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Noodle - March 3

i just wanna have a moan because im fed up! lol. They tryed to induce me at 38 weeks. but my cervix just didnt want to know. now at 40 weeks 5 days my cervix still hasnt moved or even started! whats wrong with me! i have a 9lber in there! and shes just getting bigger and bigger! people keep telling me i should just go and have a section, but its not really the most tempting idea, as i dont want to recover from a major operation, and thats what that is. dont get me wrong, the baby isnt 9lbs because she is tubby. she is exceptionally long, which is understandable coming from a family of 6ft 6 men and 6ft2-4 women. her head is on the small side of normal, so im not worried about a va___al birth at all... im just wondering when my cervix is going to get its act together!


Kim - March 3

Sounds so familiar, my first child(daughter) was 9lbs 3ozs, and wouldn't come out for anything! I was almost 2 weeks overdue when they finally realized things weren't going to happen on their own, and induced me. The labor was not easy, it took a long time, but that was almost 13 years ago, and they have improved techniques a lot since then. The dr made me wait until I was 4 cm diliated for an epidural, and it took over 24 hours. He said epidurals slow down progress, but when I was 4 and they did the epidural, I dilated to 10 within a few hours. I think my body was just too exhausted to make any sort of effective progress at that point. When my sister had her daughter a few years ago, they gave her an epidural at 2 cm, a few hours after labor started, and she had the baby fast, the entire process only took about 10 hours. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor if you don't want to tough things out, there's no reason to be miserable when you don't have to ,and wasting all that energy on a long labor really makes the pushing stage tough. I wish things had been different back then!


Nicole - March 3

Kim, when you were induced did you have to stay in bed the entire labor or could you still get up and walk around until you had your epidural? I'm curious about what exactly happens if you need to be induced.


Girl Gilly - March 3

Noodle, how frustrating for you. I can only imagine how you feel. I am 36 weeeks and desperately wanting this baby to come. I guess your baby just likes it too much inside. Maybe you should eat some spicey food - make it uncomfortable for her! (of course, that may not sit so well with you either!). Good luck to you. We are all rooting for you!


jessielouwho - March 3

Hey, just wanted to let you know you are not the only one! I am 41 weeks today, as of my appointment last Monday I am not dialated and my cervix is not thinning at all! We'll see what happens this Monday. This week I've had a BPP (biophysical profile test) and a NST (non-stress test) results came back great on both of them, the baby is in no distress. The ultrasound showed my son weighing in at 8lbs! He is getting far too big and just about every movement he makes is getting rather painful for me! When do you go back to the doctors?


Kim to Nicole - March 4

Hi, yes, the dr encouraged me to walk as much as possible before the epidural, and I did a few times, but the pelvic pressure made it very difficult. After the epidural, I couldn't get up at all, of course. That was in the days before the "walking epidural". But, now they are different. I have only had c-sections since then, but my sister says now they make you feel sort of numb, but you can still move around fairly easily.


Noodle - March 7

well i go back this thursday in the morning for a sweep, thats if they can do one, they couldnt last week because my cervix was too posterior apparently. and then im admitted in the evening for induction. i have decided that i am only going to attempt one dose of prostin unless my cervix is more favourible, because if i STILL have an unfavourable cervix, its just going to be too painful, espicially if i end up in section anyway. i duno! never mind hey! shes coming out at some point soon anyway!lol



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