Avoid Cats

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Francesca - June 8

I have four cats and one child - do you know that the easiest way of getting toximoplosis is by unwashed salads, fruit and veg. I will not be getting rid of my cats or dog or other child or husband - animals are there to be respected not scared off - is this another urban myth!!!


anne - June 8

look at the article carefully.. it says once you've had it, you DONT get it again.


Kellyb - June 8

If you are freaked out, ask your doctor for a test. They can test for Toxoplasmosia and can tell if you have ever been exposed to it, immune to it or whatever. Simple as that. It's a blood test.


Heather - June 9

you're a dumba__s if you believe her. its called toxoplasmosis and its not from a scratch. your aunt shouldnt be changing litter boxes thats where it comes from not a scratch.


anne - June 9

actually, she is right too. the toxo can be under the cat's claws. their paws touch dirty litter, etc.


Sheila - July 7

Now, I'm scared! I have a cat that plays a little rough. He always leaves bloody scratch marks on me when we play (don' t need any comments on that). But, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and worried that maybe he has transmitted this Toxi...thing to me. We've always played kind of rough and i suppose I would have had to have been exposed to it by now. But his litter gets kind of dirty in between changes and ... I don't know... I'm just really really scared. I'm 39, prone to miscarriage, never had a child yet and THIS is freaking me out!


KrisD - July 7

Please don't worry - tons of women have had healthy pregnancies with cats in the house - past generations never knew anything about this... Besides, the number one way this infection is spread is through produce that is not washed thoroughly. Talk to your doctor about it - I even talked to my vet about it - most cat owners have already been exposed. My dr tested me for it and I had been.


Jbear - July 7

Sheila, please don't get worried by this. Most cat owners are already immune. I read this when it was first posted and thought someone posted it just trying to scare people for fun. Some people will do things like that. One thing about pregnancy, everyone thinks they're an expert and you will get tons of advice from total strangers, coworkers, friends, even relatives, that is just a bunch of bull. Ignore the most ridiculous things (like a full moon and a thunderstorm causing preterm labor) and ask your doctor about the things that truly worry you. Because of your age you'll probably have a lot more tests (and a lot more rea__surance) than most of us, and I'm sure everything will turn out fine.


jsmith (hubby) - July 7

Amber K, Thanks for freaking out my wife, she is already worried about everything from eating too mcuh broccoli to walking outside during a full moon! These threads should not be posted unless followed by solid facts and the complete story. These scare tactics do nothing but create problems for the preganant women on this forum to the husbands and on to the doctors who have to field calls from women who got scared by reading a random post on these forums!! Thanks to all for the follow up posts here which helped my wife to relax...


Jbear - July 7

Jsmith and Sheila, I wanted to suggest a book...What To Expect When You're Expecting...I've read a lot of pregnancy books and this is the most rea__suring. It helps you sort out the real issues from the old wives' tales, and it deals with emotional and physical changes month by month. Also, don't believe everything you read on this website. Everyone shares what they know, but they really don't know everything. I've seen a lot of superst_tions presented as fact here. There's a website called babyzone.com that has a calendar you can customize with your due date, so that it will tell you how many weeks you are, and how many days you have left, and has lots of articles with facts (rather than the opinions you'll read here).


jsmith - July 9

jbear, Thanks, I bought that book right when we found out we were pregnant. It is very helpful but my wife's emotions are very strong right now (as I'm sure you know) and she reads into everything she sees, reads, hears. I don't blame her we just want what's best for our baby!! So that was what inclined me to post in this thread. Thanks again!!


Owner of four cats - July 11

I have four indoor/outdoor cats that I know kill birds--(he bird eat the cat food). I have never had toxo. I had my husband change the litter boxes. We also bought several Litter Maids, so that when he is out of town and I have to change it, my contact with kitty poo is limited. I had a very healthy pregnancy and am still toxo free. So to all of you cat lovers its possible to keep your indoor/outdoor kitty if just take precautions that are common sense. Also it should be noted that kitties that never go outside or eat raw meat from ANY source are unlikely to be infected with toxo. Please read May's post too. It has lots of factual info that anyone--including YOU can Google( or whatever is your fav search engine) for. Happy pregnancy!


To Jsmith - July 11

Sounds like AmberK may have wanted what was best for ur baby too which is what prompted her to post in the first place.


~S~ - July 11

Just an F.Y.I. If you own a cat and your pregnant, there's no need to freak out and throw your cat out of the house for good...It is possible that a pregnant woman can be infected with toxoplasmosis IF she has not yet built an immunity towards the virus or if the cats fecal matter is ingested. Why you would NOT wash your hands after changing the kitty litter is beyond me. If you've been around cats for sometime prior to becoming pregnant, that most likely you have already developed an immunity to toxoplasmosis. Also, if your cat has had it's shots and is up to date, and if your cat is an indoor cat, then the chances of it carrying toxoplasmosis is not so great. Besides, if you change the litter regularly and keep it clean, you're good to go because tomoplasmosis begins to develope and multiply a few days after the feces have been deposited. It's always best to have someone change th litter for you, but if you have to do it on your own then wear disposable gloves and wash your hands afterwards. Everything should be okay.


rachel - November 9

I had a still born child nearly six years ago and was asked if I had come in to contact with any cats as I do not have one but my friend did. Toxoplasmosis was found in my blood although they found nothing else either to conclude what happened as she was perfectly healthy thats all that showed up on post-mortem but may not be the cause but I was told by my consultant that cats have been known in many cases to cause still births and miscarriage wether you have one or not they pee and mess in anyones backyard you only have to do a bit of gardening to pick something up from a cat that is not wormed orlooked after properly


Me - November 9

Avoiding them certainly reduces the risk, especially outdoor cats. However, if you have someone else change the litterpan or wear gloves (better yet a mask too) you should be fine. It should be changed 2 or 3 times a day, never let it sit for 24 hours.



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