to see if anything is happening down there. I'm ready when she is :-), well maybe another two weeks. I have lots of clothes to wash. Is everyone else ready for their little one?


ry - February 20

Hi Kel! I am due April 8th. I so do not feel ready! We just got the nursery set up and my showers are this Sunday and next. I hope once everything is set up I will feel more ready! This is my first and I still cant believe that in a few short weeks I am going to be a Mom! Feeling lousy lately though. Tired and headaches. How are you feeling?


a bird - February 20

Hi Kel. I'm 31 & 1/2 weeks, due April 21st. I wonder if he's dropping into my pelvis, slowly but surely... because I'm not getting nearly as much heartburn now as I did in the past few months. We'll start going to the doc every week at week 36, which is when I start getting internals (not looking forward to that! The doc better not sweep my membranes without my permission!) I'm ready for this to be over too... mostly because I can't wait to meet my son! He's our first baby. :)


a bird - February 20

Just wanted to add that we have tons of clothes, blankets, baby amenities, but no car seat yet. That's coming in a month though, & THEN we'll be ready.


Kel - February 20

I'm feeling OK. I must say I am soo tired and its hard to do anything these days. Just doing laundry makes me tired from going up and down the stairs!! We are close to ready, the nursery is ready to go. Its' been ready since December! I think that is only cause the place that delivered it also put everything together for us, otherwise it would probably still be in the room in boxes, ha ha!! I had one big shower at the end of January and then another one at work in early Feb. We pretty much got everything we needed. I'm sure there are a couple of last minutes things we'll need, but I have tons of gift cards left. I started washing clothes yesterday and only got through the blankets and sheets. I guess its a start, huh? We have everything put together and ready to go that she'll need right away. We put off the exersaucer and high chair and things like that until she is old enough to use them. No sense in them collecting dust around the house this early. I start going to the doctor every week this week. I was there last week and I almost died when he said see you next week. I can't believe its almost the end!


lil mumma - February 20

Hi Kel! I'm 31.5 weeks - due April 22nd but have a feeling (or hoping) that my little man will come earlier. Not entirely ready for him yet - only set up the ba__sinette on the weekend and just starting to wash clothes this week - I didn't realise I'd bought and put away so much! We're converting the study into a nursery and still have to get rid of the desks and go through books etc - hopefully we'll get onto that very soon. We have our first antenatal cla__s tonight (this is my 3rd and DH 1st bub) and I'm starting to get a little scared of pushing another human being out of my body again! Had a pretty good pregnancy up until about 2 weeks ago - now have the most excruciating back/hip pain and heartburn ;o( Some days I have so much energy that I'll be cleaning windows, others I get pooped just watching tv. Only have 9 shifts left of work, so very much looking forward to leaving for some RnR. We're going in to have some 'tasteful' semi-nude black and white pics done of the 2 of us and my big tum soon for a keepsake - is anyone thinking of doing this? Hope everyones keeping well - not much longer for us all. Good luck!!!


Karen - February 20

Hi ladies...I'm entering my 33rd week and am due April 16th, although the last u/s at 21 weeks said April 13th. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks so am wondering if I will be induced following my 37th week. My midwife says it all depends on how well I monitor my sugars and keep baby's growth proportionate to the number of weeks pregnant. Although I hope to go earlier rather than later, I really hope little one's lungs are developed enough if it does happen. This is our first and we still don't know what we are having so we've gone neutral on everything - although the nursery has remained its cheerful blue color with some accents that are unis_x...theme is turtles and other cute jungle animals. Hubby is presently piecing together the change table and dresser (we just had new rug put in the room) and we'll see if he gets to the crib...those items take a while to a__semble! If I had to do it - the kid likely would be entering college before I got even the ends together! Feeling tired but okay. Wondering when more aches and pains will begin. I noticed last night that my uterus felt irritated when I would turn over - like as if baby was annoyed that I had disturbed him/her. I haven't started to wash the clothes yet because I am waiting for the furniture to be a__sembled so I have somewhere to put it all! And I haven't yet packed a bag yet for hospital. We'll labour at home for as long as we can - well that's the plan! Well gotta go eat...ymmmm...


Emmakirst - February 21

I agree, seems like the April messages don't hang around long, the March and May ones do. LOL. Anyway, I am just 33 wks, counting down the days now, just so anxious to have little miss with us. This is my 4th. Still battling with morning sickness too. We have some sleepers ready and washed, and the crib set up. And a car seat but that's it for now. I'm still only going to dr. every 2 wks. Well take care.


