Attn Mom S Who Have Given Birth Before

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christineg - May 9

I have a question for you ladies who have given birth long does it really take to regain a figure at least somewhat like the one you had before pregnancy? I have talked to older ladies who all say "Oh, you won't have any trouble! You'll go right back...", but then I read on line that it takes at least 9 months to a year!!!! :-O I have been careful to eat a healthy diet during my pregnancy, haven't gain excess weight......and I plan to diet and excersize asap after I have the baby......I'm really scared that my former self won't reappear for a long long time though. For those of you who have done it before, what do you think?


ash2 - May 9

honestly christin, there are only a few females that totally regain there figure back after baby comes. unfortunantly you will always have a little bit of a tummy even if you get down to your pre-pregnant weight. your stomach was stretched ALOT. however, on the bright side, you can lose the weight quickly by bouncing back an exercising, and eating healthy. also b___stfeeding will lose alot of that weight. alot of girls binge to " junkfood eating" or not eating very healthy and grabbing a quick snack and get sidetracked from the stress of a newborn..... but if you stick to it then you can lose weight in no time. every girl is different, but i would say if you are dedicated you could lose it in about 6-8 weeks. or more. remember, you lose about 20-25 pounds just from leaving the hospital from the baby, placenta, after birth, amniotic fluid, and swelling. also , just wanted to point out that my son was 3 before i got pregant this time and i was still trying to lose that extra 20 pounds.... it is always the hardest!!!


mom.2.5 - May 9

Ok this is #5 for me and I go back everytime, your belly is never the same i don't think. I am a skinny 5'10, play sports, and active with my kids. I gained 75# w/ my last 2 preg., & lost all of it w/in 3-4 months. this time I have only gained 30lbs, so maybe i'll have less work. I have also b___st fed so that helps out A LOT, you just have to want to get back. also, if you feel the least bit depressed, go see your dr. that effects lots of things too. I've gotten skinner after the more kids i've had, but my stomach still has loose skin, (i'm having a tummy tuck after this one). good luck & just work it off


iakram - May 9

hi there! it's so hard to give you a realistic answer. me personally i was pretty small never over 100 lbs...after my first son i've never been able to get down to's always been 110-113lbs...but i gained a lot almost over 50 lbs with my son. this time around i've gained 12 pounds thus far....i think you should be fine so long as you're excercising and eating right...good luck :)


starr - May 9

Hi. I am on baby # 3 and with my first 2, I actually lost weight and was smaller than I was before I got pregnant.I gained about 60 lbs with both babies . I started out at about 135-140 and after my first son, I went to about 127 within 2-3 months with no exercise. I Got pregnant with #2 10 months later and dropped down to about 124 with no exercise. I actually think I looked better after pregnancy than before. But everybody's body is different so what happened to me is probably pretty rare, it all just depends on your body type. I'm just praying that I will have that luck with this one. I've gained about 45lbs so far and I'm due June 17th. So, really it's hard to say if one will regain their former figure exactly the way it was before,after their first pregnancy because every woman's body reacts differently to pregnancy. Sounds like you have a good plan, Christineg, so hopefully you won't have any problems. And remember try not to do too much of a strenuous exercise too soon after the baby. Let your body recover a little bit. I think walking is the best way to start if you plan to start soon after the baby.~~~ Good Luck~~~


pbj - May 9

It just depends on you, how active you are (or really can be), your genetics, etc. I gained 55 lbs, my dd is 6 mths and I still have at least 15 lbs left to go and seem to be stuck. I hate exercise, but I do try to take my LO on a walk everyday. Some lose it fast, some take 9 mths + to take it off.


Jodi - May 9

It's been six weeks for me and my tummy is not my problem area. It almost went back instantly. My hips are the problem and I very seriously doubt they will ever be the same again! It's depressing, but it is also the cold hard facts of becoming a mother.


Amy_mommy - May 9

i just delivered my baby 4 weeks ago.......i was 100 pounds before i got pregnant and weighted 140 before i went into labor! after labor. i am now 120 pounds! no excercise


luvmyboys - May 9

To be safe, give yourself nine months and if you are back to normal before that it'll be a pleasant surprise! Otherwise you might be dissappointed. It takes nine months to gain it so allow the same amount for it to come off.


