August Or September

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ITSABOY - July 15

Hi everyone we are still playing the waiting game?My due date is sept 3rd i will be 33 weeks tommorow i am so excited but i just feel like i am ready now i no the baby is not ready untill 37 weeks but he feels so heavy!Does anyone else feel like they want to take their belly off for just a little while.The doc has not told me about how big the baby is alll he will say is this is going to be a big baby!I just am so curious as to will this be a august ot september baby its just i really hope its early sept or mid to late august bc i getting so big.Through this whole pregnancy so far i have not gained any weight i have lost 10 pounds so i have not gained to much.The doc is not worried bc the baby is big and i was 260 pre pregnancy so i was big to start with but does everyone feel like their baby is big?I really think he will be big and i want to go at 39 weeks at the latest but baby will come when he is ready i am sure.How is everone else feeling?Is anyone wanting baby to come between 37 to 39 weeks?


Jen - July 15

I have gestational diabetes so they are constantly checking the baby for growth. They will now allow him to get too big, they said they would induce me if it got to that point. I will be 29 weeks tomorrow and at my doc appt on Wed they said he is 2 lbs, 11oz. I too do not know if I am having a September or October baby lol. The due date is Oct 1, but now they keep saying end of Sept.


Olivene - July 15

My baby was 5.5 lbs at 33 weeks, according to the estimate by ultrasound. I also feel huge and I'm tired of people asking if it will be twins. I keep trying to tell myself that it will all happen as it should, but my level of anxiety will probably rise the longer I wait. I also keep reminding myself that these estimates are often wrong! My family has all made predictions for the birthdate and the latest one is the day before my due date. Maybe they are just being kind! I am due August 9th, so I am guessing this will be an August baby, but I wouldn't be upset if she decided to make an appearance in late July, as long as it happens naturally! Hang in there. It isn't much longer!


ITSABOY - July 16

Wow jen your baby sounds big too!When i was 21 weeks is the last ultrasound i had and the doc told me he was almost 2 pounds then but my doctor always measures my baby but never tells me anything.He does not guess on the weight or tell me his position i just want to know.Is this normal?


ITSABOY - July 16

Olivene they gave you a ultrasound at 33 weeks my doc said the only way i will get another ultrasound is if something is wrong.I wish i could see my little one again.I read 33 weeks he should be around 5 pounds so that isnt to bad but it sounds like he will be big also.I hope my baby come around 37 weeks to be honest.


littlemama1022 - July 16

At 34 weeks the doctor felt and said she weighed around 4 pounds which is a little small but my first daughter was a little small and she was full term so he's not worried.


Mingill - July 16

I've also got gestational diabetes, and they are keeping a close eye on baby's growth, the due date is Sept.8. I wouldn't be upset if baby came early. We're planning a big trans-city move and if baby came before we had to leave our old place, it would save me a lot of trouble trying to find someplace to stay for a few weeks in Sept.


melanie - July 17

Hi ladies, I already had my baby she will be 4 weeks today but I wanted to jump in here and say I had an ultrasound at 25 weeks and she was 2lbs 5oz. they didnt say anything to me and I felt really heavy once I got into 30 weeks and beyond I just felt like I ahd a monster inside of me. well I went 10 days overdue and they felt my belly and said they estimated beby would be around 8lbs WRONG. She came out weighing 11lbs 1oz and they were surpised as hell but I wasn't because I could feel all of that weight inside of me. I am not overweight and I don't have diabetes but they kept asking me if I did and kept testing the baby. Some of us just have big babies.


ITSABOY - November 5

I had my baby at 37 weeks he was 7lbs 13.5 oz



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