KLC - February 21

Hi girls...I am due April 8 with our fourth and final!!! Our youngest is four and I am so amazed at how much has changed since my last pregnancy!!! So many new tests and baby products, WOW!!! Anyway I had preterm labor at 28 weeks and am now 33 weeks, so I go to the Dr weekly and get the lovely internal exam each week as well. Last week he told me that the baby's lungs should be in good shape since I had the steroid shots while in the hospital with preterm, so if I go into labor now they won't try to stop me they'll just let him come. I feel changes in my own body and I don't think it will be long so last weekend DH and I went and bought everything but the highchair and walker since we don't need then yet. We spent all day Sunday finishing the nursery and even put his carseat in the van!!! It starting to seem so real!! I did SOOOOO many loads of laundry, didn't realize how much we really had picked up. I payed for all the work yesterday though with the worst sciatica ever, I couldn't even walk. Well good luck ladies and healthy babies to all.


Nicole - February 21

Hello, I am 32 weeks, due April 17th. This will be our first baby and we can't wait to meet our little guy. I still have to clean the carpet in the nursury, (I'll be doing that today) and then we'll be ready to pick up the crib and dresser by the weekend! It's so exciting, I can't wait to see the room come together. I also am waiting to start the laundry until we pick up the dresser so I can put it away as I do it. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, I just went from seeing him every 4 weeks to 3 weeks so I'm curious as to if he'll make my next appointment for 3 weeks or 2 from today. My energy is starting to ebb away, I just don't have the endurance I used to. I'm so tired I can't wait to finish up at work. 5 more weeks including this one! I'm taking a couple of weeks off beforehand, but being as I'm from Canada, it won't hurt, I'll still have almost a whole year off after the baby arrives. Keep in touch ladies, it's nice to hear from other women who are at the same stage in this journey as I am! Best of luck to you all!


Kel - February 21

KLC - I have to agree with you. I started doing some wash on Sunday (4 loads of just blankets and sheets) and then I was putting away some little stuff, etc. Then yesterday I was in so much pain I thought I was going to die.. I don't know if it was from all the moving around I did on Sunday or what, buy man by the end of the day yesterday my back was killing me. I'm sure its just a sign of things to come in these last weeks. I can't wait to be off work, but I won't do it until I have to.


JP - February 21

Hi- I am due April 1. I am so excited. I can't wait to this persons little face and kiss it's elbows that have been jabbing me to the point of soreness. My last bi-weekly appointment will be March 6th (first internal) and then I am in once a week. I have a feeling this one is coming before April though. Just a feeling. The baby is in the 57th percentile in weight so I am hoping it stays under seven and I get to see it in 4 weeks time instead of 7.


Christine - February 21

Hi Everyone! I'm 32 and a halfish weeks, due April 13. Second child, who is a boy, and my daughter will turn 10 a week before he's due to arrive. We haven't been able to do anything with the nursery yet as it is currently my daughters room. We are gutting the bas____nt and building her a new room there, so baby will be sleeping in our room for a month or so. We have pretty much everything we need, except safetly gates and a monitor. I've got the occasional headache, lots of swelling inn my feet, but other than that, i feel pretty good. Tired more again, but not as tired as in the first trimester! I saw my Dr yesterday and now will go every 2 weeks.


Kel - February 21

Has everyone started swelling? I don't have much yet, which I'm sure is good. My shoes feel a little tight and so are my rings, but I can still wear everything. Except of course for my cute pointy toed boots :-). I've started weekly appointments already. I have a feeling that my little one will come early as well. I know she is head down but that is about it. Not sure if I will get an internal this week or not. I wish he would do an ultrasound so I knew how much she weighed.


JP - February 21

Headaches I am very familar with. I get a lot them as well. They come and go. I have been swollen for about 2 weeks now. I can't wear my rings anymore and I wear backless shoes which make my life much easier (clogs or mules). I have a lot of nasal congestion too. It comes and goes and makes me crazy. Funny- the nursery is done (except for the furniture which is on order). I am having some people stay with me, but even though I have this empty room which is the nursery I refuse to let anyone sleep in it. It's all for my baby. I know it's crazy, because the baby isn't even here yet and I can easily throw an airmattess in there, but I feel like it's my baby's room and I don't want anyone else in there until he or she gets here. It's probably pregancy hormones.


QTinGA - February 21

Hi all! I'm due 10 April and we are expecting another baby boy. I have a 4 year old boy now. We are all excited but I still have to wash and get the nursery together. I plan on doing that over the next 2 weeks. I'm still working full time so it's hard. I'm also struggling with the thought of flying so close to my due date. My grandmother is expected to pa__s away any day now and I just can't imagine not being there. Do any of you know of people who have traveled at 34 - 36 weeks pregnant? Q


Kel - February 21

Q - I don't know of anyone personally who has traveled during this time, but I think some airlines may require you to have a doctors note with you. You may want to check with your doctor to be sure you can travel and then with the airline you plan to fly on to make sure they don't have any restrictions. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother.



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