Are These Aches Quot Normal Quot

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jenice - November 19

I'm 26 weeks, and had just started feeling comfortable with pregnancy. (Morning sickness and all of the changes to my body were freaking me out, plus the hyper-activity of lo!) But the last few nights I've been waking up to pee (nothing new there!) and find I can barely move. My hips ache and my lower back aches, and there's a band under my belly that really hurts (feels like I'd been doing way too many sit-ups or something). It's hard to get out of bed (I kind of just roll and pray that I land on my feet...), but walking is torture. Are these pains typical this early in pregnancy? I knew they'd come sooner or later, but I was hoping for a few good weeks in here. Also, any advice to help relieve the pain? I try to switch positions frequently and I take warm baths at night before bed. Any thoughts?


redmondsky - November 19

Hi Jenice - I have pretty much the same aches and pains that you are you - it's like - okay and I am going to get some momentum and roll out of bed....swing the feet out and hit the floor. I am in my second pregnancy which my doctor says can be more uncomfortable than the first - however I think everyone experiences symptoms at varying degrees etc...I am 37 weeks pregnant and my aches and pains started around 29 weeks....maybe talk to your doctor about prenatal yoga - that has helped me (check with him first of course)...also a big trick of mine is fill up the bathtub super high - lukewarm water and then flip onto your tummy and sorta float - it feels really good and relieves some of the pressure. Also remember to drink lot's of water and if you are uncomfortable lie on your left side....Also the BIG ONE: have you talked to your doctor about how you are feeling? I would write the symptoms down and talk to him/her on your next appt - that's what they are there for and maybe your doc will have some suggestions for you to! Hang in there : - )


Nemo - November 20

Hi there. Pretty much the same here at 27 weeks. Getting up in the night a few times for the loo... hips ache, and its not comfortable to lie on my back and bottom of bump feels hard as though Ive ive been excercising. Im getting more and more nights feeling like this, so am going to get a pregnancy pillow to help support my weight in bed... I heard they help and that lying on your side witht he pillow between your knees eases the pressure on the hips.....


star_eyes - November 20

I'm 33w5d and I feel exactly the same way. I've been feeling like this since about 29/30 weeks. I think it's just the weight of the baby bearing down on my hips and the muscles stretching to support the baby. I also get a lot of pressure down in the v____al area depending on how the baby is lying. I haven't quite figured out any way to relieve the pain. I have been using a pregnancy pillow since early in the second tri and that doesn't seem to help either. I figure I'm just stuck feeling like this until the LO arrives!! I hope you find some reliefe!!


pinky89 - November 27

im 28 weeks and have been having the same pains its like u really dont wanna move, roll over or anythin



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