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Lala - April 10

Hello pregnant ladies! I hope all is well with you! I was hoping you wouldn't mind me popping in with a question (as I've found very little in the search function). I have pretty irregular cycles, and this cycle ovulation seems to have come quite early (but not sure since I wasn't looking for it yet). I've taken a hpt, which was BFN. But, what's really got me going is that my areolas have darkened around the outer edges. The darkened areas are browner and spotts--some connected, some just freckel-like spots. This has never happened before, and some have said they noticed this in very early pregnancy. I can't find anyting that's said to cause this except pregnancy. My question for you pregnant ladies is: have you noticed this, and at what gestation did it happen? THANKS SO MUCH!


Amanda R - April 11

Hi Lala. I actually didn't notice any areola darkening until well into my PG (probably about 26 weeks or so) but I know that is not the norm. Most women see it about the time their linea nigra comes in (about 12-16 weeks). I would wait a week and if AF still hasn't come then I would re-test. Sometimes your body doesn't produce enough HCG to register on a test until slightly later. GL!!


Tess - April 11

Hi Lala- I hope this helps....when I found out I was pg (5 wks along) and Im currently 34 wks and 4 days along....Ive noticed that my b___st was really sore...then thats when I noticed that my nipple are have darken. So will noticed this changes early in the pregnancy.


fatinha - April 16

Hi Lala, when I was just 4 wks pregnant one of the first things I noticed when I got pregnant (I´m currently 35 weeks) was that my breats were really sore and tender. I remember when I´d go take a shower and remove my bra it was very painful... I then noticed that the areolas had changed color to a dark brown and that the nipples became very sensitive to the touch... Gluck


Roary - April 16

In early pregnancy, my nipples darkened pretty rapidly along with b___st tenderness. As my pregnancy progresses, my aereolas are becoming increasingly large and dark (very dark). I have the same enmeshed lentigo around the outside of my areola only that they are about twice as large as when I first became pregnant--I am 29 weeks pregnant; Presumably this will extend and so will the solid colouring of my areola. (shrug) Also, the b___st tenderness started early on, and has resurfaced with vigor recently. I would also say retest in a few days--or a week.


Lala - April 17

Hello pregnant ladies--THANK-YOU so much for your answers. (I had thought I posted this in the first trimester section and kept wondering what happened to it LOL). So far no af, but with my irregular cycles it could be even later. My b___sts have been sore like af is coming, but today the soreness went mostly to just the outer sides--OUCH! I don't think I've ever noticed that before. **** How much longer have you all got--since we're in the 3rd trimester board--? I bet you're getting anxious! best to all of you!!!


Lala - April 19

Hello again,hope I'm not bugging you. It just seems that the darker part around the areolas has increased (toward the nipple). No af yet; bfn's. I say the doc last week, and he suspects I have PCOS because of other sypmtoms. We didn't get to talk about the color change. I wonder if the PCOS could be causing this.? ***How are you ladies?


Lala - April 20

just me again. Sorry to bug you girls as you have more important issues with your babies coming soon. But since my post is here, I was hoping someone could help. I've had light spotting (only with wiping--nothing on the pad all night) the last 3 days, and no af. I remember one cycle that took a couple of days before the spotting turned into af, but not like this. Did any of you experience this right before you found out you were pregnant? THANKS


AML - April 20

Sounds like Implantation bleeding! I Bet you are PREGNANT!!! Good Luck!


Lala - April 20

AML--thanks for writing. Ihope you're right! My af was due, but all I get is this scant spotting for 3 days so far. I am suppossed to get blood (hormone levels) drawn on cd 3. So I've been waiting, but nothing yet.******How many weeks are you? Did you experience any of these symptoms I've asked about here? best to you!


AML - April 20

LaLa, I will be 34 weeks tomorrow! I had some spotting on what I thought was my lasted 3 days (mine usually last 5-7 days) and my b___bs were so sore! I did notice that my areolas were darker in color and I was starting to get freckles (not sure if thats what they are, but they are dark and I can feel them) also, everynight about 10pm I would feel sick to my stomach and thought I was going to vomit! I took so many HPT and they were all nagative (and cheapo test too) My "last period" was August 26th (what I thought was a period...) and I didnt get a period in Septemeber. On October 5th, I took a name brand HPT and it came up positive almost immediately! I also took another of the same brand in the am with my fmu and it was even darker than the day before!


Lala - April 20

HAPPY 34 weeks to you (tomarrow)!!! I hope everything is well with you and your little one!! Keep him/her in there for a little while longer : ) ****(I am an NICU RN, and I don't think 36-37 weeks is good enough not matter what anybody says. Of course, sometimes the doc has to make the decision to deliver early if mom or baby's health is at risk. I just can't believe so many wanting to be induced at 36 weeks--yikes!****sorry for the soapbox).******You give me hope!! I appreciate your answering my questions! I haven't tested in a couple of days. How many weeks were you when you finally got your BFP?


AML - April 20

Thanks!! Hopefully he will stay in there until hes ready!! Lets see, 6 weeks....I believe.


Lala - April 20

Ya, 5-6 more weeks will probably be perfect. Maybe it'll go by fast.*****I'm thinking I'll take another hpt if I don't get a real af in a couple days.


Renee-Marie - April 21

Lala, when I was trying to concieve, I used the Clearblue Ovulation predictor sticks. They are sold in the same aisle as the pregnancy sticks and you perform the test the same way. You get a smiley face on the stick if you are ovulating and a regular circle if you are not. I used this (and I am very irregular and have endometriosis) and it worked on helping me predict when do get 'busy'. I only had to try for two months. Good luck to you.



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