Babies Reaction To Noise All The Things That Maybe Wrong

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kazforrest - February 23

I’m 36 weeks and all seems well, despite the fact in the last week i am obsessing about things that could be wrong with the baby. I’ve been through everything but one that’s sticking in my head is that the baby does seem to react to noises as such. I can’t remember him reacting to any particularly noise. We don’t really have a lot of noise in the house, don’t listen to music often and would never have it load unless at a party and haven’t been to one in the last 5 months. I work in my own office but does that mean I wouldn’t notice this. He moves a lot but this is really worrying me.


mjvdec01 - February 23

So, you are 36 weeks pregnant and the baby doesn't move with noise stimulation? I really wouldn't worry about it. Things are pretty loud in the womb, the baby hears your heartbeat most prevelantly and the sounds of your digestion. The other thing to remember is that during the day, your movement luls the baby to sleep a lot of the time. They usually wake up when you become still. Unless you OB expresses a concern, I would let it go. I am currently 18 weeks 2 days pregnant with our second child and never has my OB asked me about noise stimulation, atleast not until after birth. Try to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy. :0}


treshala - February 23

Kaz i have worried about how would me watching horror films affect the baby lol. so i understand what you are saying. im actually not sure but some people say so much stuff...some people say that if you are angry during your pregnancy then your baby will be mean and if you are scary the baby will be scary...i personally dont believe all this thoug


swollenangel - February 24

Kaz- u hav nothing to worry abt! When i was pregnant wit my lo,i got no reaction from her wit any noises...loud or soft... Now that she's out in the world she is so alert and responsive its hard to believe she was only a week old 2days ago!



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