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~S~ - August 10

How many of you are ready to bring your baby home? I don't mean physically ready, like your tired of being pregnant and just want it out already, rather I mean are you mentally ready, do you have everything you need for the first month, is the baby room set up, have you washed all your baby clothes and blankets, do you have the crib and/or bassenett set up???? I think I'm 90% ready. I've washed all the baby clothes and blankets, the baby room is set up, I've got the crib set up and yesterday my landlord lent me her bassenett. I just need to do a few more things like wash the bassenett blankets, wash my house down (I want it clean before the baby comes home) and stop working. haha. I'm 37 weeks and I'm still working , but I'm off in 1 week.


Beth - August 10

I wish I was as ready as you. ..I am 37 weeks also, working full time, have the crib up, but I just had my baby shower Sat so I still have everything scattered around and don't want to do a thing with it until I get all the thanks yous written out! that is my project for this weekend. Then I need to go through all the duplicates and exchange, and I got a ton of little summer clothes but the weatehr will be changing and she will not be able to wear them, so I will be clothes returning :0(


Nick - August 10

I am 38 weeks tomorrow and have most everything done. The crib is not put together, but I have a cradle upstairs and a pack n play downstairs. The carseats are in the car to remind my husband to install them. I am packed and ready for the hospital including a diaper bag with diapers in it. My shower was two months ago so everything is washed and folded. I am eating a lot more thinking that each meal will be my last for a while.


Julie - August 10

I am 31 weeks and have been ready for months!!!! With my son my pregnancy went so quickly and I wasn't sick this time I was sick up until my 5th month and have hemroids, am tired all the time, terrible backache,etc. I could go on forever! I can't believe I still have 9 weeks to go!


~S~ - August 10

Ohhhhhhhhhhh d__n it! I forgot to pack the hospital bag! Okay, so I'm 80-85% ready. I meant to pack that lastnight, but I layed down on my bed and fell asleep. I think I woke up around 5 this morning thinkin "OH CRAP! I forgot to pack the hospital bag" but then I must have fallen back to sleep! hahah. I'll do that tonight, after I wash the rest of my laundry. Beth, I had my baby shower a few weeks ago and all my stuff was scattered around the room too. I didn't know what to do with them, as I didn't have much set up, so I left that for a weekend task. I'm suprised, I didn't get a lot of duplicate things. I think the only thing I got a lot of were soothers. I swear everyone bought me at least 2 packs each haha..oh well, hopefully my baby likes soothers.


Beth - August 11

I had another shower yesterday from people here at work, so that just added to my piles on the floor! :0). I finished printing the thank you cards yesterday so my project for Sat. morning is to sit down in the room and write them all out, then I can divide all the clothes up by sizes, check for duplicates and exchange summer clothes that I know she will not be able to wear because by that time the weather will be changing :0). I have not even packed my hospital bag yet, I don't know what I am waiting for, I guess that just makes it all the more real and I don't want to be disappointed when I pack it and then have to sit here for another 3 weeks, haa haa.


Tammy - August 11

Beth- Pack you own bag! I didn't and went a little early and had to rely on hubby to pack it. What a mess. I had to send my mom to my house to get what I needed. I am 29 weeks and have done nothing. I just feel like I have so much time left but I know it's going to creep up.


Erin - August 11

Wow! You all are organized!! My hubby and I have been renovating for the past 3 months, and baby's room is almost done. I have nothing set up. My girlfriends are having a shower for me this weekend, so I guess I have to get moving!! My hospital bag....I threw a few things in there, but not much. Oh and by the way, I'm 37 weeks,4days. You'd think I'd be more orgainzed eh? I feel like such a scatter brain. I'm still working a few days a week, but have no energy. I need some motivation!!! I think I just got that from you all!! haha


