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angelhdfd - May 25

Hello my name is Angel I am pregnant with my second child. I'm 28 weeks now. And man has this pregnancy been difficult... not that the first one wasn't lol. Went to the doctor yesterday I've had extremem pain in my pelvic for about a week now. She did all these tests and even had to have an internal ultrasound to check my cervix.... I guess (after a week of pain) they have figured out what the problem is; my cervix has opened a little bit not much but I have a bacterial infection which is probably spreading since the cervix opened up. Still makes me nervous my daughter who is twenty months old now... was born prematurely it was aweful she tried to come when I reached the 33 weeks mark; but that's another story. I hope this pain goes away soon!!! How is everyone else doing???


fismama - May 25

angelhdfd~ WOW That's crazy! are they going to do anything about it? or just bed rest? If you don't mind me asking why was your first early? and did you deliver her at 33 weeks?


zookeeper - May 25

Hi Angel! Sorry about the difficulties you have had with your pregnancies. I hope this one stays in and bakes a little longer than your first : ). Do you know what you are having or are you going to be surprised? I am doing is pretty darn hot here lately, and I am fighting the temptation to put the AC in. I am starting to get uncomfortable at I know the rest of the pregnancy is going to go by in a sleep deprived fog lol! Can't wait till it's time!


c2beaudoin - June 1

Hi ladies, Just checking in for my weekly post lol... How has everyone been feeling? I'm still going strong, we've been having crazy heat waves in eastern ontario and last summer our central air broke! I told my husband it needs to get fixed asap because I won't make it to august so someone is coming to give us a quote tomorrow lol. I don't care how much it costs! On another note, this is sort of a touchy subject but how much weight has everyone gained so far. I feel like a whale and when I see pics of myself I'm like OMG lol. I've gained about 30lbs so far I weighed 155lbs before and now I'm about 185lbs! I read everywhere on the internet that it should be about 25lbs or so but I've pa__sed that and I still have 10 weeks to go! My midwife isn't concerned because I've been gaining weight steadily from the beggining. Also when I talk with other women who have been pregnant before they tell me they gained like 50-60lbs so then I don't feel so bad. I know it's for the good of the baby but I am a fitness instructor and I get worried that I won't be able to shed the weight that easily. I would love to hear from you girls :) The baby's movements are getting stronger and stronger, they aren't painful yet but I'm sure that will come soon enough. I'm starting to get worried about whether or not I can properly take care of a baby and whether I will know what to do. I'm hoping there is such a thing as motherly instinct and that I will just know what to do. Well I'll keep it short for today ;) haha.


rosenow - June 2

Hi girls. I don't know if you rememeber me but I poasted on the August forum for a little while in the first trimester. I am now just entering my 3rd trimester! I still read up on your stories. I laughed when Celine talked about leaking because I had/have the same problem. I love these forums because you really do have so many things in common with people. Celine, I am the one who lives near Ottawa as well! I am glad to hear that everything is going well for everyone. We are doing great as well. We have placenta previa but I have an ultrasound tonight to see if we have made any progress in it fixing itself. sure hope so! Take care girls!


Rosiemama - June 2

Hey there, also piping up from the Ottawa area. I've been sailing through as well, so far so good. My white blood cell count was up about three weeks ago but went down last week, slightly, and the Dr.'s not concerned (said they'd retest AT DELIVERY), but that's been the only thing bugging me. The kicks have started to hurt - little gal's got some strength behind her - but she's in a breech position right now so at least she's not kicking me in the ribs. Yet. CĂ©line, I have another concern re: weight - I have gained about 15 lbs so far, but at the last weigh-in I'd LOST 2 lbs. They said it's normal in the heat we've been having, and it's true that my appet_te's been reduced, but still, I've been a bit worried and trying to eat a bit better/more since. They said it's also possible that I sweated it out. Anyway, I'm determined to pack it back on for next visit. I guess the baby gets what she needs nonetheless. I was fairly large to start with (a sturdy 5'7" 165lbs) so I guess there was some wiggle room there. Is everyone else working? I have mentally unplugged, officially. This morning I counted and including today I've got 36 work days to go. Not sure if counting makes it go slower or faster....


zookeeper - June 4

Hey, I have gained 26 pounds and am doing amazingly compared to my other 3 pregnancies...I was one who gained btwn 50 and 55 pounds! No worries about the weight gain. Especially as a fitness instructor. Your job will help you lose the weight. I lost all 50+ pounds with each of my pregnancies and after my third I lost an extra 10lbs and another pants size just before getting preggo again. I am a Beachbody Coach so my job entails staying fit as well. Have you been working out during your pregnancy? I have been doing better this time than the rest and can't wait to get back into it again. No more kids for me so that means I will be working towards my forever body after this!


