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c2beaudoin - June 17

Hi Ladies, How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling good on my end :) So the third trimester is starting to feel alot like the first trimester, where I am counting down every week again lol. Instead of worrying about trying to get to the 13 week mark now it's feeling anxious about becoming a mom and the fact that I have to take care of this tiny little being which I have no clue how to do lol. I'll be 32 weeks on friday, 8 more weeks to go, that's 2 months!!! I'm so excited but freaked out at the same time, I keep reminding myself that if teenage moms can do it by themselves, two loving adults should be able to... Hopefully lol. I had my baby shower this past weekend and it was like an out of body experience. Everything felt so unreal. It's like I still can't realize that this is happening for real, it feels weird to me. My mom and I started setting up the nursery and putting all the stuff I got at the shower away and as we folded little onesies and receiving blankets I thought wow I'm really going to have a baby. It must be the first time mom jitters :)


fismama - June 17

I am feelin GREAT haha!! I will be 29 weeks on Friday but i must say the second time around is alot harder too! At this point last time Fiona wasn't so squished and I had no stretch marks in fact I didnt have any until she dropped like two weeks before I had her..but this time Stella seem squished and I have gotten more stretch marks..ggrr and that really frustrates me!! My baby shower is this weekend and because we already have some much from Fiona we are going a co ed bbq...I you could have first time mommy jitters but you'll have it with your second too!throwing a baby into any situation is not easy by any means! and I guess because I had worked at a day care for so long that I kinda new what to do I still thought I was going to kill her or hurt her I really did know what I had gotten myself into! But after a couple of everything will be fine and you'll start to get it!


Rosiemama - June 18

Ha! I know exactly what you're talking about! I feel the baby moving inside of me constantly - I see her too, constantly - but somehow I still feel as though she's arriving on an airplane or something in mid-August. It's totally unreal. I felt badly that I have this disconnect but I think it's just that I've never done this's all pretty strange.


roopa6464 - June 21

Hi..My name is Roopa. I am pregnant with my first child. I am 31 weeks now and my due date is August 18th.. I have read all comments. I have question, can anyone answer? I am not having leaking b___bs. is that means anything worng with me ...?


c2beaudoin - June 21

I don't think that means anything is wrong with you at all! When it started happening to me I read up about it and from I can see some people get it and some don't, and whether you get it or not doesn't affect being able to b___stfeed :)


fismama - June 21

Roopa~ I had NO leaking until after I had my first daughter and she started nursing! And I did get my milk until she was about she was like 3 days old and all of a sudden I woke up and was wet everywhere I couldn't figure out what happened and I look down and the front of my shirt was soaked! It's just different with other people and with different pregnancys.


roopa6464 - June 23

Thank you


c2beaudoin - June 29

Hi Ladies, Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I'm just going with the motions. I have 2 weeks left at work, my last day is July 9th I can't wait!!! I've just recently hit the pregnancy wall lol. I've had it relatively easy this whole pregnancy but now it's finally catching up to me. I have a really bad case of swollen feet and legs and I have it in my hands but only mildly. It's so painfully, makes my feet feel really hot and numb and I hate having hot feet lol. My mom found this foot spa bath at a garage sale but it doesn't really help all that much. The pressure of the baby is really starting to hurt too, it's always pushing either to one side or the other and always up in my ribcage lol. I poke it to get it to move and normally it works haha. The baby hasn't dropped yet because all the pressure is still up top. Last night I had to pee what felt like 20 times and only five drops come out lol so frustrating! But only 7 more weeks to go, 4 weeks until I'm technically full-term. My husband and I have always kept an active s_x life during this pregnancy but the closer I get to being full-term the more I get scared that having intercourse will trigger labour, I know s_x can be an effective method of kick-starting labour but does it only apply to when you are full-term or can it also induce preterm labour? I'm have a prenatal appointment this afternoon if I can remember to ask, I will find out. Hope everyone is feeling good, Kristen I think you are first up on due dates :) Can't wait to hear all about it!


