Baby Alexander Is Here

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jna1204 - February 26

Hello ladies....well, my son has finally arrived!! (After a very difficult month 1/2) Since Jan 9th I was put on bed rest due to preterm labor. I was having contractions that were strong enough to dialate me but I was only 32 weeks so ofcourse they did everything possible to stop it. I was put on a home monitor for contractions and on a terbutaline pump that would give me some medication every 4 minutes through my thing to stop contractions. At 36 weeks I was removed from the monitor and terbutaline and to my surprise the baby was very comfortable in there and apparently didnt want to come out anymore. At 37 weeks when i went to see my Dr I hadnt dialated and my baby was still real high, I was really uncomfortable though and the Dr told me he would induce me the following week if I'de like to when I was 38 weeks and 2 days, I accepted it and was induced on Feb 21st. I arrived at the hospital at 6:00am and I was 2cm dialated which made me really happy. Before I continue, this is my second. I had my daughter 6 years ago and it was 3 hours total time from the time i left home to the time she was born and I had absolutely no labor pains, not even cramps and ofcourse I THOUGHT this one would be easier. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! So ladies, please dont listen to everyone who tells you that your second is always better than the first because its not true. Well, I was immidialy put on pitocin and 3 hours later was in a lot of pain and had only dialted to 3cm. I was so upset, I asked for medication and they put something in my IV which put me to sleep but I would wake up screaming with pain every 2 to 3 minutes and go right back to sleep, it was very uncomfortable. At 1pm, I was checked again and was only 3 1/2cm. I was crying so much of how much pain i was feeling and really couldnt believe i had only dialted 1/2 a cm with all those strong contractions. Well, the nurse broke my water with her hand checking me really rough and that actually sped up the process. I was put on Epidural at about 2:00pm and dialted to 7 cm in like 30 minutes. Alittle while later I felt a lot of pressure and the urge to push and when i was checked i was 9cm and then 10cm right away. At about 3:30 I was ready to let my baby into this world.......Well, the baby was realy high and I was pushing as strong as possible and not getting anything out of it. It became very stressful for both me and the baby and the Dr almost performed a C-section but I tried really hard and my baby came into this worls at 5:25pm on the 21st. It was a little scary because his heart rate dropped to the 70's and he didnt even cry when he came out, they immidiately put him on oxygen. Thank god, he's really healthy now and we're both home enjoying each other. He weighed 8lbs 3oz and measured 20 1/2. I'm very happy but I think that IF there's ever a next time I rather not be induced and have him come naturally on his own. My personal opinion is that the induction made it worst since he was still so up high. Well, good luck to all ladies who are still expecting. I wish you the best.


sahmof3 - February 26

Congratulations. Someone else on here just had a baby the exact size of my oldest son and your baby was the same length and weight as my daughter LOL. Enjoy your new LO.


excited2bemama - February 26

Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your story!!


mira - February 27

congrats!!! and thanks for the story & the advice.


jna1204 - February 27

Thanks a lot!!



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