Baby At 33 Weeks

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mom2be11 - June 20

How much does your baby weight at 33 weeks? I just went to my Ultrasound and she weights exactly 4lbs and 16.2 inc. long. They said she's a little bit on the small side. What about yours? do you think she's a little small?? FYI, I was diagnosed with GD a few weeks ago, I thought when you had GD your baby tend to be bigger than usual. Thank you in advance.


allie2005 - June 20

I'm not sure but I have the same issue. Just went in today at 30.5 weeks and baby is 3 lbs, 5 oz, which is only the 24th percentile, not dangerously low, but small for his age. Did you get a percentile? That is the key indicator. My doctor said that they monitor babies who are less than 30th percentile for weight more closely, but as long as they are above 10%, they are not considered 'growth restricted' or in the danger zone. Here is an interesting chart where you can see exactly where your baby falls percentile wise. Your baby is 4 lbs, which equals roughly 1800 grams. Use that when you check the chart. Hope it helps!


mom2be11 - June 20

Thanks Allie2005. I did not get a percentile, I will ask next time though. I checked out the site, so mine is a bit under the 25th percentile? did I read the chart right? Thanks again


SamiB - June 20

Did you both get an ultrasound to get the weight and length?


Chrissythefairy - June 20

Hey here is a site to convert! thanks allie for the other site


Lala - June 20

Hello ladies, I have to say I don't put much stock in the US weights. Ask them for the error amount like is it +/- half a pound at that point? They can be quite a bit off. best to you all!


Kspa - June 20

Today I had an u/s @ 33 weeks. He was 5lb 8oz. Everything is measuring him and me at 36 weeks. He is still in the 90th percentile.


ashley - June 20

I had my baby at 39 weeks and she weighed 5 lbs 12 oz. They said that she was measuring 3-4 weeks off... So I would guess around 34-35 weeks the baby weighs around 5 1/2-6 lbs. So at 33 weeks she could weight 4 1/2-5lbs so she doesn't sound that small.


Been There - June 20

I don't put much stock into weight estimates either. Without literally weighing the baby, they don't honestly know. They are just best guesses based on the baby's bones. Only the real fat put on at the end will tell. Plus, they are measuring height. Some people are taller than others, some have larger or smaller frames. Why wouldn't that hold true just as well while in the womb?


ataylor724 - June 20

I'm reading this book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and it says that at 33 weeks the baby is about 4 1/2 pounds and 17 inches. My friend just had a baby though that the doctor measured at 7 pounds and he came out two days later at 8 lbs 10 oz. Dont worry about it because they can be sooo far off, plus every baby develops differently. You're not that far off the norm. I wish my doc would do another Us though, I'm at 33 weeks and feel so small, it would be great reasurrance to just have some idea even if it is completely off.


3babies - June 20

Hi ... I would try not to stress too much as the others have said, but keep in mind that they will probably send you for another us if they suspect bubs is still small. With my first I had high bp, and my us around 32 -33 weeks showed small baby but within normal, but at 35 weeks he had become growth restricted. I was sent for a scan then because the doctor could tell by feeling my belly that he was still small. He was born two days later and is now a healthy almost 6 year old. They will keep a closer eye on you because of the GD and the fact she looks small ... and yes, ultrasound estimates are +/- 20%. Good luck!


ashley - June 20

well i had said my daughter was aborn at 5 lbs 12 oz.. they had estimated her weight at 5 lbs 10 oz two days prior via U/S!


mom2be11 - June 21

Thanks ladies :)) You all made me feel a lot better :)))


Olivene - June 21

Hi, Mom2be11. It doesn't sound that small to me. I wouldn't worry too much. Are you pet_te? I am having my 33 week scan tomorrow. I'll let you know what they say about my baby's size then. I think it is a good sign that she isn't huge with you having GD. I'll get back to ya tomorrow.


mom2be11 - June 21

Hi Olivene, I think I'm pretty average, 5'3, 125 lbs pre-pregnancy. Hope to hear from you tomorrow. Thanks a bunch.


mindymay - June 21

when your diabetic, you have just the same amount of chance to have a small baby as you do a large. but she will still grow, so dont worry. they will keep up with you and your child. I am diabetic and deal with this stuff all the time.


Evonna - June 21

4lbs is exactly the weight a baby would be at 33 weeks looking into my pregnancy booklet. So it's normal girl.



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