Aurora Catherine Is Here

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lovinmybaby - February 3

I went into labor on the 30th (2 weeks early!) and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just 3 hours later! We decided to let our 3 year old name her. He had just watched sleeping beauty with his cousin the day before and he said he wanted his baby sister to be Aurora! It totally fit her! We've been calling her Rory. Good luck to the rest of you and hope your labor goes as smoothly as mine!


Jadejewels - February 3

so happy for you......Congrats to you and your family!! :0)


patrizia - February 3

congrats---AURORA in italian means sunrise. very nice.


disneymommy79 - February 3

Congrads, Thats awesome. I Love the name. Thats what I wanted my baby's name to be if i was having a girl but at the time we were talking about it with my 6 year old she got mad and said NO. She was the princess! But I had a boy anyway. I hope all is well and you heal fast. :)


MommyMeg07 - February 3

OMG my heart is broken right now! I thought I had come up with the most original name in the world for my daughter when I thought of Aurora! ha ha, d__n.... but congratulations!!!!!!!


lovinmybaby - February 3

At first I wasnt too into the name ( i haven't heard it before) But I thought it was sweet that my son Liam wanted to name her after a princess! It totally fits her now. Are you still pregnant with your daughter?


MommyMeg07 - February 3

Yes, I have 13 days left until my due date!! I will most likely still name her that. I'm glad you hadn't heard of it before - that's rea__suring - I thought it was just more common than I had originally thought or something. It is SUCH a sweet name, and Rory is a precious nickname. We'll just have original daughters together... ha ha. I also think Liam is SUCH a handsome name for a boy.


tritty - February 3

congrats on your little girl. i had mine one day later than you :) maybe next baby i won't have to pick out a name and just do what you did (i'll just make sure that the disney movie she watches has a name i really like in it :) ) enjoy!



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