AVERSION Your Help Needed 37 Weeks

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micsmms3 - November 21

Hi, I just got back from my weekly visit, and my baby is breech. The doctor wants me to come into labor and delivery this evening to do an aversion. This is the manual turning around of the baby, in hopes to get her in the right position. Anyone heard of this? I'm not finding much information. Worst case scenario is that the baby would be very distressed and they would do an emergancy c section. Your info is very appreciated, Mich__le


Kiersten - November 21

Is there a medical reason she needs to come early? Personally, I wouldn't do it. She's still got three weeks to turn and will probably do it on her own. Good luck whatever you end up deciding. You're almost there! :)


micsmms3 - November 21

I canceled it. Because- there is nothing wrong with her, no medical reason to turn her- just to get her in the right position for v____al delivery. I felt it too risky, why distress her when she's fine. When it's time to deliver, and if she's still breech then I'll just have the c section. I have a few weeks to go, and I'd rather make sure she has plenty of time to grow and get strong. Shew, kinda stressful day!!!


Teddyfinch - November 22

uh yeah ok, usually the aversions go fine. you should have let your doc attempt to turn the baby. the baby can distress just as much being breeched when you go into labor. good luck, though. oh yes and they do the aversion so that the baby is in the right position early enough. it will be harder for it to turn on its own the bigger it gets so its best to do it now. thats why the doc has the MD on their name ;-)


Kiersten - November 22

Teddy, they do have MD on their name, but that doesn't mean they know everything. :) Many times doctors try to rush things that would more times than not work out on their own. No need to make micsmms3 feel bad for her decision. I would've done the same thing. Mic...try finding some at home tricks to getting her to turn. There are a lot and many of them work well. Even if you had done the aversion she could've just turned back to breech. Babies tend to have a mind of their own! BTW, it IS possible to deliver a breech baby if all is well and your doctor has done it before. Good luck on your upcoming delivery! :)


micsmms3 - November 22

I'd much rather if she was 3 weeks "stronger", and have to have a c section if she's still in the breech position. They said that they wouldn't try to deliver v____ally if she's breech. My US last tuesday at 36 weeks said she's just 5.5 lbs, a little small, 25th percentile. I mean, there are pros and cons to everything. My gut told me to wait and see what happens, as long as she's doing well and growing. I may try some of the "turning" tricks! I read about a few, we'll see!


Teddyfinch - November 23

dont mind me. I was due on the 17th so a little cranky LOL.


Kiersten - November 23

I knew you were over and have been feeling bad for you. :) She just thinks you made a nice, cozy place for her and doesn't want to leave it! Give her the eviction notice!! lol


Teddyfinch - November 23

oh i have been! my hips are killing me but i've starting walking lol. nothing seems to be showing that she's on her way so i have this feeling i'll have to be induced in early december. *sigh!*


potter-nut - December 10

Maybe part of the reason you had trouble finding info is because the procedure is a "version", not an "aversion". It's short for external cephalic version or ECV. Anyway, I had one attempted when my last baby was 39 weeks (I would have tried sooner but we only found out he was breech two days before). The baby would not turn because his bum was already engaged in my pelvis. He went into fetal distress so I had an emergency c-section, which I really didn't like. I much preferred my first v____al birth. If you change your mind and decide to try the version, make sure the doctor pushes the baby back out of your pelvis first, or the chances of turning will go way down. Good luck. Let us know how it goes (or went, if you already had the little girl!)



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