3babies - May 10

Hi Christine, I gained 10 and 7 kg with my last two pregnancies and normal weight before each one. I lose most of it in the first few weeks, but struggle to lose about 3-4kg up until about 8 months when I decrease b___stfeeding. I really believe that my body just hangs onto those extra kilos when I'm feeding, because it doesnt matter what I do I cant get them off. Once I stop feeding they just drop. Also I found it very hard to exercise vigorously because my milk supply would drop off if I overdid it. I just accepted that I would carry those kilos for a few months, but once feeding stopped ... there were no excuses ... slogging it out at the gym. I think as long as you are sensible you will get it off. Also consider that if you arent getting much sleep its very hard to motivate yourself to exercise and eat well. Once bubs is sorted everything tends to fall into place.


livdea - May 10

I am scared...


Olivene - May 11

I went to a La Leche League meeting the other day. All of the ladies were thin and trim. Babies were 5 months to 2 years, but the moms looked gorgeous. I am in Japan, so that might make a difference.


GLORIA - May 11

Christineg, Hey it just depends on what you do...Breast feeding to help lose weight is almost contadictory sounding because I was told to eat good because b___stfedding IS a lot of hard wok on your body. I nursed both my older boys. Yes it does help your uterus shrink faster and burns some extra calories. And just so you are aware to your stomach can go back flat if you bust your tail with some exercise when you feel up to it. You really don't have to deal with a flabby stomach or skin on your midriff if your determined that you what to look fabulous. I am 5'8", I weighed an average of 126- 132 lbs. before I ever had a baby. I was worried like you about all that stuff because my my older sister stayed big. But my twin sis lost her weight quickly, but her little one was born preemie and he didn't get out of the hospital until he was 5 mo.s old. She had a lot of stress and didn't eat good. I nursed both my boys, ate good and waited until they were about three or four months old before beginning exercise. Because my milk always came down. Lord I was like a momma cow with all that milk!. Anyway...I never got any stretch marks and did not acheive a flat tummy until I could really work at it....sit ups...crunches...etc. But I did not keep the flab on my stomach. I did my best to motivate my self and had a good support team. (husband, mom, sis, friends.)My hips are still 32 inches. If your hips get a little wider oh..well more curves! Mine was mostly extra weight and came off as I exercised. My hip bones didn't "spread out". My waist got back down to pre- preg. 24 inches. One good side effect, I kept the b___b size!...I plan on nursing and doing the regimen with this little one. Get you a good team of people around you to cheer you on. (Stay hooked up with me I'll cheer you on.) You don't have to have excess fat if you don't want it...and work hard at getting it off. I can still wear a two piece with pride ( well... now I got my belly sticking out with baby. I'm 29 1/2 weeks, he's due July 21st. but I'm still proud. Though our swimming is done mostly in our back yard in our pool)....You can do it, put your mind and heart to it...Don't be afraid. You'll bounce back and get the look you want...I know it!..


Emily - May 11

It all depends on you. I went back relitively quickyly, however I was a little heavy before ?I got pregnant and didn't gain any wight. ( i was losing it and my baby was gaining it all my pregnancy and when I delivered I droped 50 lbs, but it did take a while to get my stomach back. My waist was as small as it was before, but it took several weeks for it to regain it's firmness. ( i was able to wear my normal clothes right after delivery) I also had a co worker that walked everyday for a hour and she was wearing her prepregnancy clothes right after she gave birth. It isn't always like that though. It will help the more exercise you get and the better you eat and if you nurse your baby. Breastfeeding mothers tend to lose the wieght faster than those who dont' but once you stop b___stfeeding, be careful cause it can come back on quick...if you dont' watch what you eat after you stop. Good luck and hostesly I didn't care mch about my figure, I had my perfect little baby.


christineg - May 11

WOW! Thanks everybody for your responses! I feel better about it now! I have always been thin...I'm 5'5 and pre-pregancy weighed about 115. I've gained 33lbs now and I'm in my 37th week. I really don't feel like my body has gotten that much bigger (just my belly and b___bs!), but it is hard to judge right now! These last few weeks my ankles and hands have gotten swollen I know I've gained water. I have no doubt in my mind that my diet won't be a problem after the baby. I have food allergies (wheat, rye, and barley) so pregnant or not (baby or not) I am forced to eat a really healthy diet. Junk food has all the things I can't have, so it's just not a part of my life. I certainly hope I have enough drive to keep an excersize routine as well.....I want nothing more than to see my tummy (reasonably) flat right now!



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