August Mommies The Home Stretch

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boodahbaby - July 24

Hello all! I didn't post since last weeks docs appt. My BP was high and the midwife told me to stop walking???? Not sure how that changes anything, but I hated not being able to go on my nightly walks w/ the hubby and dog! So... I have been in the pool a little bit, but it's just not the same! Anyways, went today to the docs and the doc said, "walk, walk, walk, if you want that baby to come out"! Yeah, i am so happy about that bc I have been doing great w/ my weight and this week I gained 5 lbs... im sure due to not walking! so, she said that all looks wonderful and they will check me for dilation and effacement next week! She also said to get on the ball more and do more squats! She is a great doc and is in great shape w/ 2 kids... from the beginning she has been all about me and my exercise regimen! Anyway, congrats to Patti I believe she had her baby! I can't keep up with my own life more or less everyone elses... sorry if I seem out of touch! I'm getting so excited... got the hospital bag packed last night! Who's next to have theirs? Who is induced next? I will probably be last, although I have been having contractions since yesterday (not regular), but doc says that is exactly what should be happening right now. She seems to think I will go on time! Oh that would be very nice!


preggosauce - July 24

Hello ladies! Boodah- Thats great that you walk a lot!! I wish I could say I did, I just don't have the energy anymore. However, today I got my membranes stripped (again) so, I went to the mall with my family who is visiting from out of town, and walked walked walked. I'm SOOOOO drained right now. we'll see if kick starts anything this time around. Doc said I'm still only 1cm dialated and not thinned out at all. However he said the baby's head is VERY low. So, who knows. I can tell she's low though, I'm VERY uncomfortable in the lower region. Saturday I'm being induced as long as labor and delivery isn't too busy. So, it looks like baby's b'day will be July 26th of 27th! Can't wait to meet her!! I'm sooo excited, yet nervous too!!


bellybubble - July 25

Hey Boodah and Preggo - well we really are on the home stretch arent we! Yay! Well I have 1/2 packed my bags just got to get a few more things - due August 9th! I have been getting the WORST reflux at night and averaging about 2 to 3 hours total sleep - its sooooo frustrating - luckily I am not at work anymore or I would be a wreck haha. I hope everyone is doing great - I cant WAIT to meet my bub!!!!!


gabbysally - July 25

I'm up bright and early to wish Alicia good luck!!! i can't believe it's starting to happen for us. I'm so excited for you alicia and I'll be thinking of you all day. and Jamie, good luck tomm!!!!! can't wait to hear all 3 of your stories and see your little knuckleheads!!! xo


ekay03 - July 25

Morning guys. Well I went to the doc and he says the L and D nurse was generous and I am a 2 not a 3 and the baby is still not engaged so not to expect her to come in the next week. That made me feel great, lemme tell ya! And the b___d is going on vacation ALL NEXT WEEK!!! I did start to lose part of my plug yesterday, although that doesn't mean beans. My husband should be coming back from offshore on Sunday, so at least he'll be 3 hours away in Houston instead of 15 off the coast of Louisiana. Gabbi! How you doing honey? Are you and Ruby walking your little buns off?! Oh yeah, the good thing about yesterday's appt is I lost a pound. Yay.


cnasmom - July 25

hey i lost 2 lbs since monday! i think its water weight and she was still thinking i had pre e. my feet and ankles fluctuate really badly. i lost more plug today at least i hope it was plug, gloppy brown goo. lol. but she told me i'd bleed more this time than i did monday cuz she stripped my membranes and was really rough but i just spotted a little when i first got home and that was it. not like last time and she said last time those little clot things were normal. so i worried for nothing. she said once the cervix actually opens a little and they stick a finger in there it can cause it.


gabbysally - July 25

danielle, I have a killer headache today too. And I have a rehearsal dinner (for the wedding mike is in next friday) tonight over an hour away and I'm not looking forward to it. erin, I'm good aside from my headache!! I'm so lazy though - I have so much to do around the house and I can't get off the couch!!! I still haven't gotten the car seat installed or the hospital bag packed. me and ruby are going for at least one walk a day though, although it doesn't seem to be doing anything!! I'm thinking august 4th is the day, I have no idea why. I'm 39 weeks today, I thought this day would never come!!! I'm still in shock patti went so early. I can't wait to hear from her. erin, how are you??? I'm sending your package tomm :)


cnasmom - July 25

i went for a walk yesterday, boy my poor little back when i got home, lol. i walked to the pharmacy which is not quite a half mile to get my asthma medicine and walked back so almost a mile. woohoo. lol. im so tired here lately. i could just sleep the day away, other than pee breaks if ididn't have 2 little ones im 39 wks today too. i think maybe she will come on her own because i know this sounds weird but i have really been missing my brother like crazy and crying alot. my hormones are going crazy i guess.


