Audrey Is Finally Here

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DB - February 5

I was due Jan 28th and was induced on jan 30th due to mild pre-eclampsia. I was dilated 1cm when I got to the hospital, so we were going to do a cervidil induction. The doctor inserted the cervidil at 7pm and the nurse was to remove the cervidil at 7am so it was in there for 12 hours. The doctor also told me that less than 50% of women go into active labor from the cervidil so I would probably need pitocin the next morning. By 10pm I started to feel very crampy which they said I would. DH went to sleep and by 12am I was starting to feel really hard contractions that were really really painful. I asked for a shot of something because I knew it was too early for the epidural. The shot didn't seem to take any edge off for me!! So, my nurse knew I was in pain and decided to take out the cervidil at 4am to give me a break since the contractions were one on top of the other. When she took it out I was still feeling hard contractions. She checked me when she took it out and I was only 1.5cm!!! All that pain for a 1/2cm!!! So, the contractions continued really hard and I was dying. I kept telling the nurse that they hurt so bad and I really want my epidural. She said since I'm only 1.5cm they couldn't get it yet. So I continued in hard labor while dh slept (not his fault I didn't wake him up!!) and finally at 6:45am my water broke. I called the nurse and it was right around a shift change so my new nurse checked me and I was 9cm!!!! You bet dh woke up then and got dressed!! I told her I need an epidural so finally at 7:30am I got it. I felt really good after I got it, all I felt was pressure. BUT, by around 9:30am it wore off even though I was hitting the button as often as it would let me. So, again I was dying. The nurse anesthesiologist came and gave me a little more pain medication that helped until about 10am. Meanwhile I was fully dilated but my doctor was on her way from another hospital. The nurse said it was good because the baby had time to make her way down and I wouldn't have to push as long. Finally the doctor came at 11am. We started pushing shortly after that. I could feel everything at this point, but I just wanted her to come out. Her head was very very low at this point so they figured I would push her out in about an hour. We started pushing and at 11:49am Audrey Kathleen was born. She came out Sunny Side Up! The doctor and nurses were all surprised I pushed her out so fast since she was sunny side up. I did tear (not too bad) and had st_tches, but the pain isn't too terribly bad. The hemhorroid is much worse. So, we came home on Feb 1st and she's doing great (with the exception of being a little on the fussy side when it's time to nurse). She was 7lb3oz at birth and was 6lb11oz when we were discharged. Today at the pediatrician she weighed 7lbs, so we're almost back at her birthweight. Good luck to all the mommy's waiting!!


Lala - February 5

CONGRATS and way to go!


SistaC - February 5

Congratulations DB!


sahmof3 - February 5

Congrats and um... ow! I'm glad it went relatively well for you since she was breech!


DB - February 5

Oh no, she wasn't breech. Her face was up (that's why they say sunny side up), and it should be facing the ground when she comes out. It supposedly makes for a harder labor and much harder to push her out. Well worth the extra pain!!!


tinkri - February 6

Congratulations on your new baby girl! When I delivered on 1/11/07, I only tore alittle too, but the hemhorroid that I also got was much worse. I used something called homhorrid (sp?) and that helped. Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 6

Oh LOL By sunny side up I thought you meant b___t first. Now THAT would suck ;-)


sparklestar - February 9

Hey DB, many congratulations on your birth....I was wondering how you got on (from the January mom's post). I had my little girl on 29 Jan after an excruciating labour lasting about 4 days and ending in an emergency c-section! I had to stay in the hospital about 6 days then which was really disappointing - but we're both home and fine now. My little girl, Charlotte Nicole, weighed 7lbs 14oz at birth and one week later was 8lbs 1oz so the b___st feeding's going well lol. Sounds like you had a difficult labour too - I know people said it'd be painful but blimey I didn't realise it'd be like it was....the epidural barely even numbed it for me! Oh well, it's all over now eh? Good luck and glad to see all went well, Tracey x


cindernar - February 9

Love that name. If I were to have a girl, I would've named her Audrey. My older son was sunny-side-up as well, but he turned at the last minute. He was 8 pounds, 10 ounces, so it would've been hard to push him out that way.


disneymommy79 - February 10




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