At What Week Does The Baby Move Into The Head Down Position

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myhusband2catsandbaby - March 31

At my 20 week ultrasound the Dr. said my baby was in a breach position and that another ultrasound would be ordered closer to time of delivery. At what point should I begin to worry if my baby doesn't turn head down? Also is the baby being head down the same thing as the baby dropping?


Rachel - March 31

I wouldn't worry about it yet, if you're 36 weeks and your baby is still breech, well, first they'd try to turn him around, but yeah, I'd be a little worried. But your baby has lots of time to turn around, so don't worry about it. My baby was head down at 25 weeks, and she's been that way ever since. And no, head down and dropping isn't the same thing. Dropping is when the baby's head goes into the pelvic cavity, instead of simply being head down. At least I think so lol


wailing - March 31

Don't worry. I'm 29wks and my baby just went head down. He was sideways before that w/ his head to the left and feet to the right. (I think they call it Transverse). Anyway, you still have tons of time for him to move. My Dr. didn't even have to do an U/S to tell my baby changed position...she could feel it at my checkup. And no dropping is not the same as going head down. Dropping (AKA Lightening) is when the baby actually goes down into ur Pelvis. It usually happens around 8 months


nanders - April 2

I'm 36wks and my little one was just starting to move into head down at my last doc appts last wed. I think it is head down now, but still hasn't dropped yet! I hope it's head down anyway, I'm wanting it to arrive soon so I hope it hurries up and does what it needs to in there! AT 20 wks you have lots of time and it will prob flip around a bit before it settles! Good luck!


Faye84 - April 2

at 20 weeks the baby is still doing all sorts of flips in there, I was told around week 33 is when they start to get into position. and like wailing said "dropping" means the baby is getting down to your pelvis.


mommybabyboy21 - April 2

my dr said she checks for the baby's head to be down at 38 weeks and not before because its possible for him to still turn all the way up to 38 weeks. So....I get another ultra sound at 38 weeks...until then she told me not to worry about it.


singlem0m - April 2

I was getting ready to be scheduled for a C-section before my LO finally went head down. I was 39 weeks when she did.


excited2bemama - April 2

I am 31 weeks and my baby just turned head down a few days ago..



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