Are Labors Like Our Mother S

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DB - January 25

At my last appointment my doctor was asking me if I knew how my mother's labors were (since I may have to be induced). Since my mom died when I was younger I had no idea. I asked my dad and surpisingly he remembered details!! Both my older sister and I were induced and labor lasted 6-8 hours and my brother, (youngest) was breech so he was a c-section. So, I'm curious if anyone else's doctors asked them this, or if you've had a baby was your labor similar to your mom's??? Thanks in advance!


sahmof3 - January 25

My mom had 4 natural labors... not induced, no epidural or pain meds. I went to 41 weeks, 6 days and had to be induced, needed an epidural and eventually had an emergency c-section. (My next two were scheduled c-sections)... so we were pretty much polar opposites!


mamagoose - January 25

My doctor did ask about my mother's labours, and she said she believes it can be an indication of how things might go for me (which isn't too thrilling for me, since she was induced at 42 weeks for all 3 of us. Boo!) I hope I start a new trend!


danimarie - January 26

I haven't had my baby yet...but a good friend of mine did. Her mom had EASY FAST deliveries....She almost had her first baby in an elevator..and she had another one of her babies while her husband was parking the car at the hospital. She never felt any of her labor until she was fully dilated and ready to my friend was hoping that she'd be like her mom. Unfortunately, she was in labor for about 16 hours total (not at the hospital for the first few hours though) She had to push for about 4 hours (but the baby had the cord around his neck that was why he wasn't coming out). So who know, she obviously felt her labor...but she probably would have delivered much faster when it got to the pushing if he didn't have the cord problem.


Danielle26 - January 26

My mother and my sister both had extremely fast labors. My first was induced, so I'm not sure how this one will go (I'm on my 2nd). If my Dr. lets me go naturally I'm afraid of a very fast labor. I was just told on Weds. that I'll be induced at 39 weeks (I'm 36 w 3 d now), so hopefully I won't go before then. I loved my last labor experience, and I'm hoping for another well planned delivery. Good luck ladies!


Justine1 - January 27

Mine were not that similar. Mum had three natural labours, the first 2 days early and the other two 10 days late. I was 3 weeks early with my first and induced as waters broke and 1 week early with my second which was a natural labour. Mums babies only went up a bit in weight between 1st and 2nd baby whereas mine went up 50% from 5lbs5oz to 8lbs. I better stop at 2 if they go up 50% each time!


ConnorsMommy - January 27

my doctor never asked me that... but when I had my first son, it was NOTHING like my mom's... My mom went in 2 weeks early, I was nearly a week over due. My mom's water broke naturally, mine had to be broken. My mom had me naturally (no pain meds what-so-ever), I was dying for an epidural and got one.. lol...However, my mom was in labor for 18 hours and I was in labor for 12. =)


DB - January 28

So, it seems they can be way different!! Looks like I'm getting induced on Tuesday-Just like MOM!!! Hopefully my induction will be as speedy as hers.


Sonrisa - January 28

I was asked how much i weighed and how much my mother weighed and the nurse practioner wrote it down since both mom and i were over 8lbs.


Kristin11 - January 29

My doctor never asked about my mothers labors. My mom had 3 kids first was 49 hours of labor and then ended in a emergency c-section, due to cord beign around her neck. So both me and my brother were scheduled c-sections after that, they didnt do vbac back then. With my daughter i went into labot at 36 1/2 weeks. My water broke and i was 4 cm dialated by the time i got to the hospital, but i wasnt dialating fast enough so they gave me potosin. I was in labor for a total of 12 hours, including pushing (this is at the hospital). My daughter was born happy and healthy at 36 1/2 weeks, she weighed in at 6lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long. So my labor was nothing like my mothers, i hope this one goes as smoothly.


babyonboard16 - January 29

Comforting to know that people dont always follow after their moms my mom had 24 hours of labor pushed for 2 hours then had to have a c-section because i was in distress, my doctor asked about my mom as well.



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