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Brooke235 - December 5

i have been told there are symptoms to look for right before you are ready to have your baby. is this true and if so what are they? i am 36 weeks and was just wondering what , if anything, i needed to be looking for besides the obvious


margie - December 5

well, there are a number of them that i have heard...but i can tell you some symptoms im having, technically i'm considered in my 37th week but ive known all along that im further than anyways...i started having cramping this weekend like a period, the doctor then said on monday i was dialated to 2-3cm and my cervix was very soft...cramping continues and usually in the mornings...this morning woke up with very bad cramping and this time it was pain in my lower back as well...i went to the bathroom #2 several times and it was very crampy like diahrea but wasnt, just loose stools...and then my mucous plug came out, it was very thick and quite a lot of it, this is gross but it was like really thick snot...also you can have some blood in it called the bloody show but i havent had that yet...i also seem to have a lot more energy than usual today, yesterday i was very spacey and out of it like i felt high or im not 100% that im going to be in labor today or anything but i can tell you that these are all signs that im getting closer, the most obvious signs that you are in labor though are abdominal and/or lower back cramping and your water may break (this doesnt always happen until your in active labor though so dont wait for that to happen necessarily) hope this helps!


margie - December 5

oh let me add that the cramping usually is a pattern of several minutes apart, and they will get closer together and more painful if it is true labor...false labor is i guess like what i had this morning where it wasnt a regular pattern and eventually died down, which is why i waited to go to the hospital so i wouldnt be sent home


tish212 - December 5

margie..the other night I was contracting and it was time to go so I looked up signs of labor and they say loose bowels is a definate sign its ur body cleaning out and preparing for birth...I hope ur going soon! I'm sure ur feeling ready



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