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andy - February 12

a little question ... everyone told me that avent bottles are the best way to go ... being 33 + w , I already bought some , but now I´VE been reading that they tend to leak , in other hand I think the soothie ones are cute , and am thinking on buying some , but maybe will wait ... ok what bottles have you bought or use .... or KNOW THAT WORK ??? I really worry about the baby colics , but I don´t want my little one to be soaked after feeding ... thanks


xoxticiaxox - February 12

I talked to a mum of 4 and she said that the dollar store bottles worked best for her. Ive bought the avent ones, because they reduce bubbles in the babys tummy. Any bottle could leak...I know alot of people who use them and have no problems...


Diann - February 13

both of my sils use avent and both babies spit up just as much if you used reg bottles. i did like the cleaning system. But looking at the bottle there is no way for the air to escape the bottle causing the formula to bubble up adding air when the baby takes a breath. personally i will be using playtex nursers when required. at least you can push the air out of the bottle so no air is present and cleaning is simple. just throw away the bottle liner. toss the cantister into the dishwasher. hand wash the nipple and sterilize in hot water. As for colicy babies nothing can stop that my 15 yr old ds was one and there is not a thing you can do to prevent it. You can get gripe water or oval drops to help with the discomfort. as well as help the baby get rid of the gas in the tummy by pushing its legs up to its tummy helping it to fart. this worked well with my ds.


Diann - February 13

sorry got happy fingers...... plus avent are very costly


xoxticiaxox - February 13

I cant afford to keep buying the bags for the playtex bottles...but it does seem better....advemt ones aret cheap...but I think they are cute...and no bags...just a little extra cleaning !lol! xoxoox good luck girls and Diann thanks for the leg pushing tip...I would have never known lol xoxooxx


Selena - February 13

I like the vent airs the best. They have always worked great for dd.


Faye84 - February 13

Ive heard Dr browns are great. they are a little more spendy though and take a little longer to wash but everyone i talk to loves them. Thats the brand Im going to use.


HEATHER - February 13

advent do leak, not at first though. The nipples are tougher than the playtex nursers. If your bfing too, you will have to see which your baby prefers. My dd would ONLY take a playtex nurser when she did have abottle. advents were too hard. I like the liners sooo much easier!!!


Lala - February 13

I got b___stflow from the First Years Brand (same as soothie) for when I go back to work. I am nursing exculsively now. I hope they work as well as everyone says. Also, my baby only likes the soothie pacifier. Take care


cindernar - February 13

Andy, I had Avent bottles with my son, and I remember getting so p__sed when they started to leak, thinking, "Why did I buy the expensive ones that are supposed to be so good?" HOWEVER, my hubby called the Avent people -- I guess because he likes to start s*&t -- and they told him that we were probably closing the bottles up TOO TIGHT. They said they were designed to be closed just until you feel resistance. When you feel resistance, stop turning. We started doing that, and guess what? The leaking stopped. Since then, I was very happy with my Avent bottles. Dr. Browns are OK, but they are a pain in the b___t to clean!!! Of course, if your baby is really colicky, that may be the only bottle you can use. I wouldn't start out with those, though. I've never used the liners. Those seem like they would be easy.


disneymommy79 - February 13

i bought Avent with my dd & hated them This time I bought Evenflo Elan Bottle . i love them there easy to clean and ds seems to have no problem bottle and b___stfeeding.


Carly67 - February 18

I have always used the playtex nurser with my three children, I am pregnant 33 weeks now with my fourth and will use them again. I did buy the Winnie the Pooh Soothies to maybe use when he is older for a change but really because I liked the design and I have the wide Playtex Vent Airs on my registry but really recommend the Playtex disposable nurser system.


zay28 - February 18

I use playtex, in my opinion are the best, they are expensive like avent but three times much better. They have a bubble free system that reduces colics and gases. Used playtex Vent aire if you really want to avoid that your baby suffers from colics...


Tracy88 - February 19

My sister in law has had 3 kids and she swears by the Playtex disposable system, so I am going to use them and get some doctor Brown's in case we have an issue with gas. She said the Dr. Browns are a pain to clean, but I'd rather clean than have a colicy baby ya know?


Carly67 - February 19

My third baby was a colic baby and I have to be honest when they have colic it is not usually from the bottles and often last three months no matter what. I am sure the playtex bottles and Mylecon drops I used made it better but true colic babies suffer from it and it is not really due to the bottles but to how there stomach is reacting to the b___stmilk and formula. My first two were not colicky babies and I am hoping that my fourth due in April will not suffer from it. It is a long three months when they do.


Tracy88 - February 19

Good to know Carly!


kerryv - February 20

i was told to buy one of everything b/c you never know what will work for your baby! i have avent, dr. browns and soothie so far...



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