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AliG - September 29

Hey everyone. So my little one decided it was time to make her appearance on Tuesday night (9/25) even though it was a little early at 34 weeks. I will recap my complications because I really want to make sure we all pay attention to all the aches and pains and not just dismiss them. So sorry if this is a long post. I had partial placenta previa, bleeding and preterm labor at 29 weeks and got the steroid shots just in case they couldn't stop the labor. They stopped the contractions and I was put on bedrest. At 32 weeks I had an ultrasound at the specialist's office and they said the previa had moved and said I could be on sedentary rest. I had my regular doctor appointment on 9-20 and for the first time I had protien in my urine. They ordered the 24 hour collection. I collected and turned the labs in. On Monday 9-24 I get a call from my doctor wanting me to come in on Wednesday 9/26. I ask if my labs were back and if evreything is okay but the receptionist said she couldn't tell me because the doctor hadn't released my results. I call my mom who was really mad. She called the doctor's office and told the receptionist how much stress she just caused me. So the receptionist calls back and says if it will make me feel better I could come in the next day. I made the appointment. Monday night was horrible. I thought I was suffering indigestion and kept popping tums, taking zantac and do just anything I could. Tuesday morning I woke up and had a little bleeding. I wasn't sure what it was but I called the doctor and asked if I could come in the morning instead of lunchtime. They said yes. I get to the doctors and I am 2cm dialated and 70% effaced. My labs actually weren't back yet but I still had protien in my urine and my blood pressure was hight. At this point my doctor is confident I have preeclampsia. He sent me to the specialist office for another ultrasound and said we would decide what to do after that. I go to the specialist- they say I have a massive clot and the placenta abrupted. That was why I had so much pain. It was not indigestion or heartburn. They also said the bab's growth is restricted, another confirmation of the preeclampsia. They send me directly to labor and delivery, order more labs and tell me I will be having the baby tonight- either with induction or c-section depending if the baby's reaction to pictocin. I went to the hospital. It was about noon. They took labs, got the IV going and immediately put my on a magnesium drip because all my labs showed I was having severe preeclampsia. They started the pictocin and gave me the epidural right away in case the baby couldn't handle the pictocin because they said I would need to be ready for the c-section. The epidural felt like a lot of pressure in the back. It only took the doctor one try but it definitely felt wierd. At 4:45 they checked my progress and I was only 3cm dialated but the baby was handling the pictocin and not in distress so we would continue. My doctor even said it could be 24 hrs for a first time mom. I even told my husband it was okay to run his errand and not to worry so he left. At 7:00pm I could feel the pressure of the contractions and they were intense- not painful but intense even with the epidural. They decide to check me again. I was 8 cm dialeted. Now they tell me it will be soon. I tell my family to call my husband and get him to come back right away. He gets back in about 20 minutes and the nurses check me again and say I am ready. I had not had the birthing classes so they taught me how to push. We pushed 3 times before the doctor arrived. He arrived about 7:50 pm and with 5 more pushes Ashleigh was born at 8:11pm. I only pushed for about 15-20 minutes. She weighed 3 lbs and 15 oz. She was 15 3/4 inches long. I held her for a minute and then she was taken to the NICU. She is doing really great in the NICU but she will probably be there at least 2 weeks. They haven't given me a date to take her home yet. Her lungs were fully developed (thank God for the steroid shots). She is just so tiny and needs help with the feeding and digestion. I was released from the Hospital Thursday night and now I just go and spend as much time as I can in the NICU with her. We are doing Kangaroo Care, and working on her ability to nipple. I love the nurses at the NICU they are really great at trying to get us involved in taking her temperature and changing her diapers. It is hard to have her there and I just wish she would get bigger so I could take her home. I love her so much. The day I got discharged my doctor came to talk to me about my preeclampsia. They told me the labs showed every system they checked was shutting down and that I was in real trouble. I am thankful that everything worked out how it did but I learned that we all have to be vigalent. I hope everyone is doing well. I can't wait to hear more birth stories. Take Care.


crrodgers - September 29

Wow! What a story! Thank God the doctors were proactive and delivered her on time! I can't imagine how hard it is to not have her with you but at least you know she is in good hands and soon you will have her home in you arms! Congratulations!


Erins Mom - September 29

I'm sorry it was such a hard thing, but at least you have a beautiful little girl and will be able to take her home within a couple of weeks. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.


lissica - September 29

Congrats and best wishes. I hope time goes by fast for you so your lo can go home.


missy046 - September 30

Good luck and God Bless!!


staci - September 30

Congrats Ali! Thank goodness you and ashleigh are going great!



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