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MichelleB - November 24

Hi Girls...a new one! What are everyones plans for babies first Xmas. We are travelling to Ontario to see the inlaws...kind of a bummer, my first Xmas away from home :<. Kiev is up. TTYS


MichelleB - November 27

bump...whats happening...everyone is disappearing! Kiev and I are driving to Sydney tomorrow (my home town), so I wont be checking in for a bit. I hope to see some new chats when I return! Hope everyone is well. I posted some more pics of Kiev in his jumper...man he loves it! www.babybrownlie.piczo.com


lyn - November 28

We are staying in town because my dad is coming here for Christmas. It has just been a long week here. I don't know about you all but you'd think Kate was eating miracle grow. I cannot find any socks that will stay up on her. We are trying out some Old Navy ones now. I love that they have $5 shipping. And their clothes are so cute. Every outfit is out growing her too fast!! Kiev looks too cute in his jumper MichelleB!! Because of that photo I got Kate's Jumperoo out of the attic last night, and she thinks it's pretty sweet. She cannot lean back in it but it is high enough in the front that it keeps her upright. At least it makes her happy for 15-20 minutes. I swear I have a (if not the most) high need baby. But she is cute so she makes up for it. When do they laugh? I cannot wait till she does that!!


citrouille - November 29

aww Michelle, Kiev is soo cute! Lyn, I know what you mean about high need babies! Tristan is very calm and cute but he wants to be held all the time.. or feed 24/24.. I can't remember who gave the link for kellymom.com but it is very helpful so thank you! I had some concerns about whether I had enough milk but now I'm rea__sured. I've started a progestron only pill.. wasn't too keen about that but really don't want to get pregnant again just yet! I put up some pics of Tristan: http://www.citrouille.piczo.com/


Lucky1 - November 29

OMG, cit- he is absolutely adorable


Lucky1 - November 29

OMG, cit- he is absolutely adorable, I could see why you hold him all day.... Tristan is such a cutie!


Lucky1 - November 29

oops, I didn't mean to send the first one....


citrouille - November 29

thanks Lucky! how are things going for you with work and all? and how is your little sweetie doing?


lyn - November 29

Tristian is so adorable. Yes that kellymom website is the best. I use it at least once a week. i found it through a bunch of searches early on in the b___st feeding adventure, and it is the only one that had an answer for everything.


ekay - December 1

Ahhh, ya'll started a new thread, I accidently posted on the old one. Dang, Cit., Tristan looks like a big boy! I have JoJo in 6-9 month clothing and she is only 11 weeks. She has officially found her thumb which is a blessing right now because she sleeps from 10pm to 5am. She has really found her personality! I am gonna post some pics of the house we want to buy up and some pics of JoJo. Keep in mind this house is a fixer upper. www.dodomean.piczo.com


MichelleB - December 1

Cit, he is adorable! Getting so big! Kievis just down for a nap. He has started getting up for a bottle at 3am, then sleeping til 6, which is not that bad, considering he goes down at 7pm. he goes down for a catnap now which lets me get a shower (or check our site!) Lyn, I think Kiev laughed around 7 - 8 weeks, right after he started smiling and cooing. Now he just screams instead of laughs, but that is cute too. IEkay, the house is cute. The kitchen looks big, which is a bonus! and it has nice yard. As long as its in a good neighborhood, the fixes come in time. JoJo is getting so big! how old is she now? Ekay, you have to post a pic of yourself...I have no idea what you look like!


ekay - December 1

JoJo is 11 weeks and has just now really started getting a personality. Before she would just stare at me expressionless. I think the people were literally tripping on acid when they painted that house! Every room is a different color and a horrible one at that! I haven't posted the new pics of JoJo yet, I'll try to later. If you go to www.ekay.piczo.com you can see pics of me at my wedding. The only thing missing is the belly.......well, the belly with a baby in it!


Beth - December 4

Hello ladies, long time no post, hee hee. Anyhow, Cit, Tristan is absolutley adorable!! Alyssa is getting so big too, I am on my laptop right now and all the pictures are on my big computer so I will post some when I get a chance!! Ekay, I love the house, the kitchen does look big and I LOVE the bay windows!!


Beth - December 4

oh oh oh and in answer to Michells's question, we are staying here for the holidays since it will be our last one here. Last year we had Thanksgiving here at our house but for Christmas we didn't even get a tree because we went to my fiances mom's house for Christmas Eve and then over to my moms house on Christmas. So this year we had Thanksgiving here and we will also have Christmas here because nex year we will be in Texas having our first holidays there. I am getting kinda nervous, its really happening, we already had one open house, a ton of walk throughs actually we already had two today and another walk through is supposed to be on their way now and then we are having another open house this Sat.


ekay - December 4

Hey Beth...have you guys already put an offer in on that house in Austin? We will hopefully put our offer in on that house we are looking at either tomorrow or Tuesday. We're gonna offer $68,000. The people that own it are pretty much in pre-forclosure so there isn't much wiggle room in what they would be willing to take. So I am nervous right there with you Beth! Do you guys remember Kara? I wonder how she is doing. And Jennifer! She was the one with Madelynn right?


nm - December 5

Hey ladies...How is everyone doing? Jessica will be 4 months tomorrow:)


Beth - December 6

Ekay, yeah we put an offer on it, but they declined it because they want us to have a contract on our house here first. . .oh well. We have a specific list of more houses we found online and so when we do get a contract on our house we are flying back out to look at those houses specifically. We got two offers on our house the other day but we denied one of them, they were offering like 100 thousand less than what we are asking, we thing the guy was some sort of investor, and the other one we counter offered . ..so we will see!!



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