Around 34 Weeks And Counting

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Jenny - January 20

I am due March 5th for those who don't know. Only six weeks left. My next da is on the 29th and then I will start going every week. How has everyone else been?


Jenny - January 20

Rhonda, only 4 weeks till your c-sec right. How close is everyone else I can't remember.


Gavinsmom - January 20

Hey Jenny! Well, I am 36 weeks and was supposed to be due Feb 14th. I will be having a c-section this Thursday at 37w1d b/c the little guy is breech and cannot turn on his own. So, 5 more days until I get to meet him! I just pray he is ok! I am DEATHLY afraid of hospitals and surgery! Has anyone had a c-section that can tell me about their experience with it? Talk to you soon!


jna1204 - January 20

Hi Jenny, Well, my original DD was also March 5th, Everytime that I get an US it changes it and they last changed it to Feb 15th, the Dr says that's only due to how big the baby is and he wants to keep the March 5th DD. Well, I havent done so good, at 32 weeks I was at the hospital with some spotting and contractions, they have me on bed rest and on a monitor at home for contractions, I also have a pump injected in me giving me Terbutaline to stop contractions. So the baby can come any day now. I just really want to make it till tomm because I have my baby shower, after that than it'll be ok.


Kar - January 20

Hi Gals........I'm 33 weeks only 7 weeks to go for me!! Wow!! And this is our first!! Its very exciting!!


juju - January 20

does 37 wks and 4 days get to join??


missycc4 - January 20

I'm 35 weeks today. due Feb 24th. can't wait to meet her.


Jenny - January 21

Hi to everyone! juju of course 37 weeks can join, that means we can hear your labor story next. Gavinsmom I can't believe you only have 4 more days until our c-section. You have to keep us updated and let us know as soon as you can how you and the baby are doing. jna1204 sorry that you have had so many problems. If you do have the baby now it will safe at this point right? Kar being that this is your first, did you find out the s_x? Missycc4 not much longer to go! O.k. I don't think I left anyone out.


Jenny - January 21

Gavinsmom, I'm not sure about the c-section, but I'm sure you will be very well taken care of.


juju - January 21

Gavinsmom goodluck with the c-section, don't stress to bad its not good for you or the baby. Thanks Jenny, I'm Sooo nervous, im gonna go natural and me and my husband cant wait to see our son. Even though i know ill have lots of pain its gonna be worth it, ne ways i was taking bradley method cla__ses so i pretty sure we can handle natural


juju - January 21

how many first time moms are in here?


Gavinsmom - January 21

Thanks for the luck ladies...I need it! I'm trying not to stress out! I will keep you updated on how everything goes! :)


ShaunaLeigh - January 21

Jenny.. Im due on March 5th too! lol... 6 weeks to go & im EXCITEDDDD!!! cuz this pregnancy has been horrid,... i hated everythign about it! lol... anyways my next doc appointment is the 25th :) anyways... just thought it was 2 funny 2 c someone on this site due the same day as me!! make suree ya post what ya have & when ya have him or her :)


Jenny - January 21

I am also so ready for this pregnany to be done so I can get back into my regular stuff. I have a almost 4 year old son and the one in my tummy is another boy. We are going to try one more time for girl but that will be it.


CYNTHIABREU - January 22

hi, my due date is the first of march, i am already 4-5 cm though.i hope i can make it there. cynthia


Kar - January 22 we don't know the s_x of our baby we wanted the surprise!!


zay28 - January 22

Hey gavinsmom, i want to tell you that i had a csection for the same reason, but my dd flip over and got in position in about 72 hours. I was on my 39 week. SHe was a big bbaby so doctors dind't think that she could turn. SO if you don't want a csection You should request a sonogram before the cirgury to confirm that the baby is breech. I was very happy with my csection, and i love having my second one by csection. But i know the majority of women preffer a regular vagianl delivery and i know if that is your case.



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