Austin Lee Born 6 1 Horrible C Section

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Jenn - June 8

Hi ladies! I had Austin Lee June 1st-8 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long. He's great! Real cute too! As most of you know I had a scheduled c section. I ended up getting stuck 5 times for the spinal-come to be it was a trainee working on me-it took a half an hour just to get it in-it was awful. But when that was over I thought that that was the worst of it-but it wasn't. After they pulled Austin out I started feelingsome slight pain to the right of my belly button as the doc was st_tching me back up. Then I felt the st_tches-the anthesia doc said that I should just feel pressure and tugging-I began shaking and crying cause the pain was the most awful thing that I have ever felt in my whole life. My husband had to get up and leave cause he thought I was going to die when I started shaking. I thought at the time that he was getting sick. They had to give me a high dose of something that made me hallucinate-I was walking in sand dunes-when I was brought to I was in awful pain. Then, I developed the worst rash ever that they have no idea where it came from and I still have it. So, the whole thing sucked and I don't think I will be having anymore kids bc with my history I am not a candidate for a VBAC-at least not in Ohio. But, my son is well and that is all that really matters. Just wanted to share my story.


ashley - June 8

I think I have learned one thing from your story..... Make sure the guy giving me an epidural/spinal is not a TRAINEE. I think my first clue will be if he comes in with another guy observing or read his name tag. Im sorry you had such a c___ppy experience. At least you have a wonderful baby out of it!


lindsay - June 8

THOSE are just a couple of reasons why i think i'll die if i have to have a c-section as a result of my induction... seriously, i can't imagine anyone electing to chance that happing... just my own personal opinion, no one jump me please, i know they can turn out ok, but DAMN! anyways, SO glad to hear that you and little austin made it ok, congratulations... i wish you a good recovery and above all else, enjoy your new little love!


lindsay - June 8

oops... "happening" is what i meant, lol


Nita_ - June 9

aawww Jenn, so sorry to hear that you had such a c___ppy c-section. But am happy that you have a cute little baby!! Enjoy and take care with your recovery!


Tanna - June 9

You know I may have asked this already, but where in Ohio are you from? That sounds like a really bad delivery experience, and if you are the one from the same town in Ohio as I am, although I have already had two children, it worries me a little that we may have the same hospital staff!



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