Ashton Tyler Is Finally Here

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GraphxGirl - July 12

Hey all I just wanted to share my birth story with you. As some of you already know my due date was July 13th and I had contractions pretty steady for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. Well Monday July 10th I was having contractions about 10 mins apart and I didn't think too much of them except for the fact that I felt more pain and pressure down in my lower abdomen than I was used to. My best friend who is also the person that came in with me during delivery stopped by my place for a visit. She was here about 30 mins and at 3:15pm while I was sitting there talking with her I felt and I heard a pop. I stood up quick cause it took me by surprise... sure enough my water started to gush... My contractions instantly got very painful and about 5 mins apart. I quickly got my things and we headed to the hospital. As soon as we got there the contractions were coming one right after another at full force... I could not stand the pain!! They asked me if I wanted the epidural and I was like HELL YES!! So they checked my cervix first and I was 8-9cm !!!! They could not give me an epidural at that point... only thing they could give me was the gas mask and that does not do anything except make you feel light headed. So they are all rushing around trying to prep the room. I am grabbing onto anything I can get my hands on because the pain was just so bad. Everything was happening so fast and I knew any min I was gonna be ready to push. I had a few more contractions and yelled I gotta push now!!! I started pushing at 4:55pm and I had him at 5:03pm. From the time my water broke my labor lasted less than 2 hours. So basically I did it all natural... I had no choice in the matter!!! It was unbelievable pain but I am glad it happened as fast as it did. They told me all the contractions I was having before labor must have really done the trick on thinning and dilating me. Once my water broke and contractions came full force there was barely no work needed to be done to dilate my cervix and that is why it happened so fast. I was so scared when they said you are gonna have this baby any min and you can't get anything for the pain... but I think I did really well and it was all worth it to have my baby in my arms :) He weighed 6 lbs 12oz... exact same weight as my daughter!! He is so cute, I am just in awe with him!! I just got home today so I been trying to get settled. Thankyou to everyone who has chatted with me and answered my questions. I hope you all have a good delivery when you have your babies :) If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will keep checking back in with yas. Once I get my pictures onto my computer I will post a link so you girls can see him. Take care and talk to you all soon!!


ashley - July 12

oh graphxgirl I am so excited for you!! That story is just amazing. I suppose I could go back and look, but when was your last doc appointment and how far dilated were you? I go to the docs tomorrow. So we'll see. I can't wait to see those pics and I LOVE the name you picked out!


GraphxGirl - July 12

My doctor didn't check me at my last appointment at 39 weeks... Last time I was checked was at 38 weeks and I was 2-3cm and 75% thinned out. So I guess just that last week of conractions really did it in prepping my body and cervix for labor. I could not believe how fast I made it to 10cm!!


piratesmermaid - July 12

Wow, that is an amazing story! Honestly, I hope it all happens that fast with mine, or at least close to it. That is just incredible, congratulations!!!


Mellissa - July 12

that is so awesome graphxgirl!!! hopefully all the contractions i've been getting are doing the same for me that yours did for you!! i would sooooooooo love for my labor to happen that fast!!! congratulations, and ashton is such a cute name!!! :)


ashley - July 12

ya know that is exactly how my moms story went. She said she just had felt weird cramping, but nothing really painful and then all of a sudden her water broke and the contractions came one right after another and my brother was born 1 hour from the time her water broke! Scary. I think just for that reason since I have been having so many wierd aches and pains I will insist on being checked tomorrow. Though my progress had been slow from 36-37 weeks I'll see how I am at week 38... Congrats again!


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 13

WOW! You are so lucky, please God let me have a birth story like yours. My moms 3rd was like that. I was induced with my first so I probably wont know if its the real thing either if my waters dont break. Congratulations on your lil bebe!


livdea - July 13

Congrats! and you must have been strong to do it naturally unprepared! YAY! Welcome baby!



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