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Audi - February 4

I haven't seen any April moms posts in a while-just wondering if anyone wants to chat?I am due April 5th-can't wait!!It feels like it is getting really close,but yet so far away.Is everyone else ready?I am not even close yet and it is driving me crazy!My little boy (my 1st)is going to share a room with my boyfriends 3 1/2 y/o son and I just don't know what to do with all of his stuff!I know that I still have time but I am scared that I will go into labor early and I won't have anything ready.Another questiion-how muh weight have you april moms gained?I have gained almost 25 lbs so far and my doc said this is on the heavier side and I should be careful.This has me a bit concerned.everyone keeps telling me its all baby but I know my butt has grown and I just feel big.Anyways -hopefully I will get some reponses-it would be nice to talk to some other ladies that are at the same point inthis as me!thanx!!


Kel - February 4

I am due April 2 and CAN'T wait to see this baby. I'm pretty much ready, I just have to wash all those clothes...ugh. There are so many, but I'm sure I can get a lot in one load since they are soo tiny! I had my shower last weekend and have one at work next week, so I think I will do the washing after that. I've gained about 32 pounds (yikes!) but doctor hasn't said a word about it. But mine is all stomach too, so my back is killing me. I look like a huge basketball!


audi - February 4

Hey Kel-do you know what you are having?Do you have a name?I am having a boy and my bf and I can't decide on a name.It seems like such a big decision!my shower isn't till feb26-i can't wait to see all that cute little baby stuff!!I am so excited about meeting this little guy!Im totally with you on the back thing.it kills.my bf does physical labor for work so he is always too tired to ma__sage it for me.my mom took me to get a prenatal ma__sage a few weeks ago-it was awesome!oh yeah-i also resemble a huge basketball!!


Robin - February 4

Hi girls! I am due April 19th with my 1st...it's a girl, we are going to name her Marley Kristine. I have gained 25 lbs. and my doctor told me my weight is right on track. I am not retaining any water weight, I just have a big basketball just like you Kel! When I say I am due April 19th it feels like forever away, but when I think about it...it is really only about 10 weeks away! My shower is next week and I am pretty excited!


Janelle - February 4

I am due April 5th as well. I have the nursery all finished now I am just waiting it seems like forever I can not wait this is my first.I have gained 19 pds so far doctor says everything is good. We are having a girl and have decided on a few names so far. I am not having my shower until after the baby is born so I can introduce her to all my family and friends.


Drew - February 4

Hey ladies! I'm due April 18th and I soooo can't wait!! It's kinda gone by fast though.....I got my bfp in the summer (obviously), then dd went back to school, there was a wedding in the family, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now all this getting ready has just made the time fly by! I was so worried it would snail along.....got my bfp at 4weeks, and 40 weeks seemed like forever! My little turd is just way too busy in there to show us what he/she is. There was just way too much movement to get a good gender shot, so we get a surprise. :) I've only got a few newborn outfits (I'm saving all my baby clothes shopping for after) but all my receiving blankets and stuff has been washed and put away. I just did it last week, I had ptl starting at 24 weeks, so I'm trying to get everything ready as soon as possible just in case I have an early bird. That being said, with my luck, I'll probably be way over-due now! lol


Mary - February 4

I'm also due on April 5th. I love the due date b/c you can just tell people you are due on 4 5 6. We are having a girl and naming her Piper Rayne. I've gained about 25 lbs now but its all belly and some went to my b___t. I have 2 showers this month, one on the 18th and the other is a surprise. My 21st birthday is on the 11th so thats something else to look forward to. Lots of appointments so hopefully all that will make the time fly by. My little girl makes it so easy to do my fetal counts because every morning I wake up she wakes up with the hiccups. I love it so much and I can't wait to meet her. Only 2 more months!!!


ssmith - February 4

Hi! I am due mid April, around Easter. I don't know what I am having...my hubby & I decided to leave it as the biggest surprise ever! I am happy with the decision, but the suspense is driving me nuts!! So far, I am all tummy. Some people say that means boy, others say that means girl...so we'll see. I am getting really anxious for April to get here, it cannot come fast enough! Is there anyone out there who is NOT taking prenatal cla__ses? My mother is trying to get me to go, but I don't really see the need...I am feeling pretty confident about my knowledge level. Any advice??


Drew - February 4

ssmith, I took prenatal cla__ses before my daughter was born, and truthfully, I really didn't learn too much that I hadn't already read somewhere else. I think as long as you read up on the stages of labor, and have an idea of what you would like to do as far as pain management goes you should be ok. :)


ssmith - February 4

Thanks Drew....I think so too!!


H - February 4

I am due April 19th, I must have gained about 25lbs maybe a bit more. I don't feel fat, although my b___t is bigger but i think i gained about 7 lbs in my b___sts alone. I went from D cup to DD or E. :) We are having a baby boy, very excited.


audi - February 4

just curious -have any of you guys started having contractions yet?And how many of you are planning a natural childbirth experience?I am pretty sure I will end up getting the epi-I am really scared about the pain!!


ssmith - February 4

I'd like to try going natural. I don't like the idea of any drugs of medications getting to the baby. I've heard that it can make them dopey and affect b___stfeeding right after delivery. I really dont know what to expect when in labor, but I'd really like to try drug-free....


lil mumma - February 4

hey there. We're due April 22nd and it feels like I've been pregnant forever. I'm starting now to wish it was just all over, but then again I want to hold on to him cause they just grow up so d__n fast! I've put on about 11kilos so far (most of it in my b___sts, went from C to DD cup) and just lately I've been getting alot of pain in the top front of my tummy just from lugging him around. We've only just got into the study to make it into a nursery and I want to get it done ASAP so I can rest, cause I feel I'm going to go early with this one. As for names, DH mentiones last night that we really should have a name picked out and settled on by the end of the month. I want Flynn but he's stuck on either Jasper or Gabriel...think I might have to dig my heels in on that one! People have given us so much baby stuff and we're having a baby shower on March 4th, so I'll probably start washing etc after that. As for prenatal cla__ses, this is my DH 1st and my third baby so I know what to expect (I'm a nurse as well) but he has no idea - and to make things worse he's not going to be able to attend all the cla__ses causes he has to go interstate for his brothers wedding in March. I've had to organise a back-up birthing partner just in case! Good luck to everybody....we haven't got much longer to go! :o)


kris - February 5

Hi everyone..I'm due April 30th with my third..I know what all of you mean, I'm ready..But with my last one very I was unconfortable and complained enough my doctor induced me. The ultra sound look like I was have at least a 71/2 pound baby..BOY were they wrong Lilly came out 5 12 with a gestational age at 36 weeks. SHE was way too early.. Everything is fine and she is very healthy but with this one i will be patient and let things happen naturally. We're having another BOY! Very excited..


Honey Bee - February 5

Im due april 14 and I feel good only thing i would complain about it my back. Ive gained 21 pounds my doc has said nothing about it but my nurse has been quite b___hy about it. Im 30 weeks and that is not bad so what ever. Im having my shower march 5th and cant wait.


Emmakirst - February 5

Hello there. I am due April 10, and so ready to have this baby. I have 3 other children. I have gained about 21 lbs so far. I have belly pics and pics of the kids up, on http://emmakirstensjournal.blogspot.com Take care.



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