August Mommies To Be

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sweetsouthernbelle - July 3

Im due August 24th and i see alot of women due in September but none in August...where is everyyone?? ready for my due date to get here i cant wait to see his/her about everyone else???if you know the s_x of your baby then ur more than welcome to share....:D


Olivene - July 4

Hi. I'm due Aug 9th- so that's 35 weeks tomorrow. It's a girl. I can't wait to see her either, but it is my first so I'm a little nervous. If I go two weeks overdue- when they become willing to induce here- I could have her around your due date, but I hope it is sooner. Is this your first, too?


mary70131 - July 4

Hi ,I am due on August 29th and cant wait to have my little girl in my arms.I cant sleep at night.I have 8 more weeks to go.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 4

yea this is my first too...have you guys picked out any names yet?...


alverran - July 4

Hello Sweetsouthernbelle and everyone! I am due 16 Aug (can't wait). We did not find out what we are having this is our first. I am dying with carpel tunnel in both hands and the heat is killing me. I know it's all worth it in the end.


Ca__sie06 - July 4

hi! I am due August 8th, 35 weeks today!! I am having a boy, and his name is Connor Ethan.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 4

hello alverran i can sympathize with you on the heat..South Georgia weather isnt very nice to pregnant like that name connor ethan...thats pretty....i dunno what im having but i have names picked out ya'll can tell me what ya think...for a girl Sierra Cheyanne...and for a Boy Dominic Michael...hehez...Happy 4th by the way:D


krystina - July 4

hi .. im due august 24th too!


sweetsouthernbelle - July 4

thats ready to have u know what you're havin yet?


cindi - July 4

Hi everyone...i'm due Aug. 13th wit my second boy.


Shannah - July 4

I am due august 12, with out first child and it is a boy. I can't wait and hope he comes early!


sweetsouthernbelle - July 4

i just want to take a moment to go ahead and wish EVERYBODY luck in their pregnancies be it c-section or v____al delivery....epidural or not....good luck to you all:Dif anyone would like to add me to a messenger my yahoo is [email protected] and my msn is [email protected] to talk to u guys later....JeSs~~!!~~


alverran - July 5

Jess I love the names you picked out. My DH and I are still up in the air with the girls' name. I think I am having a boy, but really I will not know until the D-Day. I wish everyone great rest and healthy babies.


DeeJay - July 5

Hello, I'm due August 22nd, 7:30 am, and I am camping out on the hospital doorstep! I can't wait! I am happy that it is almost over and I will get to see my little girl soon, but right now I am suffering badly from carple tunnel, and bad swelling from all the heat and humidity, and very bad bad pain especially after working all day. My allergies aren't making anything more pleasent either. Amazing what one little baby can do to you, but I just keep thinking 7 more weeks, the longest and shortest 7 weeks of my life!1 But at least nothing dangerous to the baby or myself, so I have to think positively, right?!!! I feel her move a lot, but it is always very low, a lot of you say you feel rib kicks and such, but I always feel her below or near the belly b___ton. Is that normal? She moves alot so I guess its just her position. Well, good luck to everyone!!


mary70131 - July 5

My little girls name will be Brooklyn Alexis.


moucheka - July 5

I'm 34.5 weeks and the end can't come soon enough! I can't wait to meet my baby girl but I also have not enjoyed being pregnant at all!


sweetsouthernbelle - July 5

i am the COMPLETE opposite...i absolutely LOVE being pregnant...:D...feelin the baby kick is an amazing feeling until it kicks me in the ribs then it kinda hurts but besides that im enjoyin every minute of it..:D



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