Heidi - August 11

I'm 30 wks today and I got the nursery all painted and the border up but that's it. My shower is a couple weeks away yet so I don't really want to go shopping until I know what I'll need that I didn't get at the shower. I have TONS of clothes for the next year at least from garage sales that I need to get washed up and a ba__sinet for my room so far so I'm safe there. I registered for a crib so I don't want to buy one in case someone else gets it for me so I have to wait on that one. If I don't get it, I'll buy it after the shower and get it set up. I got some Pooh bedding at a garage sale too just in case I didn't get any at the shower and you always need a back up set too. I got lots of decor for the nursery but want to wait till the furniture gets in there. Physically I'm half ready, but mentally, I'll probably never be! I'm sure tired of being fat though. I'm definately nesting. I bought TONS of little baby hangers for all the cute outfits I got and last night I wanted so badly to buy some baby wipes and diapers just to start stocking up but I didn't have a lot of time to go through all the options so I pa__sed this time. I have 10 wks to still get ready. As far as my bag for the hospital, everyone told me not to go gung hoe. Just pack an outfit for me and the baby to come home in and my personal stuff like brush, hair clips and pads and stuff cus our hospital pretty much provides you with everything else. I live like 5 blocks from our hospital so whatever I forget I can have just about anyone run and get it for me at my house.


Beth - August 11

Heidi, at your shower you should put on the invitation to have everyone bring a pack of diapers, and then go buy a few raffle gifts besides the ones for the games and so forth. And then everyone that buys you a pack of diapers their name is put into a drawing for the raffle prizes. I got 20 packs of diapers at my shower!


Heidi - August 11

Oh that would have been a great idea! But the invites went out last month :( I'll remember that for someone else's party! Good idea!!!


~S~ - August 11

It's good to see that everyone is pretty much in the same position, meaning feeling scatter brained. I sure was. THe only reason I'm pretty much ready was because this past week I got really tired of looking at the mess in my room, piles and piles of stuff. My boyfriend kept commenting on it, so I just got down to it so he would shut the heck up! hahah. Last night I packed the baby bag, although I don't have a big pamper bag yet, that's the one thing I didn't get at my baby shower, but my mom bought me one so I don't want to buy another one. I just have to wait for her to come into town. However, I do have a small baby bag, it's like a little travellers size or something. So I jammed everything I could fit, in there. I haven't yet packed my bag. I threw a few things in there like my toiletries. I went to the drug store and picked up those mini traveller sized toiletries, i figured it woudl save space in my bag and in the hospital and it all fits in one zip lock bag! I still need to do laundry, which I plan to do today after work, that way I'll be able to finish packing my hospital bag tonight. My bf called lastnight and asked what I was doing, I said "Ohh I just got through packing the baby bag" and his response was "Ohh good, you're really on top of things NOW, eh!" What a b___d haha.


Missy - August 13

Of course physically we would all be ready, which is the reason I am sure you weren't asking for that. As for everything being there for baby, I have made arrangments for my parents to come into state for a week. The crib isn't up but I have the ba__sinette right there at my bed. All of the clothes have been washed. And I have even made a week's worth of dinner so that my husband won't have to go without the meals he is spoiled on. The only things I have left to do is give the house one final scrub down and move the kitties into the half bathroom. My husband is going to deal with the cats and I get to take on the house cleaning. That's a feat in itself because my two year old is right behind me messing the place up. Also I have packed all of our bags a total of 18 times. Why you ask? Because my son keeps unpacking everything, being a nosy b___t! :D


lesley - August 14

well I'm only 30 weeks today, but I have nothing ready. No pram (need a double one) I have clothes but not even thought about washing them yet. I am going through the nesting stage too. Everything has to be just right. I have nothing bought for the baby. The only things I have is the bath from my last baby. To be honest this pregnancy has flew over. With my first 2 children I was prepared by about 35 weeks. I have no birth plan yet either. Haha I haven't even spoke about what I want with my partner. OMG I am so disorganised this time round!


Jennifer - August 14

I'm 34 weeks and I've got the crib up and most of the 0-3 month clothes and crib bedding washed and put away. I still have to wash towels, wash cloths, blankets, and bigger clothes. Emotionally, I am so ready for this baby to come out. God, I want to hold him so bad its killing me. I cant wait! :)



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