c2beaudoin - June 4

I was working out 3-4 times per week and teaching my cla__s once a week up until I was about 5 months and then I started feeling really uncomfortable so I sorta stopped. It's so chaotic at work right now, I know I shouldn't make excuses lol. But I will be getting back into teaching in september shortly after the baby is born so I'm looking forward to it. Props to you for losing the weight everytime, I have a hard time losing weight so I'm going to have work really really hard. This is my first pregnancy and we want 4 kids so far haha and all I can think about is the weight rollercoaster im going to be on for the next few years lol.


zookeeper - June 4

It is definately good to stop if you are feeling comfort level grew with each kiddo. I didn't work out at all with my first! I also didn't lose weight very easily before having kids. Something kind of clicked inside my head after gaining all that baby weight and then I actually started being successful with my weight loss. LOL everytime I would hit my goal weight I wound up preggo again! It is a rollercoaster of ups and downs when you have that many kids! I am glad I am at the end of my ride lol!


hoping4bpf - June 4

Hey Ladies!!!! I have not posted since the 2nd trimester board but I missed you all :) I am 29 weeks now and sinc about week 25 I have developed osteochondritis and pubic symphysis separation. Basically that means I am in a lot of pain and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. The baby is fine....its just painful for me! I hope all of you are doing well! I am glad to see no one has had any complications! And Celine: I have gained 13lb. I am very short so on me it feels like 50lb


naisey - June 8

Hi everyone, Things are going so fast now! I start my maternity leave next week. I'm 32 weeks now and feeling big. I've only put on 3.3 kgs (7 pounds I think). I was overweight to start with so my ob says that's fine. I'm starting to have trouble sleeping now so looking forward to no more work. My baby gets the hiccups (sp?) alot which feels so funny. Glad you're all well. Can't wait to see if it's a little boy or girl :)


c2beaudoin - June 8

Hi ladies, It's official, my last day at work will be July 9th when I'll be 35 weeks. I decided to leave about 1 month before my due date for a little bit of a break before my life changes forever lol. I can't wait, it's been so busy and chaotic and with my baby brain it's really easy for me to forget things which isn't good! My baby shower is this weekend, I'm excited to see what we get. I always feel weird when something like that is for me, it was the same at my bridal shower and bachelorette. It's fun for someone else but when it's all about you it's a bizarre feeling lol haha. But still I am looking forward to it. I've been bad these last two days with eating just c___p! I went to the states yesterday and they have the best junk food, stuff we don't have in Canada, so I loaded up. I've been eating beef jerkey, pork cracklings, whoopers, mike and ike's, etc. The only thing is there is tons of sugar and sodium which will make me retain water, swollen feet here I come lol. I'll make up for it tonight at supper :|. Well hope everyone is feeling good, we're almost there ladies!


Rosiemama - June 9

Earlier in my pregnancy I bravely stated that I'd work 'til July 30, when I'll be 38 weeks, but now I'm sensing that perhaps my patience/tolerance for others/interest might not last until then. We'll see how it goes. Work is air-conditioned and home is not, so if it's super hot, I may as well stay here :)


c2beaudoin - June 9

Rosie you must be due at the same time as me, I will be 38 weeks july 30th too. I was originally going to work until the end of July too but my baby brain is getting worse and with my job I just can't be distracted because mistakes can be costly and I work on commission so mistakes come out of my pocket! But I talked to my boss and he was ok with me leaving 1 month before. But I do have AC at home at least I will after this weekend, so I'm totally with you on staying where it's cool lol.


Rosiemama - June 9

I think we're due around the same time - I'm due Aug. 14. I am pretty distracted here at work too, but at least my heavy project load will be done by early July. Then it's just wrapping stuff up, cleaning my office, sorting out my computer, etc. after that. I can't wait.


c2beaudoin - June 17

Hi Ladies, How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling good on my end :) So the third trimester is starting to feel alot like the first trimester, where I am counting down every week again lol. Instead of worrying about trying to get to the 13 week mark now it's feeling anxious about becoming a mom and the fact that I have to take care of this tiny little being which I have no clue how to do lol. I'll be 32 weeks on friday, 8 more weeks to go, that's 2 months!!! I'm so excited but freaked out at the same time, I keep reminding myself that if teenage moms can do it by themselves, two loving adults should be able to... Hopefully lol. I had my baby shower this past weekend and it was like an out of body experience. Everything felt so unreal. It's like I still can't realize that this is happening for real, it feels weird to me. My mom and I started setting up the nursery and putting all the stuff I got at the shower away and as we folded little onesies and receiving blankets I thought wow I'm really going to have a baby. It must be the first time mom jitters :)



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