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ayesha11 - January 8

Hi Ladies, I'm due really soon with my first born and was wondering what clothes are practical to bring the baby home in. There are so many cutes clothes out there, but I want to make sure the baby is comfortable. I'm assuming, the baby will need a swaddle blanket and a heavy blanket also. Any suggestions on what type of clothes are the most practical and comfortable for the baby?


jennifer_33106 - January 8

I think alot of it depends on where you live and the weather conditions. If it is really cold there you are going to want to take an outfit that is going to be warm enough for the baby and obviously not a thin onesie type. Me personally, I am taking an outfit that DH bought for her that is more of a summer type outfit but it really isnt that cold here anymore and something to cover her up with. That outfit is 0-3 months and I am also taking though a newborn and a preemie outfit for her because we wont know how big she is. haha I wish I could be more helpful. I presonally think that if you wanna dress the baby up in a pretty dress or a little sweater and pants combo then go for it. I woudl though stay away from anything that could itch the baby though like lace. This is all advice I have gotten from others too. haha anyways good luck!!


Jilloh - January 8

A onesie or a sleeper are really nice because they are so easy to put the child into. In the hospital they are pretty much only in a t-shirt and a diaper, so when you go to dress them.....and remember they have the umbilical cord so you don't want anything that will be irritating.


Astra - January 8

I guess the weather is a big consideration, here it will still be pretty cold so I'll probably bring a long sleeve onesie and a sleeper with feet plus hat and blanket. I keep being told by friends also that babies don't retain body heat well, so I guess even if it is warmer out you might want something that covers the baby's legs...I also say go for comfort rather than style, you will have many opportunities to go cute, at the begining I'm sure you will be comforted if the baby is super comfie.


Cevvin - January 8

Footed Sleeper. They make lots of cute ones for small babies for this purpose. also pick on out, then after the baby is born, send hubby to get it at the store. This way you know what size to get for your baby to look most special in. My baby was 6 lbs 12 oz when we left he hospital and was swimming in her newborn outfit. wish we would have bought a premie size for her to come home in.


Iamamiracleangel - January 8

I'm in Northern Cali and it's about 60 here all the time, so I'm bringing him home in a long sleeved onesie with a pair of jeans with a blanket.. I think the hospital gives you a blanket too? I'm not so sure though.


sarah21 - January 8

For all you cold weather folks, they have these awesome, fluffy covers for carseats that have an opening to allow the baby to breathe and a hole for the buckle of the carseat to go through and they are wonderfully insulating. I think I'll probably just go with a newborn gown myself, since the size is pretty flexible, and socks and a hat and the carseat cover. I live in Texas, and I am due in March, so it could be really warm and it could be cold. We had snow this Easter, so I have to be prepared for anything, lol!


sarah21 - January 8

Oh also I am having mine at a birthing center and will be leaving about 4 hours after birth, so comfort is definitely optimal for the brand new one!!


tynadu - January 9

I am going with a gown as to not bother the cord area. I will also have a blanket my mother made for him.


bipolarmommy - January 9

Well im in texas, and ya never know what the weather is gonna be like from one day to the next, i have a onesie packed for under her sweet pea gown in case its chilly, a pink beanie that matches her gown, booties, and 3 blankets, one to swaddle, one to cover, and one to put over the car seat to keep out the wind., my fear is actually getting her dressed for the first time, like im gonna break her or something. but i would def say go by what the weather is typically like and pack a backup


Gemini_Girl - January 9

Hi I bought a matching onesie and jacket and hat set, they are all quite thick and fleecy, so I think he/she will be wearing that, its all cream! with a thick blanket round his/her legs in the carseat!


britt_m - January 10

Just a tip... Its a really good idea, like jennifer has already mentioned to bring a 0-3, newborn and a preemie outfit. My lo turned out to be 6lb 10oz and a preemie outfit was too big, also she didn't fit in the newborn diapers, she was tiny. At 6 months she was still only 12lbs 13 oz. Thank goodness she has started packing on the weight now! Like bipolarmommy said 3 blankets work well, one to swaddle, one to bundle, and one to cover. I live in southern cali, from norther Michigan : S, but we had out dd in the summer and still used two blankets. She wasn't overheating either. Good luck all!


ayesha11 - January 11

thank you for all of your input!! good luck!!


ash2 - January 12

I would just use a plain do not want to put something on them that will make then umcomfortable on the ride home....if you are coming home to a welcome home party, then you can go cuter, but dont overdo it.


jenice - January 12

I think it will be hard to choose...but maybe make sure you take a backup, in case baby doesn't cooperate and spits up all over outfit number one. Just a thought. I live on the Canadian prairies, so it will be about -25C or so when baby I'm all about warmth...I think I'll pack a onesie, and a sleeper, and socks. Don't forget socks for their poor little feet! And a sweater, and lots of blankets. One thing I was told was to dress baby in something that won't irritate the umbilical maybe not pants, depending on where the waistband rubs. Anyways...good luck!



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