Baby Clothes What Size Is Best

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coco797 - December 3

What size baby clothes is best for a newborn? I've been told that 6 months is best, but for my shower, I received clothes anyhwere from size newborn to 6-9 months. My OB says dd will be about 7 pounds, so I'm staying away from the really small sizes. I just need some advice here. What sizes are you buying? Or for those who have kids, what sizes did you use when your lo's were born?


DDT - December 3

My DS was born at 7lbs 4oz and for about 2wks could fit into premie clothes. He wore newborn size for about a month and then went into 0-3 months. He started putting on weight really quickly though. By 1 month old he weighed 10lbs 4oz. By 3 months he weighed about 14lbs. He started wearing 3-6 month size clothing when he was 3 months. Keep in mind that some clothes brands are generally smaller so check their sizing chart before buying. For instance, now at 9 months old my DS is wearing 12 month size clothing because of his length (29in) and also because he weighs 21lbs. If your lo is going to be about 7lbs is may be a good idea to get 2-3 newborn outfits, and then about 4-5 0-3 month outfits. GL!


josie4 - December 3

Your newborn will not fit into size 6 month clothing if she is 7 lbs at birth. My little boy was 7 lbs 1 oz and still fits into some of his newborn clothes. (He's four weeks old now and 9.5-10 lbs.) He's got some 0-3 month clothes that fit well and size 3 month clothes that are a little big. Buy some newborn clothes and if you don't want to spend a lot, just wash them frequently. Btw, my son outgrew his newborn diapers after 1-1.5 weeks.


Ashley86 - December 3

Yea, my son was born at 7 lbs 3 oz and he will not fit 0-3 months right now...It's took an outfit 0-3 months to the hospital and my MIL had to run to walmart to grab anewborn outfit for us. Fortunately we have plenty of clothes for all sizes at home (hubby and I stocked up like crazy on clothes plus everyone else was addicted to buying him cute clothes too lol...we mostly stick to onesies though, you'll see when your lo is born, My son jut got home last Tuesday and we already had to do a load of laundry for him today! They spit up a lot! lol. Oh btw, he is 10 days right now...and longevity wise, I would think 0-3 mos would be best once he pa__ses NB clothes.


alirenee86 - December 3

My son was born at 7 lbs 8 oz. and I wish I had more newborn sized clothes. People had told me before I had him that the sizes are all messed up and to by larger sizes because they grow out of them so quick. While I'm certain that's true, he's now 3 weeks old and doesn't yet fit into 0-3 months and still needs the newborn sizes. I wouldn't get a ton of newborn sized stuff because I think it's only for about a month as DDT said...but you need some tiny stuff for during those few weeks. The newborn sized onesie's and Gerber makes clothes that are called 'just born' and are that much smaller that they're not swimming in it. You can buy it at Babies 'R Us. Theyre cute and very inexpensive until they can fit into the cuter, nicer clothes/outfits.


January - December 3

My DD was 5lbs 12oz at birth.. she is still in some premie clothes as the newborn are still a lil too big.. She'll be a month old on the 7th and still wearing the premie clothes.. I'd make sure you have quite a few newborn sizes and 0-3mo, 0-6 are gonna be sooooooo big!!


LIN - December 4

My little guy is 6 weeks old today. He was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth and is now probably somewhere around 9 1/2 lbs. He's been able to fit into his newborn size clothing for about the last week and a half, though he still fits into some of his preemie clothes. He cannot yet wear any of his 0-3 months clothes. They're way too big for him.


javidsgirl - December 4

my dd was born weighing 7lbs 15oz and she fit into newborn clothes for about 2 weeks i wouldn"t buy many newborn clothes i would say buy 10 newbie outfits at the most. i would buy more 0-3 then anything because they grow out of clothes so fast my dd is 16 weeks now she wears 6-9 sleepers and pants she can fit into 3-6 shirts some 3-6 pants but very few.but then agian she is just long i swear she going to tapping my short b___t on the head when she is finished growing lol. also it really depends on the baby some babies take thier time putting on weight well other put in on like a bran storm so i would be prepared for anything really


javidsgirl - December 4

that is a barn storm not a bran storm lol


Jilloh - December 4

Just don't buy gobs and gobs of those clothes no matter what size. Newborn size buy just a few. 0-3 months just a few. 3-6 months a few more. 6-9 months a few more. When I had DS I got so many of the smaller sizes that I took them back and exchanged for the same package prints for a larger size. And I also agree don't always a 0-3 month label is the same size because my DS was wearing some 6-9 months quickly because they ran small. The chart on the back is a good indication. I have found that the charts on clothes is better for length then weight, but thats my personal opinion and experience. I would rather buy something a little to long then buy something that they are only gonna wear for a week or two.


sahmof3 - December 4

My oldest and middle babies went home in 0-3 months outfits. My oldest wore them for a month or so (he was 9 lbs. 5 oz. 21" at birth) and my dd (middle babe) wore hers a bit longer (she was 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20.5"). My youngest was 10 lbs. 6 oz. 22 3/4". He wore 3-6 months right from the start. He was too long for anything else because he never drew his legs up like most newborns... he straightened right out which made his feet/legs too squished in the outfits.


Faye84 - December 6

i would make sure to get 0-3 month clothing, My daughter was 7 lbs 10 ounces and was SWIMMING in it for about two months.


AngelinLuv - December 6

I bought a lot more of 3-6 months. And good thing too- Baby Gabe came out weighing 9lbs, 5 oz and just fitting into his 0-3 month clothes. Only a week after his birth, he's getting too tall for a lot of them. And he never even touched the newborn diapers.


Sims1 - December 6

holy geez Lin, i can't believe you had your baby? it felt just yesterday you said you're pregnant. Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you. I'm four months along yaaay!!!!


LIN - December 6

Thanks Sims, and congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Yep, my boy is already 6.5 weeks old (though he was born 5 weeks early).



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