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andy - March 6

soooo... How much is too much I have kind of everything right now , well , only 3 1/2 weeks to go , but how fast do babys outgrew of clothes , I don´t know when to stop shopping for 0 3 months or 3 6 months ...??? with how many sleepers or onesiers or hats did you got thru , This is my first baby so everything I see I want to buy .... Thanks a lot


xoxticiaxox - March 6

I was told they grow out of everything very quickly, especially in the beggining. I was told to have at least 4 of everything, and depending on when you have them...a bit more of some things. I was told 6 sleepers would be good, and 6 onsies, and a few hats, booties, lots of burp blankets, 2-4 good baby blankets. And as many outfits as I want, but to keep in mind that they grow out of 0-3 months VERY quickly. I was told to wait and buy outfits for 3-6 months...they last longer. I hope that has helped...there was a forum about a week ago with the same question, and everyone had different answers.


Steph - March 6

With regard to the onsies, I'd have at least 12...especially if your planning on b___st feeding. Their poop can easily seep out the sides, and you potentially can be changing their clothes a lot. My son is 8 months and almost 20lbs, and he can still fit into a lot of his newborn onsies. I personally think that the hats are a waste of money, they normally only wear them the first day or two, max. Also, it really depends on the baby, some grow out of clothes really quickly, other's don't. I think that your best bet would to make sure that you have sleepers that are a bit big, so that he/she can use them later on. It's funny, you'll see the 3-6 month size clothes and think that they are so tiny, but when you get your baby, they'll be HUGE! Normally hanging off their little tummy because their waists are not fat enough yet. :o) Good luck with your L&D!


Steph - March 6

Spit up rags are a lifesaver too! My son spit up TONS and I was always having to change his clothes and get new spit up rags. My best advice for those would be to use cloth diapers. They've always worked the best for me.


Tammy276 - March 7

my advice would be to have a lot of can never have enough....seriously, I think we have at least 30!! We changed my son so much in the beginning and having more just meant that we didn't have to do a load of laundry every single day!! Plan on changing cloths at least 2 or 3 times a day because they will soak through and spit up on them. As far as the sizes and how much to buy, it really all depends on how big your child is when born..I mean if you have a 10lb baby, chances are they aren't going to fit into 0-3 for that long since most go up to 12 they would need 3-6 month whereas if you have a 5 or 6lb baby, they will fit in 0-3 for a while.


Cevvin - March 7

Cloth diapers used for spit rags is awesome!!!! They absorb so much more, that means that the big spit ups wont be seeping thru to your shirt quit as much.


HEATHER - March 7

my dd was in 0-3 months well into her 4th month then was in 3-6 months till she was 8months 6-9 till almost her 1st birthday. she is now 18 months and sped threw clothes and is now in bottoms 12-18 month and tops 24 month.


ophelia73 - March 7

I worry about this too. Wondering how big she will be when I bring her home, and how fast she will grow. But, I found the greatest thing at Babies 'r Us over the weekend - Onesie extenders!! They snap to the crotch to make the onesies longer. I bought some, and will put some one my registry as well!


Carly67 - March 7

My first three were all big babies over 8 pounds and my third almost 9lbs. The really small onsies don't last too long on a big baby. I am having my fourth now and just washed some newborn onsies and thought they were so small that they would last maybe a week. Don't go overboard on really newborn clothes because they grow so quick. 3-6 months is okay for the begining but again depending how much your baby weighs and their length. My second baby was born 23" long so that all comes into play. In the very begining I love the gowns because it is so easy to change them during the night., I also have a lot of receiving blankets and cloth diapers and burp cloths. I buy way too much and know that there have been many occa__sions especially with gifts that the baby will outgrow clothes they have not even worn.


HEATHER - March 7

oh, yes buy gowns they are the best for nighttime diaper changes. try to look for things with out snaps, like zippars instead, snapps get fusturating when your overtired.



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