c2beaudoin - June 29

I just came back from my prenatal appointment and my midwife said s_x cannot trigger preterm labour, only if there is already an underlying problem like imcompeten cervix or if for some reason the cervix has started dilating already, so phew!!! She said she encourages intercourse until the end because it's healthy and a good way to get a workout haha lol. Also there was something about a protein in s____n that is good. My husband will be pleased to hear this lol :)


fismama - June 29

YEah nothing can really come from it we did it alot with fiona but I would always have contractions when I would "O" haha! and so we kinda stopped towards the end it just got to uncomfortable! But this time we are so far so good no contractions at all!! I try to keep him happy because not being about to do it after the baby sucks! And what prego women can get a workout when doing it!! I can barely move!! lol


c2beaudoin - June 29

Haha yeah I don't really get that good of a workout but I am always out of breath after lol!


c2beaudoin - June 30

So I am at work right now and I can barely keep my eyes open. For some reason this morning I am sooo tired, I yawn every two seconds and my body just feel achy and numb, I just want to crawl into bed lol. I've been lucky enough to have energy through the first and second trimesters but now it seems it's all catching up to me. I feel more pregnant now that I have this whole time lol. My belly is ready to burst haha, from some of the pictures I've seen from Kristen and Adrienne it looks like you're in the same boat as me, our bellies are like big b___s lol. 7 weeks seems like a long time, hopefully I go early :)


fismama - June 30

Hey so there better be no BALLS near this belly!!! hahaha!!! LAst night I went to see eclipes and I saw all 3 movies and by the middle of new moon my feet were so swollen and tight that I couldn't get my flip flops back on!! I have 9 weeks on friday and I am kinda hoping to go early too!! I had Fiona at 38 1/2 weeks!!! So I am hoping, I do feel alot bigger this time around! And I have been really sleepy lately too!! Like I try and go to bed when I lay fiona down and when the alarm goes off at 7 I am like what the hell I just shut my eye!! and peeing twice a night doesnt help either! lol


zookeeper - June 30

Hey ladies...been busy trying to get things organized and ready, but had a minute to check in tonight : ). My doc gave me an official date of August 19th for my c-section! So 7 weeks left for me starting tomorrow! Of those 7 weeks, I only have 4 full weeks left of work. The other three are 4 day weeks. Those of you who are getting done work before the baby comes are lucky! I will be going to work the day before delivery : ( My maternity leave is decent by U.S. standards, but not as nice as I would like! I have been pretty tired lately and have been having a hard time getting comfy ( I am a tummy sleeper) because my belly seems to have just popped out within the past few weeks. fismama, I am starting to wake up to pee in the middle of the night again too : ( Anytime I have to pee it takes so much longer than it used to because it only comes out in a trickle no matter how full my bladder is. Must have something to do with the way the baby is laying. Glad you all are doing anxious for D day to arrive!


fismama - July 1

zookeeper~ It's got to be exciting to know when your actually going to have the baby!! I must say the getting up to pee is driving me crazy!! When I get up she always gets the hick ups and then cant sleep, I wake up ever night at 1 ish and 330 ish and 330 is the worst because she gets the hick ups and then the sun starts to come up at 4 or 430!! so its really hard sometimes!!! GAAAHH!! I will be 31 weeks on frieday which is crazy but I was thinking about starting to pack our bag for the hospital!! and just have it ready you never know whats going to happen..I dont work but I did the last time and it was nice to have in the car just incase, I went into labor at home but leaving for the hospital was not stressful at all because I was already to go! this time I have to do our bag and our little buggies bag...and then when it happens I cant forget the kid! I think that is the most frustrating hardest thing for me!! I have NO idea what to do with her! do you know when they do the strep test? I dont remember they did mine kinda early because I was having a little bit of a problem and so the just did!


c2beaudoin - July 14

Hi Ladies, How have you all been, I've been good up until yesterday... I've managed to go this whole pregnancy without falling, being sick, and injuring myself but that streak is over. Last night it rained and I went outside to give my husband a plate for the food he was BBQing and as soon as I put my foot on the first step I started sliding down the stairs, there are about 10 of them. I went all the way down hitting my lower back on each step, luckily I didn't hit my belly once but when I landed it was on my right side which is where the baby has been resting most of this pregnancy. My husband and I are really freaked out about whether I could go into preterm labour. I have been paying extra attention to how I'm feeling so I can pick up anything different. The baby has been moving as usual but I'm still pretty worried. Thank goodness I have a prenatal appointment today so she will be able to check me out and make sure all is good. I'm so p__sed at myself, only 4 weeks to go and this happens, freg just my luck! I will keep you guys posted and let you know how my appointment went.



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