mommaminchey - July 25

Good morning mommies.... I just wanted to pop by before we head to the hospital. I am so ready for today. I am actually not nervous *( which I have been all pregnancy) and I kind of have a calm over me. I am ready to do this!!!!! Anyways. I just wanted to say I can't wait for you guys to have your little ones and see there smiling faces. I love you guys so much and I am so glad that I got on this forum and met a great bunch of girls that i could share my ups downs and just everyday life... You guys are great and we have such funny stories. Like gabbis pants, pattis big b___bs, erins humor with everyday life, and then sad ones like danielles loss during her pregnancy. I will be thinking about you all today... And I will try and get the info out just as soon as I can... Your time is coming ladies... Enjoy!


ekay03 - July 25

Gabbi, check your myspace. I sent you a message. So you really think you are gonna go late huh? All my u/s have her due on the 3rd or 4th of Aug (even though they just kept it the 8th anyhow), so maybe we'll go together. At least someone will be an Aug mom with me! I can't believe ya'll are already 39 weeks. Crazy how long it's been right! Since Carl is coming home, or back to Texas rather, in just 3 days, I think I might start to actually do some stuff to work on getting her engaged. I might do some serious stair climbing. Danielle, I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now. Here's a big ol hug for you.


cnasmom - July 25

thanks erin. it has been rough the last few days for some reason. You girls are awesome. I agree with alicia. I can't wait to see pics. i never could get pattis pic to download :( my phone didn't take that kind of message i guess. she better post some on her myspace! i can't wait to see mason alicia! i bet he is a cute little b___terball! my babies come out kinda chunky then get skinny like their daddy! i don't think i'll ever get a cute little chubby baby, lol. i keep on bouncing on my ball but i don't guess its doing nothing for me dang it. i was having lots of contractions last week but not so many now. that sucks.


anamariaflorencia - July 25

Don't worry certainly won't be last. I'm not due till the 17th and I think she'll probably be late and I'll have to be induced around the 27th. I just hope people will still be around this Aug. mom's forum by then. Has your baby dropped yet?


Hopeful3 - July 25

Wow, I feel like I am the only one not having contractions. I swear my baby is really enjoying her time in there!! I'm amazed at how many of us are already having their babies. I'm not due until the 6th, but everyone keeps telling me that I will never last that long. I think they are actually giving Brynley the motivation she needs to stay I can't wait to see everyone's pics of their babies. I've actually got to go to town today, so I have to go get ready. I'll check back in later though. You girls have a good day!!


Hopeful3 - July 25

Oh, I do have a question. Even though I haven't been having contractions, I have been having a lot of pressure down there. To the point that sometimes when I stand, I feel like she's about to fall out **(I only wish it were that simple!!)**. Could this be a sign of impending labor? I'm beginning to get anxious, but I can't help it.


cnasmom - July 25

Leah, has ur doc checked you? maybe the baby has dropped down. first pregnancies they can a few weeks before labor starts. that puts a lot of pressure on you down there. my computer is really irritatin gme, its really slow right now


preggosauce - July 25

Hello again ladies!! *YAY* for Alicia!! I'm SO excited for her!!! I can't wait to see pictures of her little guy!!! Well, the membrane strip from yesterday hasn't put me into labor *yet*. I have 24 hours to get going on this labor thing before induction. I don't think its going to happen *sigh*. The Doc said he didn't want to do an aggresive sweep of the membranes because the baby's head was sooo low, he didn't want to risk breaking the water....Ahhh. oh well, I knew I'd have to be induced...Oh, and I've had a sinus headache too...and I get dizzy ...I think it might be allergies? I don't know but it sure stinks to just add one more symptom to my list of already uncomfortable pregnany symptoms...oh well...home stretch baby!!!


KITKAT01 - July 25

Good luck Alicia can't wait to hear how everythig goes...Gabbi hope you make it for that wedding you are cuttin it a lil close there... i am so ready for 10 pm today its my last day of work!!! leah those mat pics are sooo cute something you will get to show your lil one later in life...I kinda like that i am having a c-section i went for my checkup yesterday and no internal it was great i hated that last week...prego good luck tomorow i hope they are not to busy and you get in and have you'r lil one !!!



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