Are Epidurals Really That Easy To Get

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San_dee - June 12

Just wondering if its really that easy for some poeple to get an epidural? I was in labour for 22 hours with DS, i literally screamed for the last 8 hours, my voice was gone the next day and ihad a really sore throat. I have been watching some program on TV, think its called maternity ward or something, and these woman were like ooh its starting to hurt, and they didnt look like they were even breaking a sweat, next thing they are getting an epidural!! nothing against them just jealous that i couldnt have one. Im from new zealand and out of everybody i knew i only know of one person that got one and thats because she had a c-section. i then promised myself that i was going to avoid pregnancy like the plague but succ_mbed to wanting another baby, now only 16 wks im having dreams where im reliving the birth of my DS and quite frankly it scared the S**t out of me!!! sorry for the long post


Been There - June 12

In the US, you can have them. Were you not able to request one in New Zealand?


San_dee - June 12

ha ha yeah, i did ask, no i demanded, but the anethatist was in surgery for a childs broken arms, but he would have said no anyways. they gave me gas which made me really dehidrated and gave me the spins which made me vomit, and then pethadine which was good, didnt take the pain away but made me relax between contractions as i was getting all worked up about the next one coming. I now finally understand why my mum only had one child. LOL. She thinks i did better than her, i couldnt scream any lounder if i tried. But everyone keeps telling me the second time is easier so heres hoping :)


Angela - June 13

I would seriously consider moving to a more civilized part of the world where you actually have options. I can't believe they dictate your pain relief!!! I know this isn't very nice, but someone should kick one of the doctors where it counts and tell them that no pain relief is available - they will just have to get through it naturally. Come to the USA!!!


San_dee - June 13

i think maybe in the more major cities of new zealand like auckland or wellington probably have the facilities, but thats ok, this is the last time for us the poor hubby with be getting the 'snip'



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