Are You So Tired Of The Same Questions

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Tanaja - April 17

If I get asked how I'm feeling one more time I think I just might have a frickin' tantrum!!! I am so tired of people asking how much longer and do you know what you're having? and the same old stupid question.........are you getting excited???? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


AML - April 17

haha! I know!! everyday the same person at work asks me how much longer and do I know the s_x!! omg!!!


Steph - April 17

LOL!! Are you getting excited? Just tell them, "nope, nope I'm not". Straight faced and all and see what they do!!


meme - April 17

I don't mind. I like the positive attention. Soon it will be gone. I love people asking me how much more time I have... sharing in the countdown. I feel like I'll be the minority in these feelings amongst responses to this post, but that's just how I've been throughout pregnancy.


Mellissa - April 17

what's really annoying is when during your last month the same people call you every day and say, "you haven't had that baby YET?!?!" oh my GOD!


Karen S - April 17

If I hear one more time "are you sure there is only one in there" I will flip on someone. How rude is that. Not is it only men saying this, women too. Now Women out of everyone should know that you dont say that to a pregnant woman. My boyfriend said it's because I've really only gained in the tummy area so my tummy is huge compared to my body but I dont care, you cant make excuses for everyone. Some people just need to shut there mouths:)


Tess - April 17

I just got asked w/ those questions yesterday at my Grandma's house for Easter Lunch.....I dont really mind coz I havent seen my relatives (on my fathers side) for almost 2-3 the last time I saw my grandma was when I found out I was pregnant back in Sept. of last year......I have about 4 wks left til she comes!!


sphinxminx - April 18

my favorite Oh my God your Huge! When are you due again. Funny thing I have only gained 22lbs this time around with my first I gained 37.


bean - April 18

I told dh last night that if I ever ever again hear someone say "oh, you're nesting!" I'm simply going to throttle them! I hate that phrase! I've been hearing it several times a week since 33 weeks, and I'm now 39. I am not FREEKIN NESTING!!!! Just because I do my laundry doesn't mean I'm nesting! I brought some food to the local food pantry and was told "oh how sweet - you're nesting!" I mean, c'mon - would you say that to a 65 yr old man who donates food?! I just don't get it...


Nora1 - April 18

I've had the SAME questions over and over! Now it's always, are you getting excited? You look like you're about due! Nope, I have 2 months left but thanks for noticing how huge I look! That's ok though, all of the attention will end soon...


mom2b2x - April 18

The one i hate the most is when you go somewhere and someone who doesnt know you looks at you and says " you about ready to pop aint you? " ... sure i am but is that your business and how rude is that of you to ask ...


Nita_ - April 18

I've been asked the same question 'how you been feeling' like 1000 times now and my manager asks me that every single time she sees me. I feel as if she's just waiting for me to say oh i'm just soo poooped and she can fire me! I don't know, its just me. But other than her, anyone else asks me about my tummy or me, I love the attention. And some of the posts have said here, thats that only attention u'll get for some time and then its all baby!! so, I'm enjoying it. Although one annoying episode I had was when the janitor in my office asks me when I was due and then she comments I was already very big! HELLO! I just completed 30 weeks and have 10 more weeks or so to go! That comment just plain shocked me! i've only gained 20 lbs so far.


Allie - April 18

I have one neighbor who EVERY time she see's me, asks me if I'm having twins...I wan't yesterday, I still wont be tomorrow, and I am so tired of her pointing out how huge I am. It wouldn't be so bad, but come on, can't they remember the answer you gave them yesterday? I also have the same people at church repeat questions to me, and I just want to say, "don't you remember we had this conversation last Sunday???"


Renee-Marie - April 18

Bean, you are hysterical! I agree with many of the replies on this post. One person in my family always says to me, "YOur stomach is definately bigger!!!" First of all, it's not my stomach. Secondly, THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT! Isn't it funny how the little comments people make really get under the skin? Some people really don't think when they speak. It's as simple as that. I know she means well, but GOSH is it annoying!!!!!!!


miraclebaby - April 19

Hey ladies, I was asked over and over are you sure your not having two?? Oh, thanks for making me feel great!!!! or one mom at school said WOW your stomach sure is mighty big, I wanted to say----- back to her , but I smiled and said yes it is and its all worth it. I am starting to feel like am I bigger than normal or something???



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